YouTube Black Screen
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Youtube is one of the most accepted video sharing website globally. However, it has its own challenges too. What will happen if suddenly you are unable to watch YouTube videos as a result of the video player showing a black screen? This is a problem most of the YouTube users have encountered at one point or the other. This problem can happen at any time without notification. Nevertheless, you can actually fix this problem on your own, only if you can identify the cause and know how to fix it. That is exactly what we are about to show you in this article

What Causes It

There are lots of factors that can cause this problem, but whichever one it is, just know that it has made the video not to load. The problem could either be from the user, the internet service provider or it can be a problem from YouTube itself. If the problem is from the user, then the user can actually fix it, but he or she must first identify what the actual cause is before looking for a solution. But when the problem is either from the internet service provider or YouTube, then there could be little or nothing the user can do, You will be left at the mercy of either of those two.

You can say it is caused by the user when it has to do with bad browser extensions, ad blockers, or even hardware problems, etc. But like it was mentioned earlier, sometimes it might not be the users’ fault. Always remember that YouTube is a very huge platform, with lots of users every day, it’s normal for it to once in a while experience a few bugs. But when you constantly experience YouTube black screen, then the problem might be from your end.

Here Are Some Of The Major Causes Of YouTube Black Screen, In Details

Network Issues: When the network you are using to browse starts having a problem, it slows the speed of the internet, hence the YouTube videos will not load properly.

Ad Blockers: Most people install Ad blockers into their computers to prevent, to stop advertisements from popping up when they are watching YouTube videos. It also stops certain web pages you don’t want from showing. When an ad blocker is working well, it sticks to its job description, but sometimes these ad blockers can go haywire, and block the YouTube video itself from showing.

Computer Issues: An issue with your computer can cause a black screen to show up instead of a video.

Browser Issues: Issues such as an outdated browser can cause this problem.

YouTube mobile problems: If you notice that your mobile is showing a black screen instead of a video, then it must surely be a mobile issue.

Hardware Acceleration: Hardware acceleration assigns some tasks to GPU instead of CPU, this reduces the work on the CPU. It enhances visual performance and aids the video to run faster and smoother. However, sometimes it can have an adverse effect on the computer

How To Fix YouTube Black Screen Problem

YouTube Black Screen
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Now that we have known some of the major causes of this problem, lets now talk about the solutions according to the causes listed above:

Network Issues: To fix this problem when it is associated with a network or internet problem, most times to fix this problem you might have to contact the internet service provider for assistance. But apart from contacting your internet service provider, which sometimes can be difficult, here are some steps you can take to check this problem yourself.

a. Use a speed testing service to check the status of your internet connection.

b. Switch to another network and refresh the YouTube page.

c. Examine the programs currently running on your computer to be sure that they are not taking too much traffic.

d. Flush your DNS cache

e.  Power cycle your modem and router, by this we mean to turn it off and then on.

f. Use the Google Video Quality Report to check the quality of your internet service provider

Ad Blockers:  To fix this problem when it is associated with an ad blocker, follow the steps below:

a. Go to YouTube, and open a video.

b. Disable your ad blocker For a while

c. Reload the page, and replay the video

Note: If the video plays, look for a better way to use it so it doesn’t block YouTube Videos. You can consult the documentation for your ad blocker for that.

Computer/Browser Issues: When it is a computer or browser issue the process for the both are similar, follow the steps below to fix it:

a.Log out of your YouTube account.

b. Shut down your browser, and restart it

c. Update your browser if you don’t have the latest version.

Also, you can try to clear your browsing data. This has to do with the browser too. Follow this process to do it:

a. Press Ctrl, Shift and Delete keys altogether. A data clearing window will come up

b. Clear all the browsing data stored on your web browser from the beginning of time.

c. Check on all the items you want to clear

d. Clear all

YouTube mobile problems: When you encounter this problem on your mobile, it means that there is a problem with the app on your mobile, here are some actions you can take to fix it on your mobile

a. Restart your mobile device

b. Clear the app cache

c. Delete the app and then install it again

Hardware Acceleration: If it is associated with hardware acceleration, follow the process below to fix:

a. Open your Google Chrome

b. Open Settings (go to the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of your computer and select Settings)

c. Below the normal settings click on Advanced to display all options

d. Below the page under the System category, disable Use hardware acceleration when available, and you are good to go.

If you are facing this problem of YouTube black screen, one of these solutions will surely fix it for you.