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123 Hulu is an online video streaming application that enables you to watch and download Movies Online for Free. To make it very easy for a user to navigate, movies have been arranged properly, with different sections for TV series, movies, cartoons, comedy, etc. Note that 123hulu is different from Hulu.

Netflix and Hulu are the pioneers of streaming services, but subsequently, we have seen the emergence of other streaming services that have taken the baton from Netflix and Hulu and have improved much more on what these two have to offer, online movie streaming services such as 123Netflix, 123Hulu. 123mobvies etc.

Though Hulu and 123Hulu might seem the same, they actually have nothing in common except for their names. Hulu actually started in began in 2007 as an offspring of 21st Century Fox, Comcast, The Walt Disney Company and AT&T. These companies use Hulu as a platform to air their TV shows and other programs. So you can say that Hulu concerned with TV shows and series much more than they are to like movies and documentaries.

In Hulu, you get to pay before you can have access into their platform, except when you get free trials which only last for a short period of time. This is one major difference between them and other services such as 123Netflix and 123Hulu

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What is 123hulu?

Just like was mentioned above, 123Hulu is a free streaming service that allows one to freely download contents online, contents such as movies, cartoons, animes, and series. You have the ability to watch and download contents free, directly on this site, though you will have to make use of a free downloading app or website to be able to download because there is no means to download directly from the site. The contents you see on 123hulu is provided by third parties so you will be seeing different links that will lead you to where you can watch and download contents. One major issue that 123hulu is having is that od copywriter violation

Is It Safe To Use?

Most free things have something hidden behind that may not be aware of, so likewise are websites that offer free movies, music, and other contents. It is not usually the safest place you want to be on the internet, unlike the paid services, with contents uploaded by the original creators.

123hulu in particular have not had many safety issues in the past, but that does not mean you are assured of 100% safety on the website. While on the website, you will experience lots of popups here and there, and when you mistakenly click on any, it might land you on a website that might expose you to downloads that will be harmful to your system.

Also due to the fact that most of the contents are uploaded by third parties, you will see so many links for one to watch and download movies, any of these links instead of leading you to where you can watch and download contents, can get you to download malware or other things that could be harmful.

Nevertheless, as long as you are online, you always need to be safety conscious, whether you are watching a movie, downloading or doing other things. Your safety depends on how you use it.

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Is It Legal To Watch?

To be very sincere, 123Hulu is not completely legal. The issue has been that the contents are uploaded by third parties who are in no way affiliated to the company. And people still have access to the contents without the permission of the original owners, and that amounts to copyrights infringement of such contents.

The above was the main reason why it was blocked in Australia in June 2018 together with HDO and ETTV. It was taken to court by Foxtel together with a couple of other free video streaming services, they seek to have the website blocked by internet service providers (ISPs) in Australia for copyrights violation.

Finally, it was agreed that any streaming site that offers contents such as movies for free, can only be seen as fully legal in two ways, either it is movies that are under public domain or those that have permission from the producers or other content company. Once you don’t fall under any of these two categories, your contents are seen as not legal.

Other Questions

Is It Illegal To Stream TV Shows?

If you are streaming on well-known sites such as Now TV, Netflix, iTunes, Google Play or Spotify after having duly subscribed, then it is completely legal. But if you are got somewhere streaming movies, TV or sport for free, when you are not a free trial, then there are chances that it is illegal.

Can you get a virus from streaming videos?

Streaming videos online does not mean you will just get infected with a virus, you can only get infected when you are browsing a website that has viruses or you click infected links or you download an infected file.