Avast SafePrice
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I’m sure you must have noticed an Avast SafePrice extension on your PC. The Nitro Update has quietly installed Avast SafePrice extension on all browsers.

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Avast Safeprice Reviews

What Avast SafePrice does is to help users find the best prices for goods, services, and even tickets when shopping online. It is a plugin powered by Avast and it’s absolutely free to use. It gives you access to amazing online deals, so you can save money while shopping online. It searches for various coupons that you can use while shopping online. It’s unintrusive, which means it will disappear when you are not shopping online.

You don’t need to do anything else to install this plugin, once you install Avast Antivirus, it’s automatically installed in your Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome browsers as part of the security package.

Many users are shocked when they discover that this plugin has been installed in their browser without their knowledge. It can disrupt your browsing experience just to displays ads. It steals your information to enable it to provide relevant ads and price comparisons and removing it can be difficult. If you cherish your privacy a lot, then this plugin is not for you, you don’t need it to be running on your browser.

Here are some of this plugin can do to your computer and browser you have it installed and enabled:

1. It  updates the Avast software package automatically without your approval

2. It changes your default search engine

3. It changes your default homepage

4. It changes your browser’s new tab settings

5. it changes default error pages in your browser

6. It displays pop-up ads

7. It allows publisher cookies to be stored on your computer

Avast SafePrice
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How to Disable or Remove Avast Safeprice

Usually, the first time Avast Safeprice gets installed on your device, an extension is shown on your browser, you can either choose either to disable or remove it. Below, we will guide you on how to remove this extension on the browsers an also on Windows operating system.

1. Remove it From Windows Using Your Control Panel 

a. Go to your Taskbar and click on the Start Button

b. Navigate to the Control Panel and open it

c. Another option is just to right-click on the Start button and choose ‘Control Panel’ from the context-menu

d. Once the Control Panel opens, locate Apps & Features

e. If you use windows 10 computer, navigate to Start > Settings > System to find Apps & Features

f. When you locate the Apps & Features, click on the program you intend to uninstall [in this case it is Avast SafePrice]

g. Once you click on the App, you will find the option to uninstall it

h. Click on the uninstall and Avast SafePrice will be successfully removed from your computer

Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process.

2. Remove it From Mozilla Firefox

After you have succeeded in removing it from your Windows, lets now show you how to remove it from your browsers as well. Starting with Mozilla Firefox Browser.

a. Open Menu>Add-on in Firefox

b. On the list of add-ons, search for the Avast SafePrice extension

c. Just beside the name of the extension, you will see Remove, click on it

d. Wait for a while, while firefox perfects the act of removing the Avast SafePrice from your Browser

e. You can now restart your browser

3. Remove it From Google Chrome

Here are the steps to follow, for Google Chrome users

a. On the three horizontal lines at the upper right-hand corner of Google Chrome, click on the Customize option

b. Place your mouse on the More Tools to view additional options

c. The Extensions are among the additional options, you will see it

d. Click on it to open the Chrome Extensions page

e. Search for the Avast SafePrice extension. ANd when you find it, click delete to remove it from your browser.

f. Restart your browser

Remove it From Internet Explorer

a. scroll to the upper right-hand corner of your browser and click on the Tools icon

b. When you see an option “Manage add-ons” option, click on it

c. Search for the Avast SafePrice extension and click on it to show the disable button

d. Click on the disable button. Give the browser a few minutes to complete the process of deleting this malicious add-on.

d. Restart the browser

Remove it From Opera

a. At the top left-hand corner of your Opera browser, click the “O” button so you can view the menu

b. Scroll to the “Extensions” to show more options, then click on “Extensions”. Make sure you select “All” from the left panel

c. Now remove the Avast SafePrice extension by clicking on “Disable”

d. Restart your computer

Though Avast SafePrice is useful, its disadvantages seem to outweigh its advantages. Most of the users are not given the right to chose if they want to install it or not. It creeps into your computer from the backdoor, invades your privacy and disrupts your browsing experience. Enough guide has been given here on how to remove this malicious add-on from Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera.

Stay at alert next time you are updating your Avast antivirus, stay meticulous and uncheck options to install any extensions. Stay safe.