start menu and cortana aren't working
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All types of computer errors are not only annoying but can be hard to deal with as well. Thankfully, most errors can be corrected, provided you have the knowledge to go about it. This implies that you don’t need to panic any time you are faced with an error. All experts agree that the best way to approach computer-related errors is to be calm even as you research about the error. Of course, you don’t need to be a computer guru to solve this Cortana and Start Menu Aren’t Working error. Regardless of your level of experience, you can always find a solution to nearly all types of computer errors.

If you have been using Windows 10 for a while, then the chances are high that you may have experienced the critical error which occurs when Cortana and start menu are not working. Typically, this type of error is referred to as “Cortana and Windows 10 start menu error”. It always appears randomly and most probably when you upgrade from a previous version of windows. Though the primary causes are not quite known, it can occur after a significant patch. Corrupt system files, your anti-virus program and perhaps the failure to update your windows are all possible causes of this error. To be more precise, this issue is always related to the launch of Cortana and start menu. Whenever you either launch Cortana or your start menu, a critical error appears stating that the functions are not functioning properly and a quick fix will be attempted next time a user signs in. It can be an intimidating experience indeed. Even though you can potentially survive without Cortana, it would be a lie to say that you can do without the start menu.

There are people who have perhaps reverted back to their previous operating systems just because of this issue. What’s even more annoying is that even Microsoft has not been able to find the solution to this problem. The question now is, how do you correct this error?

Just like any other type of computer error, there isn’t just one method for fixing this one. In fact, there are many ways and tricks you can employ to have this error solved. So today in this post, we want to present you with super tips on how to fix this error. Read on and enhance your knowledge. It is highly unlikely that you’d have to try out all these tips before you find the fix which will do the trick for you.

Critical Error Cortana and Start Menu Aren't Working
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Tip one: Examine and repair your windows corrupt files.

We all know that files can become corrupt. When this happens, you’ll have a hard time working on your PC because even your start menu becomes unresponsive. To check and repair corrupt files, follow the procedures below:

• Press your Ctrl plus Alt plus Del keys simultaneously to launch the task manager. You can also achieve this by right-clicking on the taskbar, then select task manager. Proceed by running a new Windows task and a task manager window will be opened. Click on more details, choose Run new task from your file menu.

• After this, proceed by running Windows PowerShell. To achieve this, key in the word PowerShell in the ‘Run New Task’ box and select the option for, ‘create the task with administrative privileges’. Select OK.

• After that, you’ll proceed by running a system file checker. Just type the letter sfc in your window and press/hold the return button. A scanning process will quickly begin and the response will be: Windows resource protected detected corrupt files but wasn’t able to rectify them, Windows resource protection detected corrupt files and rectified them, Windows didn’t detect any integrity violations.

Tip 2: Refreshing your computer.

It is another effective way to fix this type of error. It should be noted that this is just the same as reinstalling your windows. Your files would remain the same but you’ll have to reinstall all the apps which are not part of your operating system.

Tip 3: Have start menu troubleshooter at your disposal.

Though it would only be a short run fixation of the problem, it can be beneficial as well. This troubleshooter was developed by Microsoft to help users solve related start menu issue. Just click on the troubleshooter download link. Run it according to instructions provided.

Tip 4: Restart your PC continuously.

You can potentially solve lots of errors by just turning your device on and off repeatedly. It is arguably the easiest and most comfortable solution, especially for Cortana and starts menu critical error. If successful, your PC will run efficiently again as before.

Tip 5: Temporarily hide the Cortana.

On most occasions, Cortana is the main cause for start menu failures. So you can try hiding it from your taskbar for a while and see if it helps.

Tip 6: Update your Windows.

It is always a great idea to have your windows updated at all times since it allows your device to function smoothly. Microsoft is often enhancing its progeny so users must strive to install and have the latest functionalities. Generally, versions of windows are designed to automatically report and install updates.
However, if that does not happen, due diligence should guide you toward updating your system.

Tip 7: Create a new user profile.

This is equally a great way to correct the Cortana and start menu aren’t functioning error. All your settings will safely be transferred to your new account when you’ll be upgrading from your default profile. Of course, you installed apps won’t be affected. To achieve this, you’ll do the following:

• Select the taskbar menu. Select the task manager and from the file menu, choose Run New Task. Select the box for �Design this task with administrative privileges. After this, type your new username as well as the password.

• You’ll have to restart your PC to access and log into the new user profile. Your start menu must respond after this!

Tip 8: Uninstall your virus protection software.

Most experts agree that this is arguably the best solution. If you didn’t know, anti-virus applications usually cause other windows programs to clash and this, in turn, results in lots of problems. And this error, in particular, is associated with the virus protection software installed on your computer. After uninstalling it, restart your PC and the problem would have been solved.