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Looking for a way to ease off after a stressful day at work, watching a cartoon can do the magic and KissCartoon can offer you that and much more. Want to introduce your kids to a decent way to have fun and learn as well without endangering them mentally or even emotionally, and make sure they don’t lose their head playing those video games? There is no better place to get these and more than on the KissCartoon site.

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What Is KissCartoon?

The name actually explains what it is all about. KissCartoon is a very popular online streaming cartoon website that offers thousands of latest, popular, and high-demand cartoon series. The website is mobile friendly and also free of charge, no form of subscription is required. The website has a list of different genre of cartoon movies such as drama, horror, romance, humor, Sci-Fi, carefully arranged for easy navigation.

You will find a couple of ads on the website. This is actually how they get their revenue while still keeping the site free for the users. Nevertheless, you can use adblocking software to turn the ads off if it becomes disturbing.

What To Expect On KissCartoon:

Varieties of Cartoons. Whichever type of cartoon you want to watch, be it comedy, action, anime, game, romance, etc. KissCartoon has something to soothe your fancy. KissCartoon has made it very easy by putting them under categories, so all you need to do is to under the genre, scroll to the category you want, and just by a click of the mouse, you are right there.

Cinema-like mood. Enjoy the feeling you get in a cinema-like atmosphere without paying a dime. No hidden charges, more option like the HD resolution is also available on the website. You will not be interrupted with any form of payment request while watching any movie.

Have a good time with your family. Watching cartoon alone is fun, but watching them with your family can be much fun. KissCartoon knows this and that why they have made available cartoons that have educational benefits for kids, and those that help adults to relax their nerves. Why not take advantage of that and have a good and fun-filled family time

KissCartoon has a huge list of cartoons and anime that you can watch for free online. Most of the best cartoons and anime you cant find on any other site are all in KissCartoons, well arranged for easy identification by viewers. You can also select cartoons based on the latest, most popular, last updated, new and hot. You can even go further to filter the search to give you the genre, the year the cartoon was released, the language you want, and much more.

Is KissCartoon Shutdown?

KissCartoon is no longer available, it was shut down in 2017. However, before it was finally shut down, it has been facing series of copyright challenges and DMCA claims, as a result of that it lost its credibility as well as a massive decline in google ranking.

The users find it very hard to believe that their favorite site is no more, many of them kept faith hoping for a welcome back anytime soon, but that was not going to happen. The law has finally caught up with them.

But it seems like when you search for the site online, you will still see some traces of it. These are cloned site that looks like KissCartoon, with the domain name slightly changed. Of course, so many fake kissCartoon sites started springing up. When you search for it online, you will see stuff like,, or even, these are not the real site, and they are not even safe as they stand a risk of viruses.

The good news is that there are safe and legal alternatives to kissCartoon. It will be very unfair to leave people without any alternative. Here are some of the legal and best alternatives:

Best Legal Alternatives to KissCartoon



Kimcartoon is a free online streaming cartoon website. It is one of the best alternatives to KissCartoon. It boasts a huge list of cartoon series, both old and latest ones. It is totally free of charge. You do not need to create an account or subscribe to have access. The videos are of very high quality. All the services that the website offers are free, you don’t have to pay a dime.

KimCartoon is a site that specializes only in cartoons. The site is dedicated solely to cartoon lovers. The site is user-friendly and has a few links on the site that redirects to other sites.

Also, the way the site is structured makes it very easy to navigate. You won’t have a hard time finding popular, latest, or even ongoing series, as everything has been carefully arranged on the homepage. On the same homepage right on top of the menu, you will find a place to report any error, request cartoons, and even read comics. The official URL for KimCartton is

Here is what the site looks like in the picture:


2) is a sister-site to It looks just like the latter. You won’t have a hard time browsing through it as the interface of the site is so simple. All the different genres are available and well organized in categories.

3) Disney Junior

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Disney remains one of the best when it comes to the production of Cartoons and animated movies. Disney Junior is designed to provide entertainment for children between the ages of 2-7 years.

Disney Junior was deliberately cut out to focus mainly on children’s contents, making sure that the storyline is not out of bound, including decent characters. Mathematics, language skills meant for children are also included. Children can also learn how to eat healthily, and maintain a decent lifestyle and build their social prowess.

4) AnimeRhino

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AnimeRhino gives you the option to decide whether you watch either cartoons or Anime series, even cartoon and anime movies are also available on the website.

The homepage looks very beautiful. And the entire site structure is user-friendly, very easy to navigate. You can choose to watch either online or offline. The videos are of high quality. Registration is free.

5) Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon is a very popular site and a very good alternative. It has a television version of it which many know about. This one is a website version, and it has a lot of cartoons for kids to help them learn while having fun as well. The homepage is designed with beautiful colors that are attractive to kids.

Some interesting games are also available featuring some of your favorite cartoon characters, and much more.


Toonova offers a whole lot. It provides a free service and never compromises the quality of the video. Everything, starting from the homepage to the categories are well organized to enhance easy navigation for the users. You have access to Cartoons, full movies, popular series, and even daily episodes, all neatly arranged on the homepage. With Toonova you will definitely not miss a thing.

7) AnimeToon

AnimeToon is a place you are sure to find the just-released anime. AnimeToon has a massive list of cartoons that you can stream online free of charge. Cartoon series, movie popular series, daily episodes, etc are all available. With the help of the search bar, you can easily search for any movie you want faster.

For some reason, the app is not available on the google play store, but you can easily go to the website to enjoy all they have.

8) SuperCartoons

This website has a good number of classic cartoons all carefully arranged, and it’s for free. One striking thing about SuperCartoon is that they also a huge library of old cartoons, even those that can’t be easily found elsewhere.

The site also has a search bar carefully places on the menu from where you can quickly search for any cartoon of your choice by either typing the name of the cartoon, or the name of any character in the cartoon. Also, another good thing about this site is that you are not required to register before you have access.

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9) CartoonExtra

Just as the name signifies, it offers much more than just cartoons. It has a huge number of very popular cartoons, movies, and comedy shows. With CartoonExtra you have some of the best and popular cartoon series at your disposal.

The interface is so simple that even children can use it without having a hard time. It has a combination of both old and new cartoons. So whenever you start having a longing for old school cartoon, CartoonExtra is the place to go.


KissCartoon was on top for a long time until things came crashing down when they were hit by DMCA as a result of copyright violations. We just thought it necessary to provide some of the best and legal alternatives for their fans, and after a careful examination, we came up with the list above. We certainly did not exhaust the list on the article, we believe there are lots of other good cartoon websites.

Anyone can actually watch cartoons, it’s not meant for kids alone. So most of the cartoon websites listed above cover both children and adults. We hope you enjoy watching it. keep your eyes on for more updates.