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As an avid software user or gamer, you may have had the experience of having to look for legit companies providing keys to activate or unlock your product. Fortunately, this article looks to give you insights into a company that you may have come across in your search for legitimate key retailers. If that’s the case, then this SCDKeys review to follow would be of great interest for readers looking to purchase from the company.

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What is SCDKey?

SCDKey operates as an established platform focused on providing customers with codes and serial keys to software and game applications. The parent company, SCDKey, prides of having over a decade of experience in the market with its establishment back in 2008.

Originally, SCDKey focus was on offering CD keys through an automated system that ensures instant delivery at the lowest market prices. In their purchase options, SCDKeys provide the following;

i. Steam

Over five hundred keys are available for different video games based on the digital distribution platform, Steam. Some of the favourite keys available include those for Call of Duty, Hitman 2, and Football Manager 2019.

ii. Origin

You can also get codes to great Mac and PC games on Origin. Get access keys to FIFA 19, FIFA 16, Titanfall 2, and Dead Space 3 among other latest Origin-based games.

iii. UPlay

The keys available for Ubisoft gaming experience include for adventure games such as Assasin’s Creed, Far Cry, The Crew and Anno 2205.

iv. PlayStation

SCDKeys also gives access to over 20 different types of limited-use PlayStation Network cards for individuals looking to top up their gaming credits. The Network cards are available for use under PS4, PS3, and PSVITA.

v. PC

PC gamers are also not forgotten since SCDKeys has taken the liberty to provide their gaming keys for the full selection. Get to choose from over six hundred game codes available for the likes of Call of Duty, Far Cry, Resident Evil 2, and Apex Legends.

vi. Gift cards

SCDKeys have a range of gift cards available for purchase from $5 and going up to $95. The gift cards those for PlayStation Network, Apple, Steam and the Nintendo eShop.

v. PLUS+

Under this category, SCDKeys offers interested customers the option to become a privileged member of the CD key marketplace. The exclusive membership fee is charged at $1.83 and expires after every seven days.

How does SCDKey work?

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Every new customer would need first to register using their legal details after which they would choose from the inventory. Once satisfied with the product, one can proceed for the purchase checkout done through PayPal. Within 10 to 30 minutes of the purchase, SCDKeys sends the CD keys for your game, software or gift cards.

Why SCDKeys receives positive feedback

i. Prices

Arguably SCDKeys offers one of the markets cheapest options for their wide selection of products. A majority of the codes are available for under $50, with some even less expensive at $5.

ii. Customer service

The SCDKey also has an excellent customer support service that ensures any inconvenience is solved pretty fast. Most customers’ record of the service is easily approachable through live chat and their social media handles.

iii. Refund policy

Most importantly, SCDKeys customers also enjoy refunds or replacements for non-working keys that they have purchased and not-activated. However, the platform only accords this option in exceptional circumstances.

iv. Email delivery

Most importantly, SCDKeys customers also expect to have their codes delivered through email within less than an hour from the confirmed purchase. The process is faster (under 10 minutes) for returning customers.

CD Keys For Windows 10 From SCDKey

You can as well use the services of SCDKey to get Windows 10 keys, even at a very cheap rate than you can get from other platforms. SCDKey offers windows 10 keys for as low as $15 dollars, you also stand a chance of getting it even cheaper when you make use of a discount or promotion code. Here are the steps you need to follow to To purchase the windows key:

  • Go to the website and then search for Windows 10 (a number of Windows 10 activation keys.)
  • Select the cheapest one and then click on Buy.
  • For someone who has a promo key, you will be given a space to put it in and then you can click on Apply before submitting the order.
  • If you don’t have a promo code, you can simply click on submit the order and then select your method of payment. From here, you can proceed to make your payments.

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Is SCDKey Legit?

Based on both sides of the review, we can confidently conclude that SCDKeys is an outright bogus platform. Why this? Despite their enticing cheap keys, a good number of customers record of not receiving refunds even after purchasing codes that didn’t work on their games or software. Some even report of not receiving their codes at all.

Still, some categorize SCDKeys as a quasi-legit option since other customers indicate positive feedback. Overall, for us, it does reach the necessary standards to be labelled as a fully legit product key platform. Therefore, any decision to purchase from them should have the utmost caution alongside it.