A web hosting server is a combination of software and hardware that your website resides at and from where it is displayed on the World Wide Web. When choosing a web server, you should take into consideration that several people may try to connect to your website at the same time, so you should ensure that the server has a large enough processor and ample RAM. Software that a web hosting server uses is also very important. You want your website and pages to be delivered as quickly as possible and with very few errors. A fast and reliable internet connection should also be used, either T1 or T3. The following are features of good hosting servers and what you should look for to get the best server.

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1. Flexible and reliability.

You must choose a server that is very flexible so that it can allow you to run and install any programs you wish to use. Flexible servers should also allow you to share the features with anyone that you give access to your system where you can use the programs at the same time.

Reliability – There is nothing more annoying when you are making your living through the internet than having a server that is consistently down. Downtime is money lost, and it is for this reason that I think reliability should be the top priority when trying to decide which web hosting servers are the best.

2. Data security on the hosting server

The safety of your server is very important. A good sever must secure both the files and the data of your users. Server administrators should think about personal data security that they are responsible for. A good server should store backup files outside the hosting server.

3. Allows customization.

An excellent hosting server enables you to have customized services that you can use for your company. This is where you get full control of your system, and you can customize it in such a way that it works best for you. Here you can also choose the features that you want to be installed and only pay for them. This assists you to save a lot of money, and it enables you to get all the features that you want without any problem.

4. Consistent equipment updates and upgrades.

In the ever-changing world of online services, it is ultra-imperative for you to go with a web hosting server that keeps up-to-date with those changes. It can be pretty frustrating to find out about the latest web hosting innovations and learn that your host is not updated with the times.

5. Security.

website hosting services security

A web hosting server software needs to be secure to prevent hackers from gaining access to your website. Not only could hackers change or steal information from your site, but any credit card information that is stored on your server could also become at risk.

6. Data Storage and Bandwidth limits.

Bandwidth is what allows customers to visit your site. When you begin to grow in size, you will naturally want to increase bandwidth, and stop sharing your space with other companies. This is also an essential aspect of a good web hosting server.

Data Storage Space.
Unless you are hosting movie/video clip or high resolutions photos most of the normal packages will suit your needs. Normal websites rarely occupy more than 40-50 GB of storage space.

Bandwidth Limits.
This is the amount of data your website is allowed to transfer per month. This largely depends on how many visitors your site gets and the type of files you serve.

7. Support for necessary technologies

This is one of the main factors you should consider. To make the best choice, you must ensure what programming technology is best for your website. You must know if the server offers a systematic updating of the PHP, and if you can create MySQL databases. An excellent hosting server must also offer automatic backups.

Choosing a web hosting server that will also meet your future needs will eliminate the need of having to move your entire site to a different hosting server later down the road. No matter which type of server you choose, whether it is to build your server or use the services of a hosting service provider, take time to fully research your needs and match the best web hosting choices that will meet your needs.