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Chatstep is an online platform or website where users can create online chatroom without necessarily creating an account or filling out any registration form. Users are free to chat using a nickname or anonymously. Users are only required to create an account for photo sharing features and private messenger.

The importance of communication can never be over-emphasized. Since the beginning of time, lots of mediums have been used by human beings for communication even before the invention of telephone lines and the internet. The need and quest for a better and more efficient way for communication have led to a huge rise in technological advancements, such as we see today. It has led to the discovery of multiple channels for communication over the internet. Day to day interactions between humans has become easier, likewise holding official meetings. Gone are those days when everyone must travel from far and near to attend a meeting at a particular place. These advanced communication platforms have made things easier. One of such platforms is Chatstep.

What Is Chatstep?

In the times we live in now, instant messaging has become the preferred method for social activities online. Chatstep was right on time to provide such services to the huge number of people longing to interact with others online.

Another feature Chatstep has, that has given it an edge over its competitors is that it permits users to join the service anonymously or they can choose to use a nickname instead. One other thing that makes Chatstep fascinating is that you are not required to open an account first before you can start using the service, once you get into the platform, you can start chatting with people, but you must invite the person first and then the person will have to accept before the conversation will begin.

Chatstep interface is user-friendly. It is also unbelievably very easy to use. For beginners, all you need to do if you want to create room is to go to the homepage and type in any name of your choice, you can use a nickname and then select a password. The name you chose is your room name, you can then send it to your friends to join the room. However, if you wish to join a room, from the list of the chat rooms that are available, select the room you want to be part of, then choose the username as well as the password you will always use to return to the room at any point in time you want. You will be asked to agree to terms and conditions before you can be allowed to enter the chatroom. Tap exit to leave the chatroom, this action will wipe out your chat message history.

Chatstep also has an arrangement for users who wish to create an account on the platform. All that is required from you is your email address, username, and your password. Once you are done providing these details in the online form, a verification link will be forwarded to the same email you used you provided while registering. Once you are done with the verification, your account will be activated, and then you are good to go. You can then join a room or create one. To exit the room, you will have to manually click the ‘leave room’ button, unlike the users who didn’t create an account on the platform.

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How Safe Is Chatstep?

Of course, everything that has an advantage will also have a disadvantage. Chatstep is not exempted, it also has its own weaknesses. We have mentioned a few times in this article how Chatstep pays very good attention to privacy to the extent that users are permitted to stay anonymous on this platform. That means you can decide not to use your real name, thereby hiding your identity. This has encouraged people to display some attitude they dare not display if their identity is known, and this over time has brought in some adult content which is not suitable for children.

A case was sometimes in the past reported, when a user whose identity was hidden, uploaded an image of child pornography. The case was reported to the authorities and arrests where made. and computers seized. They were able to trace the location of the user with the help of the IP address.

Another problem that casts doubt on the safety of Chatstep is that the website does not have any support and it is not monitored by any Admin sought of.

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Are there Good Alternatives to Chatstep?

Just like was stated earlier in this post, the need and quest for a better and more efficient way for communication have led to a huge rise in technological advancements. Chatstep is just one among many others. If Chatstep is not appealing to you, don’t worry, there are other good alternatives you can turn to. Below is a list of them:

1. ShockRooms: Shockroom offers a free webcam to chat rooms, and this adds more spice to communication with others. Lots of people from all around the world are already on the platform. All you need to do is just to check-in as a guest, send a request to any person or persons you want to chat with, and start chatting.

2. ChatCrypt: Chatcrypt is top in the list of the best websites that one can use to create personal specialized encrypted chatrooms. This is a very good alternative to Chatstep, as it has included some of the essential features lacking in Chatstep, such as the use of secure communication which encrypts the messages.

3. Chatzy: Just like a few others on this list, Chatzy made it to the list of one of the good alternatives to Chatstep. It boasts of free and equally private chat rooms, while users can also enjoy the freedom of creating their own chat rooms and then send an invite to others to come and join them in the room. Chatzy offers two different kinds of chats rooms namely, Quick Chats and Virtual Rooms. Users have the freedom to choose anyone they want. The features and functions in Quick Chat are limited compared to the ones in Virtual chat room.

4.Cyph: This is another good alternative that those not need any downloading of any kind of software or application nor does it request any form of registration before you can access it. Did I also mention that it is a free service, and the security is guaranteed?

5. HipChat:  It is an instant messaging service, specially made for companies and teams. You can access the chat history and also can share files.

6. ChatIW: This particular one has been specially designed for singles looking forward to mingling with others. A lot of features has been put in place to make it easier for such people.