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There are the Top 20 Cute My Hero Academia Characters in this article. We are going to rank the characters from 20th to 1st according to their cuteness.

From male to female, from young to old, from heroes to villains, we have included a variety of different characters. Our goal was to create a diverse and balanced list as possible.

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1. Taishiro Toyomitsu – Cute My Hero Academia

Cute My Hero Academia – Fat Gum is a character who is loved by children and who resembles a matryoshka doll. As a result of his Quirk Fat Adsorption, he can engulf objects and people in his fat, as well as absorb the force of any blow (including swords and bullets).

The fact that he can absorb the energy of the blows aimed at him however is a two-edged sword. While it allows him to unleash devastating counterattacks, on the one hand, it also sacrifices his defenses by burning fat in the process. When his fat is depleted, his appearance is revealed.

In addition to capturing enemies by subduing them, Taishiro is able to transport his allies safely by using the defensive abilities of his body fat.

2. Mina Ashido

cute my hero academia


From an early age, all considered her a future heroine as she had pink hair and lilac skin. It is no secret that she is cheerful, enthusiastic, and sociable, always smiling most of the time, but she can also be emotional and cry easily.

Mina, inspired by Eijiro, began to use her own acid as both an offensive and defensive weapon. On Midnight’s advice, she later opted for Pinky as her name from her heroine, Alien Queen.

Kirishima and she attended the same middle school. When she finds her teacher’s lifeless body after a battle with the Liberation Front, she bursts into tears with Ejiro and Momo. Izuku will also be brought back to the Academy by her like the others.

3. Reiko Yanagi

Silent, impassive, and exhibiting an unusual posture (back slightly curled, arms bent, forearms forward, hands hanging) she bears the characteristics of the ghosts in popular culture.

Her Quirk is called Poltergeist, which allows her to move objects close to her telekinetically as long as they are lighter than a person.

4. Soramitsu Tabe – Cute My Hero Academia

The Eighth Bullet. The quirk that he has is called Food, and he can bite, chew, and digest all kinds of materials. His Quirk causes him to always be hungry, so he is obsessed with eating.

He was unable to conform to society because of his quirks and personality. Along with Toya and Yu, he fights against Suneater. After a hard battle, he is defeated by him.

5. Geten

Cute My Hero Academia – He is a mysterious member of the Liberation Army, one of its most powerful members even though he is not one of its leaders. We know very little about him. Light hair and a gentle face make him appear attractive, though he conceals most of his face with a hooded parka, revealing only his eyes.

He has a quirk called cryokinesis that allows him to control ice and its temperature. He can levitate it and use it for fighting, or he can freeze water around him to turn it into ice.

6. Izuku Midoriya – Cute My Hero Academia

Cute My Hero Academia

In K*hei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia series, Deku, also known as Izuku Midoriya, is the main protagonist. In high school, he’s the nerdy and ambitious underdog known as “One For All,” and he’s the current holder of a superpower that combines six separate powers to create a single powerful blast of energy, as well as the ability to pass it on to others.

7. Yuyu Haya

Cute My Hero Academia – Her hair is short and cropped, and her eyes are auburn with long lashes; she has several ear piercings with gray studs. Her hair looks like it is slightly messy. It is a school uniform with a loose tie, rolled up sleeves, and a twisted collar.

Her right wrist is adorned with two pink bracelets and she wears tights under her skirt. Formerly, the friend and classmate of Yuyu Nejire Hado at U.A. High School.

Bibimi Kenranzaki won the Miss Con beauty pageant both years Yuyu Nejire entered it during her freshman year in the UAE. Whenever possible, Yuyu aids Nejire with preparations for the beauty pageant.

8. Setsuna Tokage – Cute My Hero Academia

One-B student with sharp teeth and talkative nature.Among four students admitted by recommendation to the Yuei. She has a Quirk called Lizard Tail Splitter that allows her to separate her body into several pieces that she is capable of controlling through a remote controller. The latter, however, become unarmed after some time, decomposing and then becoming regenerated again.

Currently, you can divide it into no more than fifty parts. Lizardy is her nickname.

9. Kyoka Jiro

Her classmates describe her as reserved and a rock fan who occasionally displays a cold character, but when it comes to her friends, her manners are more cordial.

Kaminari always makes fun of her good-naturedly and she hides her passions and interests from others, especially her unbridled passion for music, which she shares with the family.

10. Nejire Hado

During her internships, she took care of Ochaco and Tsuyu by protecting them, and she took them with her as well as Nejire to Pro Hero Ryukyu, for which she is the assistant. She is one of the three strongest students in the school.

Nejire-chan is the alias under which she goes as a hero. Using the cardboard, she can cast yellow-gold shock waves (her Quirk) which move in a spiral motion, making them powerful but relatively slow.

11. Ken Ishiyama 

The hero Cementoss was a modern-day Japanese teacher. In urban environments, his ability to control concrete and cement-based substances make him an invaluable asset.

12. Eri – Cute My Hero Academia

The girl was rescued as a result of the actions of several professional heroes, including Deku, Lemillion, and Sir Nighteye, who were part of Overhaul’s plan to destroy Quirks.

Only living beings are able to be rewinded by her Quirk, and it is unknown how she activates it, but she has been seen doing so. Not only did she continue to suffer from the trauma caused by Overhaul, but she also said that she did not know how to smile, which broke Izuku’s heart.

13. Minoru Mineta

She was an intelligent, short, short-statured student who was extremely perverted and infatuated with the female body. Even his classmates frown upon his obsession, which leads to twists and humorous moments. In difficult situations, he gets scared easily and loses hope as well, traits he hates about himself.

A quirk of Mineta’s is the Super Sticky power, which causes him to grow removable balls of a very sticky substance from his head. The sticky effect can last from a few minutes to several days, depending on Mineta’s mood. His choice of hero name was Grape Juice and (at least initially) he wanted to become popular with the fairer sex by becoming a hero.

14. Mr. Principal / Nezu

Cute My Hero Academia – It is one of the few animals in the world that has developed a Quirk and has characteristics similar to those of a large anthropomorphic mouse.

He has an incredibly high level of intelligence in addition to human characteristics, such as upright posture and the ability to speak. As well as that, he is the only character who knows the secret of All Might.

Despite his eccentricities and politeness, he persists in his teaching. He is quite aware of his weird qualities and points them out when he shows up. His right eye was scarred by atrocious experiments performed by humans while he was a young man.

15. Katsuma Shimano

Cute My Hero Academia
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The shy and calm Katsuma is always on the lookout for Mahoro, his older sister. Although he does not have a sister like his sister, he carries an Edge shot enamel pin in his pocket and continually mentions his dream of becoming a hero.

While Katsuma prefers to keep her distance from her sister, she can still easily be influenced and may bother students in the class 1-A with homework.

After incorrectly reporting that a villain has been sighted, Katsuma apologizes to Izuku Midoriya, even though Mahoro does not understand his error.

16. Ochaco Uraraka

Cute My Hero Academia – Her name is Midoriya, and she is a 1-A student like her classmates Bakugo and Midoriya. Although she usually appears and behaves in a sunny way, she has a very strong desire to become a great heroine.

Zero Gravity is a Quirk she has that allows her to cancel gravity’s effect on any object she touches; by placing her hands in a certain way, she can also release herself from gravity.

Uraraka’s Quirk is not purely offensive, but she has shown on several occasions that she can rely on her strategy to compensate for its lack of attack power, as well as turning floating debris into a shower of bullets falling from the sky. Uravity is the name of her hero.

17. Pony Tsunotori

The little girl has antelope horns, a wad tail, and horse legs complete with hooves; she is a 1-B student from the United States. At the moment, she can control at most two pairs of horns; she has the ability to throw and control multiple copies of her horns, using them in both attacking and supporting her allies.

Pony has a shy personality. Her Japanese is virtually nonexistent since she is a foreigner. Since Neito Pony asks Class 1-A to say nasty phrases, it turns out she is quite naive and innocent in her attitude and learns nasty phrases from Neito Monoma without knowing the meaning of these words.

18. Kinoko Komori – Cute My Hero Academia

Her hair is styled in a bob with a long fringe covering her face and leaving her mouth uncovered. She has a Quirk called Mushroom, which enables her to emit spores from her body capable of growing fungi anywhere, even on people, but these mushrooms detach within a few hours and do not harm humans.

Shemage is her chosen superheroine name. When she attends the U.A.festival, she hides her eyes behind her bangs and wears a sullen expression, suggesting that she is very shy.

She does possess a kind side as evident when she apologized for using too much of her quirks on Fumikage Tokoyami and advised him to take necessary medicines.

19. Susugu Mitarai

He is known as Wash and he has an ability that enables him to create a powerful whirlwind of water from his head. He can also use it to incorporate people and even objects.

Only his big eyes are visible because of his costume, which resembles a washing machine. Koji and Manga are hired for internships.

Children will benefit most from Susugu.In spite of this, Susugu takes his job seriously, not letting his tardiness to arrive in the process stop him from disinfecting the wounds of angry civilians.

20. Chiyo Shuzenji

Cute My Hero Academia – She was a renowned Recovery Girl, an elderly nurse. Her Healing Quirk grants her the ability to incredibly accelerate people’s regenerating factors through a kiss, albeit at the cost of considerable effort on their part (an effort that could even prove lethal in extremely serious cases).

Her knowledge of the All Might secret makes her one of the few who knows it.