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The movie industry is constantly becoming interesting, especially for movie lovers. It seems to have something for everyone. Apart from the different types of movies that are been produced for different genders and age groups, it also gives an opportunity for people that have an interest in movies but lack the financial strength to constantly subscribe for streaming services. Sites such as Netflix can only be accessed if you are a subscriber. But Project Free TV offers everything for free, including both streaming and downloading.

Project Free TV is a free-to-air television service that one can use without any fee attached. There are many other services like this, but Project Free TV is top on the list. This popular TV show-streaming websites suddenly went off the internet leaving the users heartbroken, and since then, no one has heard anything about it. However, it looks like its back again

In the early days of Project Free TV, it was embraced by a lot of people globally, and the traffic was very massive. Nevertheless, things started going down when it started facing issues that have to do with copyright and legality until it was finally banned globally.

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What is Project Free TV?

Project Free TV
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Project Free TV is a free tv/movie site that connects with other popular sites that has a library of different movies and TV programs, in order to make it available for all. The websites even allow users to navigate through it to other websites and download movies without registering on those websites.

It gives users access to both old and new movies. Also, you get to watch several other TV shows, even those that are no longer on air.

What Happened To It

While a lot of people were benefiting from the free subscription Project Free TV offers, the movie producers were not finding it funny because they were illegally copying other people’s contents, which is totally against the copyright rules. This was the main reason why access to this site was restricted in many countries globally on the 24th of July 2015, after it was banned in the UK in 2013.

In this era when internet connectivity comes cheap and at a faster rate, movie streaming and downloading become so much fun, especially when it comes without any charge, that was what Project Free TV offered.

This is not the first time a privacy site is banned. Streaming copyrighted content could be viewed as a lighter offense, but going further to download copyrighted content is very weighty and insensitive.

Their exit left the multitude of users confused and heartbroken, especially because there was no pre-notice about the shutdown. Was it a temporary downtime or are they gone forever? The answer is not far fetched. With the experience of other free streaming sites that have been banned in the past, the intention of the ISP providers is to ban them completely, but these sites always find a way to come back online, and that is also the case of Project Free TV.

However, the joy of the fans of PFTV knew no bounds when the site suddenly resurfaced in 2018, but this time on a different Domain name. Nevertheless, it still remains banned in a few other countries such as the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, and Germany. However, using proxies or VPN service, one can easily access this site from the restricted countries.

Good Alternatives To It

Note: We do not in any way support piracy. This article is solely for the purpose of educating our audience. We stronger subscribe to the fact that people should pay for services rendered. However, if a particular streaming site is expensive, there are always cheaper ones you can fall back on.

Life is full of choices. Like they say “variety is the spice of life”. Project Free Tv is not the only free movie/TV show streaming service site out there, there are many others that can offer the same service free of charge, even with better features. Here is a list of few of them in no particular order:

Share TV: This is a very good alternative. This site always has something new to offer. It makes sure to keep you updated on the latest movie in town. There is never a dull moment with Share TV. However, they only provide TV shows made for the Western world only.

YouTube: This name is not strange. Also, this site is regularly been updated with the latest movies and TV shows. You can access it from anywhere around the world, and their contents are not for a particular country alone. You can also access it with any device.

Cmovies: There are thousands of both old and new movies here. All free on this platform. You can also be able to download movies from here.

Bmovies: This site can boost of high-quality movies and TV shows. all have been made available to you at no cost. Very fascinating user- experience and no registration is needed. If you must download this app, then make sure you do it on the official website, to avoid any form of complications.

Tubi: Tubi has become so popular and that is because of the amazing service they render when it comes to streaming of movies and TV shows. You can access it on any device you have, such as desktop, iOS, and Android smartphones.

These are not the only ones, there are many others.

Is It Safe?

As a user of this site, you might not need to bother so much about been for using this site, rather you need to worry about how harmful downloading pirated videos can be to your computer. As much project free tv is well known as just a streaming site, this site tries to make some money by placing ads on their site, and most of these ads come as pop-up ads. As harmless as these ads may be, sometimes very dangerous virus could disguise as an ad and trick you into clicking on them, which can lead you into a serious problem.

The most dangerous threats are pop-ups that woe you into downloading software or something else. At first, you might think it has good intentions, but beneath it lies a very dangerous virus that could permanently cripple your computer.

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In Conclusion

Having said that, you must know that the internet is a very resourceful place and also a dangerous place. So you should arm yourself with every tool to protect yourself. You can play safe by always keeping your browser updated, install an ad blocker, and do not be quick to click on pop-ups. If by accident you initiate a download, be fast to cancel the process before it finishes.