Geforce Experience Not Working
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The computer has become a major part of our everyday life, likewise is the internet. No day actually passes without one having something to do with the computer or the internet. Just as it has become a part of life, it’s also wise that we arm ourselves with the basic skills on how to deal with the challenges that come with it so you don’t have always be looking for a tech expert to help you fix even minor issue you can actually fix on your own without any external help. Geforce Experience Not Working is one of those issues. So sit back, relax and learn how to fix it.

Most Nvidia GeForce users have complained that their GeForce Experience is not working or won’t open, and the issue actually started when they upgraded to Windows 10. So we are going to focus on how to fix this error in windows 10.

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What is GeForce Experience?

GeForce Experience is an application that comes with your GeForce GTX graphics card. It makes it easier for a user to adjust graphics settings, update drivers as well as record gameplay to share your greatest gaming moments with friends.

What Causes The GeForce Experience Won’t Open Error

It cant be said for certain what causes this error but from the reports and analysis by different developers of the software around the world, we have come up with a few factors that might be behind the NVIDIA GeForce experience not working error.

1. Installed corrupt software

2. The installed version of GeForce has no drivers installed with it

3. Issues with the hardware

When a problem is well diagnosed, finding the right solution becomes very easy. Now that we have known a few possible causes of this error, lets now talk about the solution.

Geforce Experience Not Working
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How To Fix Geforce Experience Not Working in Windows 10

Method 1: Activate the GeForce Experience Service

The GeForce Experience service sees to the smooth running of the application in a computer system, so any time the application has a problem it is always due to the failure or inability of the GeForce Experience service. To enable it manually, follow the steps below:

1. On your computer, press a combination of Windows Key + R to open the run command

2. Type  services.msc to open the Service Window and click OK to open for you

3. In the list, find out GeForce Experience Service and right click on the icon to select the restart option. In some cases, you will see start instead of restart.

4. Click on restart the application

This method should be able to solve the issue, but if it persists, then try any of the other options below.

Method 2:  Reinstall GeForce Experience

1. Go to the Geforce Experience official website and download the latest version

2. Uninstall the previous NVIDIA GeForce Experience from your PC. To uninstall, go to Control Panel>>Programs and Features, on the list you will see NVIDIA GeForce Experience, go ahead and click uninstall to get rid of it totally from your computer.

3. Now restart your computer system, and install the latest files for GeForce Experience you just downloaded.

4. Run the GeForce Experience and check for any error.

Method 3:  Inspect the Graphics Card Driver

The GeForce experience needs the Graphics Card Driver to function at its best, hence when it’s not installed on the computer system, it will definitely result in this error. This issue has to do with the installation of the driver, so in some cases, you might have to uninstall and reinstall the driver. Below are the steps you need to follow to do that

1. press the Windows Key and R key together to open the Run Command

2. Type in devmgmt.msc and click OK to open the Device Management Window

3. If the driver is installed, then select Display Adapters and click on GeForce

4. Uninstall the GeForce driver.

5. Go to the official website of GeForce and download the latest version of the driver.

6. Now install the latest version you downloaded on your computer system and restart the computer.

Method 4:  Disable The Antivirus Programs

Most times, Antivirus software can get complicated and create problems for other programs on your computer, and also adversely affect the performance of other applications in your computer. In that case, you might have to consider disabling it for a while and run the GeForce Experience again.

Method 5: Check the Hardware For Any Issues

When the hardware you are using on your computer is not compatible with the program, it can cause this error to start. You must use compatible hardware and software in order to keep your computer system running well. To fix it, check that the Ram and Graphic Card is as recommended, check other applications too. You sure will be fine when you do these.

Method 6: Updating the Operating System

Using an obsolete version of the software can hurt the GeForce experience, because the latest version of Driver you have will be incompatible, and this can cause the error. Below are the things you need to do to get your system up and running again

1. The Operating system must be updated in order to stay compatible with the latest version of Driver.

2. If you must continue using the outdated version of the Operating System, then you have to uninstall the Latest version driver and install an outdated version. The choice is yours, anyone you choose will totally work.

These are the sure fix, we have for you. Feel free to try any of the methods. But if none worked for you, then you will have to uninstall and reinstall the Operating System. this should be the last resort.