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The Yahoo mail is owned by an American company called Yahoo. The service was launched in 1997. The yahoo mail has a very large user capacity that it was rated the third largest web-based email service in the world presently. At inception, yahoo mail ruled the internet world while its search engine maintained the number one spot until  Google  G mail came onboard and took over the number one spot.

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What is Ymail?

Ymail is an email service that is provided by Yahoo. Ymail can be seen as a sought of a domain name you get when you signup for a yahoo account.

However, it is optional, optional in the sense that any user that signup has the liberty to choose either ‘yahoo.com’ suffix or ‘ymail.com’ email suffix. Eg yourname@yahoo.com or yourname@ymail.com.

The suffix ymail was specifically launched in 2008 after Yahoo mail was launched. Ymail.com was launched at the same time with rocketmail.com the rocketmail was actually acquired by Yahoo from Four11 Corporation in 1997 for a  sum of $92 million.

How to Setup a Ymail Account

Ymail is not a totally different email service, it is just an extension of the Yahoo email service, so when you are creating a ymail account, have it at the back of your mind that what you are creating is a yahoo mail account, the only difference is the suffix attached at the end, such as yourname@ymail.com, yourname@yahoo.com, yourname@rocketmail.com.

One of the advantages of having these options is that it gives the user the privilege to use the exact name they want.

Due to how common yahoo mail is, most time when users want to create a new account they will discover that the name they intend to use has already been taken by another user, hence the availability of these options will solve this problem. It’s very easy to create a ymail account

Steps to follow when creating a new ymail account:

Step 1

Open your browser, and go to the Yahoo Mail page or you can just type yahoomail.com inside the address bar.

Note that you can choose to type either ymail.com or rocketmail.com, whichever one you type among these three will definitely land you on the same place. Click on “Create New Account”.

Step 2

When you have clicked on the Create New Account button, another page will open where you will have to enter your personal information.

Make sure you enter the information accurately, you will be required to enter your Name, gender, Country, birthday, postal code, make sure to enter all the details needed especially the ones that are not optional

Step 3

At this stage, you will be required to enter your new Ymail ID and password in the boxes recommended.

By default, Yahoo will always offer you suggestions on possible IDs that you might like to choose from, but in the situation where you don’t like any of the suggestions, you can then create your own ID.

Click the drop-down menu and choose ymail as the email extension. The make sure that the ID you chose is not currently been used by someone else click the “check” button to verify it. Type a password of your choice in the password field.

Step 4

This stage is optional, but it is very important and helpful if you loose or forget your login details.

This stage will require you to enter an alternative email address which Yahoo will use to communicate to you in the event that you forget your ID and password, then choose 2 secret questions from the drop-down menus and type answers to each question.

If you complete this step, your security is assured.

Step 5

To prove that you are not a robot, but a real person, you will be required to Type the visual code you see in the large box below your secret questions.

This code is not case sensitive, so you can prefer to use lower case letters. If you encounter any problem with the code or the code did not work, you can click the small blue link below the window that says “Try a new code” it will bring out another set of code, until you get a code that you can read more easily.

You can also click on “Audio code” and it will be spoken out loud for you to type in the appropriate field.

Step 6

At this final stage of creating your ymail account, you will have to click on the large yellow button called “Create Your Account.” The next thing you will see on the next page is congratulations to you for creating a new Ymail account, and will display your account details to you. Finally, click on the continue button to start using your new account

How do I access ymail

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Step 1

To log into your ymail account, go to your yahoo homepage and click on the sign in icon at the far right corner of your screen. This process will land you on both the Yahoo email sign in and the Ymail sign in

Step 2

Type your yahoo ID inside the box and then type in your password too, then click sign in.

Is Ymail still available

The answer is No. Yahoo suspended the creation of new ymail.com accounts in 2013, but for all those that created their accounts before the suspension, their accounts will not be affected.

How do I delete my Ymail account

Note that once you delete your ymail account, it is irretrievable. Having taken note of that, here are the steps to delete your ymail account without stress.

Open the Yahoo!’s Terminating your Yahoo! Account page.

With your login details log into your Yahoo account

Type in your password to confirm your identity

Type the captcha to confirm that you are a human and not a robot

Go ahead and click yes to delete your account.