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A great film is one of the best ways to relax. With 123 Movies and other online streaming sites like it, it’s easier than ever before. It’s not necessary to rummage through all your DVDs just to watch the same film you’ve already seen 20 times. With just a few clicks, you can access a world of cinematic delights.

The 123 Movies website is one of the most popular places to watch movies online, but there are many other good alternatives.123 Movies is not the only website like this, so we’re here to make you aware of some others. Then read on if you’re interested in more movies, more convenience, and (most importantly) more choice!

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 What exactly is 123 movies?

It would be remiss of us if we didn’t acknowledge the original site in this article about sites like 123 Movies. Here’s a quick primer for those unfamiliar with 123 Movies, just in case.

123Movies is one of the most popular websites for watching movies and TV shows online. What makes it so popular? There are several reasons.

The site is huge, to begin with. In addition to TV shows and movies in HD, 123Movies offers a vast collection in standard definition as well. So regardless of what you feel like watching, you should have no problem finding something to watch.

123 Movies is easy to use as well. Watching movies on some sites is really hard. This is not the case with 123 Movies. A rundown of the movies with the highest ratings on IMDB can also be found on this site, which divides films and TV shows by genre and country. The site even has a featured list, which showcases the newest and greatest movies.

Additionally, you don’t need to register. By using this option, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of many online streaming sites, and you can simply visit the website, pick your movie, and watch away.

123 Movies alternative sites

123 Movies

I believe that 123Movies is going to be the toughest competitor to beat due to its massive selection of both movies and TV shows. However, there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of challengers vying to become number one. We’ve rounded up some of the best sites like 123Movies for you below. Take a look, and maybe you’ll find something you like!

YouTube TV

There are a few reasons why YouTube TV is so expensive, but a major one is a way it functions. The service provides access to a variety of TV channels instead of shows and movies. In fact, there are 70 of them. Fox, ESPN, ABC, and CBS can be accessed with just one subscription.


There are many TV shows and movies available on Netflix! Every month, millions of TV shows and movies can be accessed for just a small amount of money. Additionally, Netflix is legal and the largest streaming service in the world. Instead of watching illegally streamed content, we always suggest you try the legal sites. It isn’t worth the risk to take the chances, since you are most likely to be caught.


As the third best alternative to 123Movies, Primewire is also on the list. This site is similar to 123Movies, offering users a fantastic selection of the latest movies and TV shows.

Despite this, Primewire is different from its competitors in some important ways. Music is added to the site—and most other sites like 123Movies do not have this feature. You don’t need to worry about a particular link failing – there is always a backup! Furthermore, it offers several links for each film.

However, there are some disadvantages as well. While Primewire’s interface is somewhat dated, many other websites employ simplified, more modern designs, such as 123Movies.

Primewire also requires that you create an account to stream movies, which makes watching the latest movies a little more complicated. Primewire, though still not as popular as 123Movies, offers a variety of content that makes it one of our top picks for movie sites. You should definitely check it out, regardless of whether you are a movie or music lover.


Watching live sports on Hulu is a great experience. It’s something they constantly promote. The service is a little cheaper than Netflix, but the movie selection is smaller. When it comes to streaming services that offer a variety of live sports, we recommend taking a look at Hulu. You may need a VPN to access Hulu in certain countries where it is not available.


Almost beyond comparison, Putlocker’s movie and TV show selection are one of the biggest and best around. Like 123Movies, Putlocker links to external hosts rather than hosting the entire database on its own servers. Since there are so many movies to store, it is practically impossible for one site to handle them all!

The country filter of 123Movies is not available on Putlocker, but it compensates for that by displaying films by their release years. Whether you’re looking for a timeless classic or the latest summer blockbuster, Putlocker has you covered.

In addition, you don’t need to register! Enjoy the latest films on any of your devices, including your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Sadly, Putlocker isn’t available anymore.


There would be no complete list of sites like 123Movies without FMovies.Users have been flocking to this site, positioning it as a leading competitor to 123Movies – and it makes sense.

There is no intrusive advertising on FMovies, so you can enjoy your viewing experience without worrying about distractions. As a result, you can easily sit back and relax while watching your favorite films and TV shows.FMovies’ layout will be very familiar to users of 123Movies.

The site’s incredible selection of content can be sorted by genre, country, and release date via the navigation bar at the top. Anime is also covered separately, giving this site a huge advantage for Otakus!

This is a great alternative to 123Movies for anyone who wants a hassle-free experience. You can’t go wrong with it.


Like Disney Plus, HBO Go features show exclusively from a single network (in this instance, HBO).HBO Max covers a much wider range of content, however, and it is sure to expand its library as time goes on. Netflix might have more movies, but the Sopranos, Band of Brothers, and Game of Thrones on Amazon Prime are some of the best shows on there.


Many website names appear to come from nowhere, but WatchFree is fortunately not one of them. Watch movies and TV shows for free on this site-it does just what it says!

Using the simple grid layout, WatchFree allows you to find the newest and hottest films available. Anyone looking for a way to watch the newest films from the comfort of their own homes will find this website to be especially useful.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more niche or older, you’re in luck.WatchFree has a search bar that is easy to use, as well as a genre sort tool. However, it does not have the same convenient nav bar as sites like 123 Movies and FMovies.There’s something for everyone at WatchFree.

The site is particularly focused on new films, so if you want the cinema to come to you, this is the place to go!

Sling TV

The main difference between Sling TV and YouTube TV is that with Sling TV you can mix and match your own network and channel package, instead of getting them all at once.


Vumoo, the tenth site on our list, has the best visual appeal among the sites similar to 123Movies we’ve featured so far.

There are no cluttered navigation bars or grids on this site, instead offering a bold, simple web page that is more similar to Netflix than many of the other sites listed here.

One of the reasons it’s so popular is its polished appearance. However, it is by no means the only reason for its popularity. A wide selection of TV shows and movies can be found on Vumoo, like many other sites like 123Movies.

A rotating carousel of films that have been popular this week is also available if you’re looking for some inspiration! The Vumoo app is a stylish-looking app with an intuitive user interface and good content. How can you go wrong?


TinklePad may not be a very appealing name. However, we’re among the first to admit it. There’s no cat litter being referred to here, but rather one of the best sites like 123Movies.

There is a carousel of top films at the top of the page, followed by a grid of recent additions to the site. You can both stream and download movies here. In addition to the classic search bar, the website allows you to filter by year of release and genre to find your favorites.

In addition, TinklePad presents award-winning films, new releases, and highly rated films. An additional bonus on a site with so many movies is that each film can be rated from 1 to 5 stars. Therefore, you shouldn’t judge this site by its seemingly amusing name – TinklePad would smell as good under any other name!

TicklePad has now been renamed to 5movies


123 Movies may seem slicker than OnlineHDMovies at first glance. There’s plenty going on at OnlineHDMovies that makes it worthwhile to visit, despite its unassuming appearance.

The latest movies are always displayed on the homepage of OnlineHDMovies, just like many other sites like 123 Movies. In addition, it offers navigation links that make navigating the last two decades of cinema easier than ever.

Stream thousands of movies at any time on the sidebar – and with thousands of them available at any time, you’re unlikely to run out! It’s also possible to find even the most obscure films easily using the advanced search feature. Last but not least, OnlineHDMovies wouldn’t really be OnlineHDMovies without a few HD movies.

The HD Movies section is right at the top of the page, which makes it super easy to find them! You’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for the best films around.

Sadly, Rainierland is not available any longer.