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Whenever one is planning to purchase a camera phone, there are essential factors to consider before always making that purchasing decision. For instance, there should be scrutiny of the several options and capabilities that come with the camera. Does it zoom? How’s the picture quality in the dark? How bright are the pictures? These questions may sound irrelevant to some, but for the habitual photo or video takers, these elements are something you may need to consider. With that in mind, here are what you need to look out for when buying your camera phone rather than just buying a mobile phone with a camera.

Camera phone

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Phone Processor

As with any phone, the processors form the core of the operation and goes a long way into affecting the overall performance and efficiency of the camera phone. The question is, therefore, how powerful is the camera phone’s processor?

Consequently, that means that even with a high-quality camera, with an inferior processor, you won’t get the kind of images you desire. Some of the common and widespread processors include Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, Apple A10, A11 Bionic processor, Samsung Exynos and among others.

Storage Space

While taking your photos, the number one matter is where you get to store the pictures. The first option is to, therefore, check the phone’s internal storage to see if you are getting enough for your picture sizes. Additionally, if the memory is not enough, you can add expandable backup storage in the form of memory card/Micro SD. If both storage spaces prove difficult to handle you can opt for the cloud backup storage option.

Most importantly with the storage space is to check on the ROM and RAM. The ROM is the internal storage while RAM is the amount of room to facilitate the processes whenever an app is running. Often, the best choice for your camera phone is to seek one with GB (Gigabytes) regarding size instead of MB (Megabytes), with some of the best RAMs having 6GB and High-capacity RAMs having up to 256 GB.

Camera Accessories

Most importantly, your camera accessories reflect an excellent position to judge your camera phone, whenever purchasing one. Ensuring a good quality image with a quality camera means the following features are critical to consider. Here are the common elements that make the specifics of your camera phone.


A somewhat complicated photography feature is the aperture function. The feature works to control the amount of light traveling through the camera lens and ultimately the quality of the photos. Wider lens apertures often make the image quality much better since they allow more light exposure of the object. Most high-end phone models such as Samsung and Apple do possess wider apertures for better quality pictures.


The most common feature is the pixel count or Megapixels (MP). Typically the more the pixels, the better camera resolution from the phone. An 8MP is the minimum for a quality image as anything below that will have rather poor quality. Better quality image camera phone often poses 13-21 MP and goes very well for more detailed pictures.


Like any camera, your camera phone also depends on your lenses and makes a significant impact on the level of your aperture and the zoom functions. Different camera phone models do differ regarding the lens, and the choice largely depends on the type of photography you want to participate in.

Zooming Options

Camera Phone

The zooming features often come in two options: optical and digital to allow for capturing of photos from a distance. The digital zoom usually entails cropping an image area and enlarging it to a pixelated image. On the other hand, the optical zoom will have the optical lens of the camera zooming out to get a closer picture. For better-zoomed images, an optical lens is preferable compared to the digital version.

In Conclusion

Overall there are plenty of other features and factors to consider when choosing a camera, and our article is not entirely exhaustive. However, the features mentioned are probably the most important to consider. The bottom line is that camera phones are here to stay, and it may become virtually impossible to have a phone without a good quality camera.