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peacock login – For a limited time, Xfinity customers can take advantage of Peacock’s free Premium subscription through X1, Flex or the service’s website.

During the summer of 2020, Peacock launched nationwide. Xfinity customers gained access to the service a couple of months before everyone else. Xfinity customers also have access to Peacock Premium for free, while anyone can sign up for a free Peacock account. It costs $4.99 per month to subscribe to Peacock Premium, which provides unlimited access to the streaming service’s content.

The Peacock and Xfinity accounts must be linked for Xfinity customers to claim the free Premium tier. Alternatively, you can do it by using the app on an Xfinity X1 or Flex device or directly via the Peacock website.

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Using Xfinity to sign in to Peacock

In order to access the Peacock app, press the Xfinity button on your remote control, select Apps from the right arrow, then select Peacock. When the site opens, the user can sign in using the email address associated with their Comcast account.

You can sign up on Flex or X1 by following these steps:

1. Click on Peacock to open it

2. Enter your email address by clicking “OK”

3. Provide Comcast’s email address

4. You can now click “OK”

If a customer uses Xfinity, the new email address can be entered manually by clicking on “Enter new email” and entering the new one, then clicking “OK”. No matter what email address is used, subscribers will see a confirmation on their screen confirming their Peacock Premium subscription.After that, the app will automatically direct you to the home page and all of the content available for Peacock.

Subscribers will also receive an email to set up their password once their Peacock account is created.As soon as the password is created, the subscriber will be able to sign in to Peacock on other devices using the same email address and password.

Peacock Premium can be signed up for directly through the website, but Xfinity subscribers can also subscribe through their X1 or Flex set-top box.

Access Peacock via the website

1. Go to

2. Next step is to click on “Join Now”

3. Sign up with an email address and a password

4. Verify your name, date of birth, and ZIP code

5. Accept the terms and conditions

6. Then click the “Create account” button.

The subscriber is provided with access to the free version of Peacock after creating an account. Upon linking the account with an existing Xfinity account, the subscriber will be able to access Peacock Premium for free.

Xfinity and Peacock accounts can be linked using the following steps:

1. Please visit

2. Log in

3. Go to your profile by clicking the icon

4. In the top right corner, click “Account”

5. Select “Xfinity” from the “Link Provider” section

Once the user is redirected, they will need to enter their Comcast email or mobile number, as well as their password, to access the Xfinity login page. After signing in, the user will be redirected back to Peacock and have access to Peacock Premium.

If you sign up or sign in through the Peacock app on an X1 or Flex, or via the Peacock website, Xfinity customers can then log in on any supported device by using the same login credentials. Accounts will not have to be linked again, but the user will have to login with their email address and password.

peacock login – FAQ

peacock login – Why am I unable to sign into Peacock?

Ensure you are entering your registered email address and password. Don’t forget to capitalize your passwords.

Having forgotten your Peacock password? Here’s what to do.

You can easily reset your password if you’ve forgotten it. We have detailed instructions on how to reset your Peacock password.

How do you reset your Peacock email address if you forget it?

Have you forgotten what email address you used to sign up with Peacock? The email address you registered with is the one we use to send account updates and information about movies, television shows, sports, and news. You can use the following tips to locate your login details if you are still having trouble figuring out which email address is associated with your Peacock account.

How do I link my Xfinity account if I am already signed up for Peacock?

There are two ways to link your Xfinity account to your Peacock account.

You can access Peacock via the X1 or Flex application. Simply open the Peacock app on your device, log in with your Peacock credentials, and your account will be linked.

Secondly, you can sign in at click on Link Provider after logging in. Your Xfinity credentials will then be used to link your Peacock account to your Xfinity account.

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If I’ve forgotten my Peacock login details, where can I find them?

Let’s start from the beginning. What is the email address for your Peacock account? And do you have access to that email account? If you’ve used Peacock at a different email address from your usual one, it’s quite possible that it is not the one you usually use.

The only thing you need to do if you know your Peacock account email address is to reset your password. For those who don’t know their email address, the steps below should help.

In the application, navigate to your account if you are signed in on your device. In the lower-left corner, you will see your email address.

Check your spam and junk folders, including any Peacock emails in your non-signed in email account. Your account is likely linked to that email address if you find any.

Please select the Get in Touch button on this page if you need help finding your account. We will investigate for you.