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https // – The Real-Debrid feature will reduce buffering for streaming apps and Kodi addons. Media files and other content can be downloaded more easily using Real-Debrid, on the other hand.

Real-Debrid becomes available in Kodi add-ons and streaming apps once it is activated.The Real-Debrid streaming app allows users to watch buffer-free content for as little as $5/month when integrated with their favourite streaming app. In order to get the best picture and sound quality, Real-Debrid is used in conjunction with Kodi add-ons and streaming apps.

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You will receive your Real-Debrid authorization code from the third-party application you are trying to connect your account to.

– The authorization code changes every 2 minutes and is unique for each application that you want to authorize, so they cannot be reused or supplied after payment.

– Visit third-party applications for your account.

– Please go to to view or delete authorizations previously made on your account.

– Our website has a function for retrieving your username, “Forgot my password”:

– You will receive an e-mail with your username in it. (Dear your_username)

– In the event that you have forgotten your password or have trouble logging in, you can use the associated function on our website:

Documentation for the Real-Debrid API

Details of its implementation

Methods are grouped according to their namespace (e.g. “unrestrict”, “user”).

The HTTP verbs supported are GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE. It is possible to override the verb with X-HTTP-Verb HTTP header if your client does not support all HTTP verbs.

As long as it is not specified otherwise in the documentation of the method, all successful API calls return an HTTP code 200, which includes a JSON object.

In case of an error, a JSON object with properties “error” (the error message) and “error_code” (a numeric error code) is returned with the HTTP code 4XX or 5XX.

In order for the API to function properly, all strings passed to and from it need to be encoded in UTF-8. Prior to encoding UTF-8, normalize to Unicode Normalization Form C (NFC) for maximum compatibility.

The API supports the If-None-Match header along with the ETag header.

Dates are formatted according to the Javascript method date.toJSON of the date object.

It is a requirement for all API methods to be authenticated unless otherwise specified.

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https //  Implementing APIs

The Base URL for the Rest API is:

GET /disable_access_token

Disable current access token

GET /time

Get server time

GET /time/iso

Get server time in ISO


GET /user

Get current user info


POST /unrestrict/check

Check a link

POST /unrestrict/link

Unrestrict a link

POST /unrestrict/folder

Unrestrict a folder link

PUT /unrestrict/containerFile

Decrypt container file

POST /unrestrict/containerLink

Decrypt container file from link


GET /traffic

Traffic informations for limited hosters

GET /traffic/details

Traffic details on used hosters


GET /streaming/transcode/{id}

Get transcoding links for given file

GET /streaming/mediaInfos/{id}

Get media informations for given file


GET /downloads

Get user downloads list

DELETE /downloads/delete/{id}

Delete a link from downloads list


GET /torrents

Get user torrents list

GET /torrents/info/{id}

Get infos on torrent

GET /torrents/instantAvailability/{hash}

Get list of instantly available file IDs

GET /torrents/activeCount

Get currently active torrents number

GET /torrents/availableHosts

Get available hosts

PUT /torrents/addTorrent

Add torrent file

POST /torrents/addMagnet

Add magnet link

POST /torrents/selectFiles/{id}

Select files of a torrent

DELETE /torrents/delete/{id}

Delete a torrent from torrents list


GET /hosts

Get supported hosts

GET /hosts/status

Get status of hosters

GET /hosts/regex

Get all supported regex.

GET /hosts/regexFolder

Get all supported regex for folder links.

GET /hosts/domains

Get all supported domains.


GET /settings

Get current user settings

POST /settings/update

Update a user setting

POST /settings/convertPoints

Convert fidelity points

POST /settings/changePassword

Send verification email to change the password

PUT /settings/avatarFile

Upload avatar image

DELETE /settings/avatarDelete

Reset user avatar