Manga is a Japanese word pronounced ‘maw-nnn-gah’. It refers to Japanese comic books which are often made into cartoons or anime.

In Japanese, Manga means humorous pictures. Examples of popular Manga include Naruto, Dragon Ball, Ghost in the Shell, Battle Angel Alita, Battle Royale, One Piece and Sailor Moon.

Manga is revered and regarded as an integral part of Japanese literature. It is read by most people in the country as weekly comics especially since it is not targeted at a specific age group.

Unlike the American comic industry where the publisher owns the rights of comic characters, Japanese manga is owned by individual artists and this is good as it gives more room for creativity.


The characters in a Manga usually have large eyes, small mouths and abnormal hair colour. They show exaggerated emotions and the comics are usually meant to be read from the right side to the left. This may be disorienting at first but becomes relatively easy once you get a hang of it.

Apart from the fact that it transcends age, Mangas are also not limited to a particular genre. A good Manga can be action, adventure, business and commerce, comedy, detective, historical drama, horror, mystery, romance, science fiction, fantasy, sexuality, suspense, sports, and games.

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What is MangaPark?

MangaPark is one of the platforms where Manga readers can get access to the Manga series. The site consists of over 30,000 + Manga collections in its enormous database. On MangaPark, you can save your reading history, search for free mangas and even upload mangas for other readers pleasure.


The MangaPark site has a light and dark theme based on user preferences. You can sort the Mangas for a specific genre and you can select a particular episode from a Manga and what’s more? The Mangas available on ManagaPark are free.

Apart from MangaPark, there are some other alternatives where you can look at Manga Comics online and offline. Some of them include –


MangaFreak is not restricted to the genre and you can find on-going manga comics including those from popular series like Naruto and One Piece. You do not have to be logged in to have your reading history saved as the site does this automatically for you on the browser as long as you do not clear your browser history.


MangaReader provides excellent content in an easy layout. Like MangaPark, the content is free and they try to keep up with recent Mangas. MangaReader is considered to be one of the best platforms out there.


On MangaTown, you do not need to pay or even register to gain access to rich content made available on a user-friendly platform.


Although unavailable to people outside the US, Asia or Japan, MangaReborn acts like a streaming site but for Manga. It has no ads and includes a forum option encouraging discussion among people of like interests.

Its goal is to share undiscovered manga to the world.


MangaFox boasts of a wide variety of genres. The platform allows you to scan, read and view comics in an even more user-friendly way.


With over 100,000 Manga series in its directory, KissManga stands out on this list. Once signed up, you get notifications on the latest chapters, complete with an option to share with your contacts.

On KissManga, you can not only leave comments below a particular Manga, but you can also send feedback directly to Kissmanga.


Comixology is available on the Web, Android and iOs. It is however not limited to Manga as you can find other comics there. It has an option for offline reading but unlike the ones previously listed, you have to pay to read a comic.


MangaPanda although listed as an alternative to MangaPark, does not come heavily recommended because of the relentless amount of ads on the site. But if you can get past the ads, MangaPanda has rich content and can hold it’s own when compared to MangaPark in that regard.


Mangakakalot stands out of all its sister sites thanks to its relatively fast servers and very user-friendly interface. You can search for a particular manga or even decide to only go for the completed ones or the top reads. If you register on the site, you can leave comments about your favourite manga all for free.


This site has a more modern and rich look than some of the sites on this list. They are not limited to manga as they offer all types of comics. They recommend comics you would like based on your read history but the mangas on this site are not free.


This platform is a Japanese comic site. rich in content all offered for free. You can see contents by the same author and comments by other readers and you can search for a particular manga by tag.


This list would be seemingly incomplete without this mention. Comico is a very popular platform in Japan although, readers from other countries that can not read Japanese, may be limited.


A popular in Japan. Comic walker prides itself on the fact that it has not just any manga but popular mangas on the site and for free. Although originally in Japanese, there is an option to translate the page to English making it automatically accessible to everybody.


Although not completely free, Crunchyroll is a worthy mention. It offers users not just opportunity to read the free manga but watch anime videos, drama shows and play games. It has a 15 days free trial period after which you are required to subscribe to use the service.


Renta is the self-proclaimed ‘Official Romance-manga Site’. Most of the Manga’s on this site is targeted at the romantics. People who are in love or dream of finding that special someone someday.

To read manga on this site, you can either pay with cash or by buying points which are then included in your Renta account.


MangaHere gives access to a myriad of genres of mangas and unlike the others, there is a ranking system for the mangas by popularity and this helps especially when you are unsure of what to read.


Bato has a clean interface and is easy to navigate. It has all the latest comics and new releases.


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Honto is like walking into a bookstore. Apart from reading mangas, you can also use the Honto online store to get not just e-books but also paperbacks. The site is however in Japanese and would need to be translated for non-speakers.