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Generally, LAN parties are events where one competes with true rivals and show off one’s strong, fancy and superior grade gaming equipment as well. These LAN parties require one to take his computer or gaming case to or play at the event.

Portability is a significant component that a LAN Party Case must-have. There must also be a compact, powerful, and lightweight computer for easy transportation and movement from one location to another.

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10 best LAN Party cases for 2020

portable pc cases

This unique piece is the first entry on the list for many outstanding reasons. The main catch is that it allows one to place storage and power supply at the bottom of the case. The motherboard and other elements of the platform sit at the top stage of this double-decker enclosure, receiving unimpeded airflow from the front to the back.

The Cooler Master is spacious with two recessed handles for easy transportation. Even though it is very spacious, it was made in a way not to be too heavy as the aim is portability.

Depending on the variant of the piece purchased, one can push out more warm water. One of the variants has a mesh top while the other one is windowed.

Cooler Master also goes as far as bundling a Piezo speaker and a tiny hexagon bit that allows the fastening of a standard screwdriver on the motherboard spacers. This leaves the user satisfied with the device.

The box features exquisite contents such as a thin film finish that transmits outward. The back has a tiny illustrated guide to the distinctive characteristics of the case. With the use of hot-swap connectors, two drives can be mounted in the bays, and a distinct drive cage accepts storage devices that do not require this feature.

The only difficulty encountered with this piece is that it is a bit noisy. However, it has a nice quality and its hot-swapped bays work very fine.

portable pc cases

The best feature of the In-Win Motorcycle steel tube is that it has a very versatile open-air design, which ensures constant airflow across the case to cool the system down.

It also supports external cooling units. It is one of the compact, open frame series that has a mini-ITX structure. The build is extremely fine; strong welding assistance is provided to the frame. It looks efficiently portable, making it a perfect component for LAN parties.

The D-Frame Mini is a completely open-frame structure, which allows air to come in and go out freely. It promotes up to a 240 mm water cooling radiator. The D-shaped Aluminum steelwork gives a stronghold on the frame. It was also chosen to be the winner of LAN rigs.

The In-Win motorcycle is highly durable, which makes it adaptable. The body is constructed with Aluminum tubes which makes it strong.

Some cases have scratching issues but this is easily solved by rubber bumpers in the In-Win motorcycle steel tube computer case. Also, it has a revolutionary design of 6-dimensional placement. The D-Frame Mini supports up to 340 mm high-end graphics cards and has enough space to mount up to 220 mm of PSU.

Its major catch is the attractive looking computer case, great quality cable management, and open-air design.
Its downside is that it was built with a not so compact ITX-Case and its open-air design calls for dust and as such, needs cleaning.


Cooler Master MasterBox Q300P is a newer case from Cooler Master and it is built specifically for the LAN Party use.

It is portable and comes with lots of enticing features which are hardly found in other LAN Party cases.

The case supports up to Micro-ATX sized motherboards and has got four removable handles at all four corners which make it portable and very easy to carry around from one place to another.

As regards cooling, it comes with two 120mm RGB LED fans at the front and one 120mm non-LED fan at the rear.

The colour of the RGB fans can be changed or controlled using the RGB Controller which comes with this case. The case has a modular I/O panel which can be adjusted to suit the six different locations on both sides of the body at the front, top, and bottom and the I/O panel consists of two USB 3.0 ports and Audio ports.

Furthermore, the case offers enough room and supports 360mm long graphics cards, 157mm tall CPU coolers, and 240mm Radiators. The case also has a variety of features ranging from Four Detachable Carry Handles, RGB Lighting, Modular I/O Panel, Transparent Side Panel, Cable Routing, Horizontal / Vertical Positioning, RGB Controller, RGB Splitter w/4 pin adapters, Tool-free drive installation to its affordability.

portable pc cases

Cooler Master Scout 2 Advanced is a superior version of the older Cooler Master Scout 2.

The case looks very stylish and is solidly built. The LAN Party case is exquisite because it is compact, portable and wide enough to carry the ATX sized motherboards.

The case comes with a rubber coating in strong steel reinforced carrying handles which allows one to carry it from one place to another without fuss.

It has plenty of fan mount points at every side and it comes included with two 120mm Red LED case fans (1200 RPM) at the front and one 120mm black fan (17dBA) at the rear.

At the top front panel, there are two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, Audio ports and an LED Fan switch to ON/OFF the LEDs of the two front fans. The front I/O ports are hidden in a sliding cover for extra protection. This case also made provision for 399mm long graphics card, 162mm tall CPU coolers and a 120mm radiator for Liquid CPU Coolers.

Other significant features of the case include tool-less ODD installation, dust filters, and bottom-mounted PSU.

However, the party case may seem a little big and heavy for some users because it is a mid-tower case.

The LAN party case best features are Carrying Handle, up to 120mm Radiator support, Tool-Less drive installation, Fan LED Switch, Dust filters on front and bottom (including two slide-out dust filters) and a Windowed side panel.



This is a case for building a small form factor PC for work or an HTPC.

This case comes with a large carry handle which enables one to carry the case from one place to another with one hand, just like a briefcase.

The case has vents at the rear and on sides. The front I/O ports include two USB 3.0 ports and audio ports.

It supports 330mm long graphics cards but with a 121mm width restriction.

A low-profile CPU cooler has to be used with this slim case because it allows only 58mm clearance for CPU coolers. It has no support for radiator or liquid cooling coolers. It supports just SFX & SFX-L PSUs.

Some of its greatest advantages are its brilliantly designed structure and brushed front cover with an Aluminum finish.

Users, however, have complained that only the “half-height” expansion cards are useable. This is the only feature that tends to be an issue with the case.


On the inside, the case removable cover is a tiny tray that with two tiny screws is attached to the chassis.

To remove the tray, the screws have to be removed. The Storm Stryker can use e-ATX (Extended ATX) motherboards with 9 PCWEexpansion ports.

The tower chassis of the Storm Stryker is big enough to manage almost any sort of computer components that should be used with it. It is also solidly constructed and portable. The case supports 322mm long graphics cards, 186mm tall CPU coolers and, 280mm Radiators.

It has a tempered glass side panel, vertical mounting of graphics card, dust filters, cable management, tool-free drive installation, two modular hard drive cages, Internal Tool Box and Storm Guard Bracket.

The advantage of this case is that the drive space is brilliant, the carrying handle is comfortable and it has detailed product management.

Its disadvantage is that it has only 2 USB ports, a dust filter does not exist and the case is very heavy.

portable pc cases

This Gaming Case is ideal for building a full-fledged high-end gaming PC for LAN parties.

It has the design, features, and space for high-end gaming components. It supports up to E-ATX sized motherboards and includes two 5.25” drive bays for ODD.

The case comes with nifty features such as keyboard tray on top and headphone nook. It has enough fan mount points at all locations and it comes pre-installed with two 120mm fans at the front and one 120mm fan at the bottom.

It has installed, a fan controller for the control of the speed of the fans. The front panel consists of two USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, Audio ports, and Fan controller speed switch.

There are two handles present on the top of the case which supports up to 35KG of weight. The side panel is transparent and the case features tool-less opening and removal of all covers which comes in very handy.

The case supports high-end graphics cards up to 390mm in length and CPU coolers up to 170mm in height. It also supports cable management and tool-free drive installation.

Cougar ensured that all plastic components feel strong because of the metal underbody.

Its major selling points are that it’s designing is detailed and attractive, there is a built-in fan controller and its radiators are very compatible.

However, to adjust the dust filter, you have to tip it over, there is no added functionality on the shroud.



Lian Li TU150 is the best-known mini-ITX case used for building a portable or LAN party PC for gaming.

It comes with a retractable magnetic handle at the top which is solid in structure and gets tucked into the top panel when not in use.

The case is stylish and at the same time, it has a very classy look to it. It supports mini-ITX and mini-DTX form factor motherboards.

All the panels of the case are screwless and use the pushpin lock mechanism for easy installation and removal.

The case has features for ventilation as it has dual front side air vents and one 120mm fan at the front and rear, and two 120mm fans at the bottom can be installed.

The I/O ports at the front include two USB 3.0 ports, USB 3.1 Type-C port, and audio ports. As regards storage, either two 2.5” SSDs or one 2.5” SSD and one 3.5” hard drive can also be installed.

The case has brushed Aluminum panel at the front, top and one side panel, and at one side there is a tempered glass panel through which the internal components can be seen.

The case can accommodate graphics cards up to 320mm in length and up to 165mm tall CPU Coolers, which means the high-end dual-slot graphics cards and mainstream tall CPU cooler can be used. Also, it comes with metal mesh dust filters at the front but not at the bottom.

The case is available in black and silver colours.
The best features of the case include Retractable Handle, Tempered Glass Side Panel (Left), Brushed Aluminum Panel (Top/Front/Right), SFX / SFX-L PSU support only,120mm Radiator support, Dust Filters (Front), Push-to-Lock Mechanism for Panel Installation and Cable Management.

portable pc cases

This case supports up to micro-ATX motherboards and has composite carry handles on the top and bottom parts.

As cooling, the case comes with one 120mm fan at the bottom but fans at top and rear can also be installed.

The front side panel of this mATX case consists of two USB 3.0 ports and audio ports.
The case is wide enough to support 320mm long high-end graphics cards, 160mm tall CPU coolers, and 240mm Radiators.

It also supports one 5.25” ODD bay which is removable.
Its most selling features are its FyberFlex Composite handles, SofTouch surface treatment, heat shield, 240mm Radiator support, transparent side panel, Tool-free drive installation.


This is a mid-tower case and supports up to E-ATX sized motherboards.

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It comes with strong carry handles for easy transportation from one place to another, making it very portable. This is a very spacious LAN Party case that has superior ventilation and airflow.

As regards cooling, it comes with two 120mm fans in mid and one 120mm fan at the rear. One can optionally install extra seven fans at the top, front, bottom and on side panels. On the front panel, there are also two USB 3.0 ports and audio ports.

This case can support high-end graphics cards up to 320mm in length, Tall CPU Coolers up to 170mm in height and 280mm Radiators.

It has the quick release latches which help in the easy removal of the side panels. Its features are removable dust filters, cable management, tool-free drive installation, and transparent side panel.

Compatible Case Corsair Liquid Coolers include H55, H60, H75, H80i, H90, H100i, H105, H110.
The case is highly spoken of and is readily recommended to users.