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Find my AirPods – I’m sure you lose stuff all the time. This is particularly true for small, easily lost items like your AirPods case. Don’t worry – I am here to help if that is indeed the case. In this blog post, I will share some tips and tricks on how to find your AirPods Case quickly and easily. Keep reading to learn all the information you need.

If you have the Find My app on your Apple device, you can easily find your Airpods case with AirPods inside. Cases without at least one AirPod in them may be harder to find.

In the sections below, I explore this topic in greater detail and demonstrate how you can use the Find My app.

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How to Find My AirPods Case: The Easy and Complete Guide 

To start, let me mention that most of the time if you didn’t activate/launch the Find My app before you lost the Airpods case, the app will not help you. You would need to already have set it up for it to be helpful.

How to find your Airpods case with Airpods inside 

Regardless of how far away the Airpods case is, as long as at least one Airpod is inside, the Find My app will detect it. Follow these steps:

On your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, launch the “Find My” app. You’ll need your Apple ID and password to sign in if you’re using an iPhone or iPad.

Sign in using your Apple ID and password if you are using a Mac by clicking on ” iCloud ” in the Menu Bar.

Choose your Airpods from the list of devices under “Devices”.Your Airpods will be displayed in the app together with their location and when they were last seen.

It’s now just a matter of going there and getting them.A map of their last known location will appear when you select “Directions”.

If they are nearby, you can easily find them by playing a sound.

If the Find My App can’t locate my Airpods, what should I do?

find my airpods

The Find My app may not always show your Airpods or Airpod case under “Devices”.A case and AirPods become unresponsive when they run out of charge or are not connected.

In this scenario, you may receive a message that reads “No Location Found,” their last known location, or “Offline.” The good news is that you will still be able to locate where the person was last seen using the app.

Is it possible to track a lost Airpod case?

If there is at least one Airpod in your Airpods case, you can track your Airpods case. You will not be able to track the location of the case if both Airpods are missing.

The charging case only has a standard chip, unlike the Airpods themselves, which have Apple’s H1 chip. In other words, there is no Internet connection and it cannot be located like Airpods.

A Bluetooth connection is also not included in the case. Consequently, even third-party tracking apps aren’t able to help you locate it.

I don’t have a wireless or cellular connection. What should I do?

It is still possible to locate an AirPods case even if you do not have a cellular or WiFi connection. If you use an Airpod with another device, you will have to launch Find My Network on the device you used previously.

Then select your name from the “Settings” menu on your device.

Click “Find My Device”. Toggle on “Find My (device name)” by tapping on it. Make sure that “Find My Network” is on. It is now possible for you to see where your AirPods case is located.

If my AirPods case is offline, how do I find it?

You can view the location where your AirPods were last seen and their time of the last appearance if they are offline on your phone. The information can also be found in the iCloud device list on your Mac when you click on “Devices”.

How do I locate my Airpods case without my iPhone?

If you want to find the case for your Airpods but you aren’t carrying the device that uses them, how will you do it? No problem. Just log into and look it up.

Your computer and an internet connection are needed for this. You’ll need to go to and find your iPhone. Go to your account, sign in and look for your phone. When you have more than one ID, pick one that’s associated with the Airpods whose case you want.

Then you’ll see all your devices connected to your account. At the top, click “All Devices.”. Your AirPods case will show up on the map of all the devices linked to your iCloud account.

You’ll see where the case is right now and when it was last seen if you click on it. Also, if they’re nearby you can play a sound with your Airpods and find them.

How To Keep Your Airpods Safe

There are many Airpods case covers available, some of which are anti-loss rings that you can attach to your keyring, bag, or wherever else you like. The odds of them staying together are better if you do happen to drop them.

An alternative is to attach your Airpods case with a lanyard. By wearing it around your neck, you won’t have to worry about losing it.

You can use a Tile tracker if you’re concerned that you might lose your Airpods. You can attach this to your key chain, bag, whatever you like.

Track things with the Tile tracker if you lose something. The Tile app can also tell you where your stuff was last seen. The app will also tell you how far it is from you.

Create a separation alert on your device: Your device can beep at a set distance based on the distance you specify. As soon as they move out of range, you’ll know if you left your Airpods somewhere. Keeping the Airpods in the case will ensure you don’t lose the case.