Mobile TV means the broadcasting of television over handheld and mobile devices. This method of broadcasting is significantly changing the television programming market.

Among the biggest aspects of Mobile TV is that it provides television broadcasting via smartphones. It also features the ability to download TV podcasts and programs from the internet and preserving them for viewing later.

Mobile TV includes a charged TV service which is delivered through phone networks. The service can also be received through terrestrial TV stations. Some mobile TV services are free. Such tactic strategies support the versatility of mobile and may eventually outdo satellite dish setups and the traditional cable TV. It can use different formats either special mobile television formats or the regular broadcast standards.

Mobile TV

Broadcasters are using systems such as internet portals and pay for performing services for their broadcasts via the mobile devices. Though the underlying principles for the models are the same, the cost is different.

The thirty seconds of ads are integrated into the Mobile TV portals hence improving on advertising and making profits. By so, some service providers can offer the services for free but still sustain themselves and make profits from their sponsors.

To broaden the consumer environment, other types of Mobile TV are being introduced. Like the Cable TV evolved from the Traditional Network TV, Mobile TV is an evolution of the usual Traditional Broadcast Medium. The broadcast venues differ in that they are being fragmented into different modes of cableless network setups.

One need not worry about having access to mobile television. With a tablet or mobile phone, you can enjoy news flashes, full-time live television channels, automatic downloads and multicast streaming of games and sports events. With Wifi, internet data or WiMAX, one can stream TV broadcasts via the internet.

To watch mobile television, a person can use a TV app on the phone, subscribe to a channel or visit a TV service website.

There is also another way whereby one puts a TV tuner in the smartphone. There are amazing single chip television tuners which a phone’s processor is speeded enough to handle. The chips require an antenna which needs to be long enough. However, this is not the best solution. The power consumption is quite high and the elegance and size of devices don’t support the antenna.

The key to Mobile television on your smartphone is installing the appropriate phone applications. By so doing you can watch TV programmes, podcasts, and movies on your phone.

Mobile tv

For the apps, all a person needs to do is visit the Google Play Store. There are several TV apps which you just need to search them, download and install them on your phone. Upon that, one can open the app and from there you can search for whichever programmes in the TV app suit you. You can then watch the programmes and even download them. In case an app requires a subscription fee which most do, you will have to pay for the subscription. You can then watch your favorite programmes as long as the subscription is on.

Some of the Apps That Will Help You Enjoy Watching Mobile TV Include;

Amazon Prime Video (for Android and iOS ): The app is a basic for Prime members. It carries with it a ton of TV shows, original content, and movies. Such entertainment calls for one to sign up for the Prime Membership. It only costs a monthly fee of $10.99 or $99 annually.

Netflix App, (iOS and Android): Netflix really changed how we used to watch movies and TV. The plan goes for as low as $7.99 a month, however for 4K and HD content, one needs to pay more.

TV Player (for Android and iOS): The app has about a hundred channels which one can watch on-demand and live. With subscription services such as Netflix, Sling TV, and Hulu, one can watch a lot of content. A person only needs Wifi, 3G or 4G.

HBO Now (iOS and Android): For cord-cutters, this is a pleasing option. For those with a cable subscription, they are free to use HBO Go. It has tons of movies and the most popular TV programs. It offers a free month trial after which you need to pay $14.99 a month.

The phone apps for Mobile TV are numerous. Others include; Showtime App, CBS All Access App, OTA TV and Youtube TV App.

By using a good mobile app, one can enjoy all the entertainment on the phone. The only cost incurred in most cases is the subscription fee. With the Mobile TV technology, one can watch whatever pleases, at any time, at any place. The era of sitting behind a television for entertainment is slowly getting washed away. For optimum enjoyment, a person just needs to have an app and a valid subscription.