PS4 Controller Red Light

In most situations, a red light represents a warning that something is amiss. Should you be concerned about the sudden appearance of the PS4 controller red light? It’s common to encounter a PS4 controller red light, and PS4 console gamers frequently look for solutions. The purpose of this guide is to show you how to correct the ps4 controller red light on your PS4 controller and the possible causes.

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Possible reasons why PS4 controller red Light is On

1. Ribbon cable malfunction

There is a ribbon cable attached to your PS4 controller. A defective ribbon cable may cause the controller to not charge, resulting in red light. To resolve that, you can use alcohol or something similar to clean the cable. In the worst-case scenario, you will need to replace the cable.

2. Old and Faulty Battery

Older PS4 sets may have worn-out batteries. The battery needs to be replaced in such a situation. The old and faulty battery will prevent you from charging your console.

3. Batteries and ports are not connected tightly

A loose connection can cause the PS4 controller to cease working, so it is always best to double-check the connection between the port and battery.

4. Worn Out port

In case of a defective port, there cannot be a connection between the battery and the port, resulting in the inability to charge the

Fixes to the ps4 controller red light issue?

PS4 Controller Red Light
PS4 Controller

1. Disconnect the charging cord

If the PS4 controller lights up red when charging, then a hack is to unplug it from the main port and then replug it after a while

2. Charger cable replacement for DualShock 4

Test a different charging cable to see if it is faulty. It will become orange when charging. The green light indicates that the battery is fully charged.

3. Reconfigure your PS4 console

If your PS4 starts malfunctioning, you might consider resetting it. In most cases, this will fix the issue. Simply follow the instructions below;

1. To begin, press and hold the power button on your PS4 to turn it off.

2. Once the power cable is unplugged, you can proceed.

3. Plug it back in after a short time.

4. Connect your controller and charging cable to your PlayStation 4 and controller.

5. To turn your controller on, press the PS button.

If the hardware is broken, you may have to look at other options, such as resetting the PS4.

4. Reconfigure your PS4 controller

Corrupted software could be the reason that your PS4 controller flashes red and disconnects from the PC. You might be able to solve the problem by resetting your controller. You can reset it by following these steps;

  • Turn your controller over to find the reset button.
  • The button should be pushed inside the hole using a small tool.
  • If your controller does not start working after a few seconds, hold the button for five seconds, and then connect it back to the PS4.

5. Reconfigure your PS4 in safe mode

Troubleshooting software issues can be made easier by entering safe mode. It is advised to fix any USB port issue as soon as possible. Follow these steps.

  • Turn off your PS4
  • Press down the power button for around ten seconds. The PS4 will beep twice.
  • You will need a USB cable to connect your DualShock4 controller.
  • Restart the controller by pressing the PS button.

6. Change the ribbon cable

The red light on your PS4 controller may be caused by a defective ribbon cable. The light signifies faulty hardware. When your controller’s ribbon cable malfunctions, the battery keeps draining and the controller won’t charge. The ribbon cable can be fixed in two ways;

  • Alcohol is sometimes helpful in cleaning the cable. You can give it a try.
  • You may have to replace the cable if cleaning does not solve the problem.

7. DoubleCheck your USB port

Most of the time, the problem lies with the USB port. If that is the case, then the USB port needs to be replaced. The controller won’t charge if the USB port is bad, and will display a blinking red light.

ps4 controller red light – What are the options for changing the PS4 controller color?

There are different colors for different user interfaces. However, you can select a different color for the user who has control of the controller. By following these simple instructions, you can change the color of PS4 controllers;

  • To begin, you must set up four different profiles on your PlayStation 4.
  • Using two users, log in to one and then switch to the other without exiting the current profile, so the selected color will appear.
  • Until you get the color you want, you can log into other user profiles.

As a final note on why ps4 controller red light is showing

Certainly, you should be worried about your PS4 controller, especially if it has started flashing red lights, which is usually a bad sign. We have done our best to reduce your confusion over the red light on your controller in this article. Hopefully, the guidelines in this article were helpful to you.