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It is possible to access the ESPN network through the ESPN app, which consists of ESPN+, ESPN Goal Line, and ESPNU among other channels.

The first step toward watching ESPN on Roku, Xfinity, Fire Stick, or Apple TV is to activate the channel on your television.

Your TV service provider must certify your identity as a user for ESPN to work on Roku or any other television.

Downloading the ESPN plus app to your Smart TV, mobile device, or media player is necessary before you can activate the service.

Ensure your location has been set to a country where ESPN is available in order to view this content.

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Simple ways to activate ESPN

These instructions will show you how to activate ESPN on a variety of devices.

Using Roku:

The steps below apply if you’re using Roku.

1. By pressing the Home button on your remote, navigate to the Home page

2. Select Streaming Channels from the Channel Store

3. Find ESPN

4. And then click Add Channel

5. When prompted, enter your PIN

6. Your home screen will be updated with the new channel

7. Once you launch the app, go to Settings

8. Choose Subscriptions, then select ESPN+

9. Click Log In

10. You will see an activation code on your screen.

11. On your browser, navigate to or

12. Enter your Roku’s activation code

13. Click on Continue

Roku will redirect you to a new page. When it has finished loading, it will automatically display all its channels.

Using Xbox One:

The steps below apply if you’re using Xbox One.

1. You need to launch the ESPN app on your device

2. Go to Settings > Subscriptions

3. Then click Log In

4. You will receive an activation code

5. Open your browser and go to

6. Type the ESPN code

7. Click Continue

8. Now, you can watch your favorite sporting events

Your subscription to ESPN will be linked to your Xbox One. As well as being active, your account will be usable on other devices as well.

Using Apple TV:

For ESPN to be available on Apple TV, you must have an ESPN subscription. Follow these steps if you are a subscriber.

1. Launch the Apple TV app

2. Click on Settings

3. Click Subscriptions and subscribe if you haven’t already

4. Click on Login

5. You will be shown an activation code

6. Open your browser and navigate to

7. Type the activation code

8. Click Continue

9. Sign in to your ESPN account

Using Amazon Fire TV:

You can watch ESPN on Amazon Fire TV by following these few steps:

1. Launch the app on Fire TV

2. Then select Subscriptions from the Settings menu

3. Click Login

4. You will receive an activation code

5. Click here to access

6. Input the activation code

7. Click Continue

8. Create an ESPN account or log in to your existing account

Note: The first step toward activating ESPN on Roku or any other Smart TV is to ensure you subscribe to the channel. Afterward, you must install the channel on your device and launch it.

The activation code appears on your screen shortly after you launch the application. Note it down. This code is needed to make it possible for ESPN to function.