PC Gaming has not only become extremely popular but enjoyable as well, thanks to the technological advancements which have transformed the gaming experience. We now have so many powerful gaming computers, top-end graphics cards, and lots of fantastic gaming accessories including keyboards and consoles. Furthermore, gaming monitors are only getting bigger and better, gaming peripherals have become wireless and the popularity of VR technology is rising so fast! Today, a significant number of people, both young and old, spend lots of time in front of their computers to play a variety of their favorite games.

Gaming Station

Research has proven that spending lots of your time in front of a computer can potentially put your overall health at risk, especially if your station is not ergonomic. If you have been using unfriendly gaming station, probably you have started experiencing repetitive strain injury as a result of an improperly set up desk. In the PC gaming world, there are lots of factors which can potentially lead to injuries and discomfort. For instance, keeping your shoulders tense can not only hurt your wrists but can cause pinched nerves in your shoulders as well. If you are an avid gamer but haven’t thought about the comfort of your gaming station, it is probably the time to give your station an ergonomic makeover!
Today in this particular post, we want to discuss in excruciating details, how you should set up an ergonomic gaming station. Read on and get to know.

Gaming desk: Unlike an office desk, gaming desks have to offer more regarding functionality, because gamers tend to use different setups. Typically, gaming desks are usually built to accommodate at least two monitors and others even include a high rise so that your screen is elevated. Also, some computer desks come equipped with a retractable keyboard. This gives users an opportunity to vary the distance from their keyboards based on the rest of your gaming setup. Such desks reduce the risk of wrist strain.
You want your keyboard and mouse to be closer to you as possible, with the important keys on your keyboard centered on your table. This implies that you need to pay attention to the keys, with the number pad located on your right. If you already have an adjustable chair, then it is not a must that your desk features a sliding keyboard tray. However, if you do have the keyboard tray, it is highly advisable that the mouse is located inside the tray, but not on the keyboard. This will ensure that you use your mouse and keyboard at the same height where you won’t strain your elbow to bend at the 90-degree angle. Use the additional features to enhance the ergonomics of your station.

  • Avoid bending your wrist sharply upwards or downwards but keep it positioned neutrally.
  • To allow your wrists to float over your keyboard, consider using a wrist rest.
  • Your arms should be parallel to the ground and the wrists in a neutral position.

Gaming chair: This is arguably the most important factor which determines whether your station will be an ergonomic one or not. This implies that you should opt for a comfortable chair. If it will only be used by one person, then you may set it up at a fixed height which suits you. Furthermore, your chair should feature a decent backrest which offers optimum lumbar support. On the other hand, if the chair will be used by many gamers, consider going for one that features several ergonomic functions. Research has proven that the best sitting posture is a reclined position of between 100 to 115 degrees, but not the upright 90-degree position which is often preferred.

Gaming Chair

Your gaming monitor: First and foremost, invest in a high-quality gaming monitor. Ensure the text characters on your monitor look sharp and are at a reasonably comfortable size. Place your monitor at a comfortable height. If you want to sit comfortably, your eyes should be in line with a section on your screen nearly two or three inches below to the top of your monitor casing. If your monitor is too low, you will be forced to crane your neck whereas when the monitor is raised high, you will probably strain during gaming time. To be more precise, you will be tilting your head backward, a phenomenon that could result in shoulder and neck pains. Equally, you should position your monitor directly in front of you. If you didn’t know, it helps to eliminate excessive neck twisting.

Other Essential Accessories

• Pair of gloves: Even though gaming mice are packed with impressive features for maximum comfort over long hours of activity, they do not always include any sort of sweat absorption pads. In fact, even some of the best gaming mice out there guarantee less than perfect gaming ergonomics. For you to enhance your mousing experience, you will have to invest in a specially designed gaming glove.

• Pair of glasses: Research has shown that when you spend more than normal hours in front of your gaming screen, you are likely to suffer from eye-strains. This is why it is highly recommended that avid gamers should use specialized eyewear to reduce the risk of eye-strains. Specialized gaming glasses are not only ideal for reducing eye-related problems but equally, enhance contrast and eliminate dryness thus giving users an edge over their competitors.

• Phone headset: If you are a guy who spends lots of his time on the phone, a hand’s +free set can potentially free your hands for other important tasks. Equally, it will eliminate awkward neck positions.

The Bottom Line

If you are an ardent gamer, it is high time you enhance the overall ergonomics of your gaming station. Typically, ergonomics is all about working or gaming under comfortable and healthy positions so that your body muscles do not have to strain. We have provided you with straightforward and practical tips on how to improve your gaming station ergonomics. This tips will not only help reduce your risk for a variety of health problems but will equally allow you to enjoy your gaming and take your gaming experience to another level.