Gay Anime
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Today we bring to you one of the seemingly most controversial topics to be discussed, which is Gay anime. This topic seems to be liked by many and also hated by many. However, we are doing this list for the people that desire to read, and do not have any issue with it. We will try to keep the post as decent as possible, and at the same time give the readers exactly what they are looking for.

Disclaimer: Some people might not find this article pleasing, hence we will suggest that skip the ones you don’t like. This list is a huge one with so many anime. Feel free to search and find the one that interests you.

             15. Papa To Kiss In The Dark

Gay Anime
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This is a Japanese gay anime, and it has four volumes. written by Ken Nanbara and illustrated by Sae Momoki. The main actor in this movie is Munakata Mira. The plot might get confusing at some point, but if you pay close attention you will understand it. Mira entered into a sexual relationship with his father while she was still a first-year high school student. The name of her father is Kyōsuke Munakata, a very popular actor. Mira started feeling that Kyōsuke has started cheating on him when he noticed a change in his attitude. Mira stumbled on an adoption paper in the house and confirmed that he and Kyōsuke are not even related in any way. Mira later confirmed his suspicion that Kyōsuke was actually cheating on him and that it was with an actress named  Mitsuki. As all these were going on, Mira was still battling with a whole lot of romantic advances from high school friends Kazuki and Takayuki. Such fascinating love stories.

                14. Okane ga Nai

Gay Anime
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Okane ga Nai means I have no money. The story is about an Eighteen-year-old college student named Yukiya Ayase, who was sold by his cousin in order to pay the debt he is owing. Ayase was sold on auction to the highest bidder. It now happens that the person that bought Ayase actually recognized him, and only bought him in order to make sure he is safe, his name is Somuku Kanou and he bought him for the sum of 1.2 billion.

Ayase on the order hand seems not to know the person that bought him from anywhere. Somuku Kanou offered Ayase a way out, that he would have to pay him back the 1.2 billion, and that he will be paying Ayase 500,000 every night they have sex. Ayase at first did not like the idea, but as time goes on they started to develop feelings for each other. This gay anime story teaches that a debtor is always at the mercy of the creditor, so you might want to think twice before getting into that debt.

           13. Close The Last Door!

Gay Anime

On the everyone is supposed to be happy, Nagai Atsushi is sad instead. At the wedding, he is acting as the best man to his friend Saitou whom he has romantic feelings for. In that state of sorrow, he gets drunk and couldn’t get his actions under control.

Honda (the bride’s best man) takes advantage of his drunken state and has sex with him.  The aftermath is that now Nagai couldn’t get both Honda and Saitou out of his mind. Sounds more like a real-life scenario.

                   12. Gakuen Heaven

Gay Anime
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Itou Keita who is just an ordinary high schooler was surprised to have gotten an invitation from one of the most elite and prestigious schools in town, Bell Liberty Academy. In the quest to uncover the mystery behind his acceptance into the school, we go in search of what is so special about him, properly that could be the reason why he was given such an honor. In the process, he starts developing an intimate relationship with most of his schoolmates. However, amongst all of them, he develops a special attraction to Kazuki Endou, his classmate.

                   11. Embracing Love

Gay Anime
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This is the story of two young promising actors Kyousuke Iwaki and Youji Katou who are bent on making it in the film industry at all costs. An opportunity came as both of them are invited for an audition for a new popular movie. Iwaki got a spot as a lead actor, while Katou didn’t. Iwaki is trying not to have an intimate relationship with Katou, but all that is about to change as a Japanese gay anime actor offers Katou a spot in his movie. Quite an interesting gay anime.

                     10. Sex Pistols


An average teenage boy named Nario trying to unravel the mystery behind all the numerous sexual advances he is getting. Events start to get clearer for him the moment he falls from a stair and falls into the arms of a total stranger. Little did he know that this encounter will mark a major shift in his life. He also discovered that he belongs to a particular species of humans that did not evolve from a monkey. He also joins a group of elites that also evolved from another kind of animals but not monkeys. One of the things that makes this anime different from others is that it has a female character in it.

               9. Sensitive Pornograph

The first part of this gay anime story starts with the love affair between two young manga artists Seiji Yamada and Sono Hanasaki. These two have been working together for a long time but have not really seen each other. Meanwhile all this while Yamada has been thinking that Sono is a girl. However, when they finally met and Yamada discovered that Sono is actually a boy, that still did not change the love he has for him, and a more intimate relationship started. Trouble started when Seiji noticed that Sono has a history of infidelity. They separated for a while but later reconciles when  Seiji notices that Somo is suffering from heartbreak.

The second part is the story of Koiji Ueno, a college student, also working part-time taking care of pets. He got a  proposal from an anonymous client to take care of his rabbit. On getting to the location, he found out that there was no rabbit, instead, he found a naked man with both hands tied, his name is Aki-chan. He explained to Ueno that the actual reason why his master brought him here was for him(Ueno) and Aki-chan to make love while the master watches from afar and that he Ueno might be putting himself in harm’s way if he doesn’t comply.

                8. Kirepapa

This is the story of a man named Chisato who is 35 years old but looks much younger than his age, he also has a very handsome son named Riju who is 15 years old and has lots of friends who are always coming around to see him. Chisato is always nursing this fear that his friends have the intention of abusing him sexually just as he was abused when he was younger, and he devised a means to kill them by luring them with a fake smile and poisoning their food. However, one of the guys by the name of Shunsuke did not fall for the gimmick.

          7. Monochrome Factor

Monochrome factor


This is the story of a regular high school student who likes an easy life and avoids hard work. Things started to take a new turn in his life from the moment a mysterious man named Shirogane suddenly appears to him telling him that they have a destiny together. Akira found this very hard to believe and continues with his normal way of life. A day came when he gets attacked by a monster on his way to school. Shirogane explains to him that the only way to restore the balance between the human and the shadow world is for Akira to become a ‘Shin’. The Shin is Shirogane explains to him that the only way to restore the balance between the human and the shadow world is for Akira to become a ‘Shin’. It later appears like Shirogane has been deceiving him all along. This anime has shonen-ai themes, quite different from the manga.

           6. Ikoku Irokoi Romantan

This is the gay anime story of Ranmaru, the heir to a Japanese yakuza clan. He marries a girl his family arranged for him just to make them happy. The marriage takes place on an Italian cruise ship and becomes the topic of discussion. The marriage hits the rock as the couple gets into a fight that same night, and Kaoru sends him packing. He ends up having sex with a ship captain that same night. The couple meets again in Italy and their love story continues.

                   5. Loveless

Gay anime

This gay anime story is quite a hilarious one where people are born with some animal features such as cat tails and ears, however, when they make love the tail vanishes. For this reason, they worship virginity and innocence. They also have a way of life that is called “fighting” which is only done by fighting couples, where one person takes the position of a Sacrifice and the other as the Fighter. The sacrifice is at the receiving end while the fighter gives the beating.

                  4. Gravitation

The story is that of a young and popular pop star known as Shuichi. He has a role model named Ryuichi and went ahead to form a band known as Bad Luck with his close friend Hiro. They go through so many challenges just like every other startup, but luck shines on them when they later get signed by a big label. Shuichi is having issues getting his lyrics ready before the deadline. Hiro suggests he gets a girlfriend as a source of inspiration. Little did he know that fate has other plans for him. On a faithful day, his path crossed with that of a man that changed his whole life.

                    3. Tight-Rope


This is the story of two young boys Naoki Satoya and Ryuunosuke Oohara who has been together as best friends for close to 5 years. Ryuunosuke suddenly started developing feelings for his best friend Naoki. Ryuunosuke is from one of the most influential families in Japan, and he is next on the line to start heading the affairs of the Yakuza family.

                      2. Super Lovers

Super Lovers

This is a very interesting Shounen Ai you will love to watch. The story starts with Haru Kiado who travels to Canada to see his mum who tricked him to come by pretending to be sick. Her intention instead was for him to come and look after his adoptive brother, Ren Kaidou. They both spend the summer together and bond.

Shounen gets involved in a terrible accident on his return to Japan, and that affected his memory. He totally forgets all the experiences he had with his adopted brother during the summer. They meet years later, and Shounen couldn’t remember anything about him. Let’s find out how things unfold from here.

                       1. Hybrid Child

Hybrid Child

Hybrid Children are neither human, dolls nor cyborgs, they are very similar to humans, but yet very different. In this story, Kuroda who is a very sharp craftsman develops one. This species of humans requires lots of love and care to survive. Kotarou Izumi adopts one of these species named Hazuki. His family does not like the idea and throws the Hybrid child away.