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The Roku multimedia player is one of the most popular streaming devices on the market. It offers online content to viewers via a unified interface. Among the reasons why Roku is so popular are its high-quality content and the number of channels it offers in different categories. It is one of the things that make it different from other streaming services. Nevertheless, Roku devices have been known to encounter issues with power supply. In this scenario, users see the “Insufficient Power” message on their screens along with the “Roku Low Power” warning. Here is what the message says:

“Insufficient Power: The Current USB Port on your TV will not Power this Roku Device. Please use the provided Roku USB power supply”

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What Are The Signs Of Insufficient Power?

Although Roku devices can run on low power, their performance will be compromised. They need adequate power to function properly. Following are some indicators that show if your Roku Device is experiencing low power issues.

  • When there is a low power issue, a flashing light appears on the front of the Roku. However, the light is flashing continuously to alert the user. In addition, if the Roku device is overheating, the Light stays solid red, which may prevent it from working.

Possible Causes of the Roku Low Power Issue?

Insufficient power is one of the most common issues reported by Roku users, but there are several other reasons as well.

1. Use the USB cable that comes with the Roku device for the best results, and if you are already using it, try using a different one. A dilapidated USB cable might not provide enough power to Roku as the condition could have gone bad, and because of this, it fails to work.

2. There are different power ratings for different USB ports, which may explain why the port where the Roku device is plugged in may not be supplying enough power to resolve the issue.


Following these steps is the first thing to do if your Roku device shows this message:

1. Unplug the device’s power cable to turn it off.

2. Wait a few minutes after removing the USB cable from the device.

3. Reconnect the USB cable and turn on the device.

4. If the red light still flashes on the device, it is still malfunctioning.

Ways to troubleshoot the Low Power Issue on a Roku Device?

Method 1: Change the USB cable

A malfunctioning USB cable is most often to blame for Roku’s low power issues. Using a different cable than the official one might fail to provide sufficient power to the device, resulting in lower voltage. For best results, replace your inefficient cable with an official Roku cable if you are currently using a cheap one.

Method 2: Make use of the Direct Wall Outlet

When it is possible, use the charger to power the Roku device directly from the wall outlet rather than from the television. Charge the Roku device with the charger that comes with it since it supplies the correct voltage to the device so that it can operate properly. Avoid using extension cords and plug the power adapter directly into the wall outlet.

Method 3: Changing the USB port may help

You might have to change the USB port in which you plugged the Roku device to see if the issue has been resolved. Since USB ports have different volt ratings, they might vary in how much output voltage they provide the Roku device, so try changing the USB port in which you plugged the Roku device.

Method 4: Be sure to connect the adapter well

Make sure the charger is tightly plugged into the Roku device and that the adapter is correctly inserted into the socket. Make sure that the power adapter is correctly plugged in, since it may not provide sufficient power if it is loose.

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Method 5: Get rid of Extensions

Power Extension and HDMI Extension cables are commonly used to connect the TV and Roku, but they can malfunction and overheat the device, resulting in this error message. Make sure to remove all the HDMI cables and other extensions before pairing the TV and Roku.