Changes to Microsoft Account Settings can be made with aka.ms/accountsettings. Minecraft is one of the hottest games from Microsoft. This game is quite popular among children who play on Xbox Live, Nintendo, or Nintendo Switch. Minecraft users should change their settings so that no adult content is displayed when playing their favorite game.

Minecraft privacy settings are causing problems for many people. As long as Microsoft does not agree to the privacy policy, it cannot play Minecraft. When players try to play Minecraft Multiplayer, they often get a message or notification.

The high functionality of the internet has been made easier thanks to Microsoft, and you can now perform simple tasks with ease. During the setup process, you will be able to see the details on the Microsoft Account you have set up on your favorite device, as well as make necessary changes to your account.

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How do I use aka.ms/accountsettings on Xbox?

Xbox 360 and Xbox Live have improved their privacy and security measures to keep children from being exposed to inappropriate materials. A few specific steps must be followed to change these age-appropriate settings. By using a Microsoft account that is linked to your Microsoft account, you and your family can use Microsoft products without worrying too much!

There is no harm in undoing any of this, and you can always play around with the original settings. Otherwise, this is quite a useful and excellent feature that Xbox offers. It also makes things easier and more seamless to sign on with a single Microsoft account. Discover how to manage privacy and have a great time.

Additionally, Minecraft settings and privacy controls are available in the Xbox settings panel.

Visit the official Xbox website to access the online settings panel. You can arrange your privacy and safety.

The privacy settings can be adjusted according to your needs. The settings for safety and privacy can be customized for your child.

In that case, you must sign into your official Microsoft account. Fill out all the required information and hit continue.

If you’re ready to begin, click this link.

Upon clicking on the link, you will be redirected to the screen where you must select the account you wish to change settings for.

Once you select the account, click on the Xbox Online Safety option.

All changes should be double-checked and thoroughly reviewed.

You can save all your changes by clicking on the Submit button.

The account of the child can also be disabled from browsing the internet excessively.

Congratulations! You are good to go

All you need to know about aka.ms/accountsettings and Privacy 


Your Microsoft account gives you access to all new applications and devices you get. The machine is able to pull all the information about you it needs without you filling out too many information boxes because your previously saved settings are automatically synced.

There are numerous settings that can be changed, and as long as you have a single Microsoft account, then everything will be able to be synchronized seamlessly.

  • It is extremely convenient to use a single connected Microsoft account to update your account picture uniformly across all your devices.
  • You will be able to adjust your personal information instantly and rapidly. This means that every installed application following the security measures in your Microsoft account is completely safe.
  • Changing this setting is easy. Go to Settings on your device, then click on Accounts and make the necessary changes.
  • By doing so, you will be able to access all of your personal details, apps, and software on all of your devices.

With all kinds of sensitive information absolutely secure from unknown hosts, Microsoft has always taken extra precautions to protect the data. Various measures are taken to secure your data, including breaking it up into small pieces and separately locking it away. This ensures your data is only accessible by you. Your personal information will only be accessible with your identification and login credentials.

aka.ms/accountsettings Online Protection

By filling out your contact information at the time of account creation, the online safety of your Microsoft account is ensured. For a child’s Microsoft account, the software and applications on it are protected from above maturity, including controls for Xbox games such as Minecraft. Through double measures and other measures, Microsoft has made it impossible to reverse the account settings of a child.

During the creation of the account, birth information is used to determine these types of child accounts. The account settings cannot be reversed to allow access to unsuitable content. COPPA and GDPR guidelines form the basis of Microsoft’s online safety protocols.

Solutions to aka.ms/accountsettings not working

The privacy and security settings of your Microsoft account can sometimes restrict your access to certain networks, webpages, and games. If your Xbox is connected to your Microsoft account, there will always be inevitable lags or delays while playing your favorite games. There are a number of factors that lead to this, but all of them are easily solvable.

Some Minecraft “Realms” are inaccessible for Microsoft-connected Xbox users. Ensure that your network lines are not faulty, your devices are not slow, and your accessibility settings are not locked. To learn more about how to fix the error, read on:

  • The first step is to ensure that you are using the non-beta version of Minecraft.
  • Minecraft’s non-beta version is required to access most of the Minecraft Realms.
  • It’s possible to leave the current game and start over with the upgraded version.
  • For solutions to poor network coverage, you can check that your router is getting a stable internet connection.
  • Setting up NAT on your router can be done manually.
  • It can sometimes be difficult to open the game because your device’s firewall or antivirus kicks in.
  • Check to ensure that none of these external elements are interfering with your game.
  • You can do this by turning them off in the device’s settings.
  • An Ethernet cable may be a more reliable option than Wi-Fi.
  • This will significantly speed up your connection and game.
  • You might also try restarting your realm for greater performance.
  • If your backups are available, you can access your world by checking them. Under the Realm settings, you will find a backup menu.

In Conclusion

You cannot disable the settings on Xbox or Nintendo Switch unless you receive a direct order from the parent. In case this is not done, all content considered too explicit or graphic for children will be disabled. Microsoft Family features’ account settings are the only way to disable these settings. Microsoft will also verify proper documentation of proof of your child’s status as an adult before changing their account. This is the only way to change and disable the child’s account.

Changing the setting on your Microsoft account will allow you to play games on your Nintendo Switch and Xbox. In multiplayer games, including on mobile devices, settings need to be properly established when numerous people are using the devices.