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Homosexuality was not accepted by most countries back in those days. This led to the production of and reading of such comics in secret. Homosexuality isn’t a major theme in Yuri anime. There is just one element of lesbian relationships within the plot which is not a big deal. Would it also be called lesbian anime?

The net worth of the group exceeds $ 180 million, as it is now part of mainstream anime. Clearly, it has been a successful venture.

We encourage you to check out our list of the best yuri anime if you have a diverse opinion on lesbian anime, as it might alter your outlook.

Here is the place for the best lesbian anime to watch.

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Yuru Yuri

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Despite not providing many actual yuri scenes, Yuru Yuri is simply a loli yuri anime. An amusement club where the girls are all amused by one another is the setting for the story.

Akari Akaza is the youngest of the four girls, and during her elementary years, she had a lonely year. Her friends are finally waiting for her when she enters middle school. Consequently, when it is time to join a club, she joins.

Rather than being yuri, this show is a loli type. Nevertheless, there are several scenes in the anime that qualify it as a yuri anime. Some of them do indecent things to amuse each other since all they do is amuse each other.

It makes it even more exciting and transforms your view of the anime when Chinatsu kisses Akari. The humor keeps you entertained until the very end. Basically, there is a lot of comedy, romance, and cute girls.

Kiniro Mosaic

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Kiniro Mosaic
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Yuri scenes are more prominent in this anime than most slice-of-life series. Shinobu Oomiya meets Alice during her stay in England, where she meets a cute girl named Shinobu. Although she stayed for only a few days, she became her best friend, or you could say it’s more complicated than that.

Following her return to Japan, Shinobu enrolls in high school. After that, Alice writes a letter to say she’ll be attending the same school as Shinobu and will leave with her. Shinobu is delighted by this letter, and soon they will meet, and I will leave the rest to you.

Yuri fans will probably enjoy this series to the fullest since it’s full of comic relief. Especially in your favorite scenes, the animation is good and the characters are fun. After you get hooked, it takes a couple of minutes, but it’s totally worthwhile.

Kojin Jugyou

Yuri anime Kojin Jugyou was released in 1996. It’s only two episodes long, and for that reason alone, you should watch it.

The film dealt with fetishes but did not include graphic scenes. Comedy and mystery elements were blended well in this anime.

However, there is an incident of sexual violence that takes place despite the lack of graphic or explicit sex scenes. Throughout the anime, the survivor is seen coping up with his or her situation and then helping others.

There are different sequences of characters that appear. They contribute significantly to the plot. Their presence drives the plot forward. The movie has received moderate reviews.

Otenki Oneesan

Weather forecasting news shows are the subject of this 1995 Yuri anime. There are two episodes in total. At the time of its release, it was one of the top-performing anime shows.

When you were growing up, did you watch any weather-related news on TV? What was their success rate? The majority of the time, these people were wrong! It’s based on the same experience.

The reporter saves her channel from destruction when hurricanes were ravaging the town. Conflict subsequently ensues. The story is made more thrilling by the combination of humor and supernatural effects.

Riddle Story Of Devil

A second yuri anime gem aired the same year, Riddle Story of Devil, which had Assassin Tokaku Azuma as the main character. Her goal at Myoujou Academy, like many of her classmates, is to kill Haru Ichinose, a fellow student. Any wish granted to the killer will come true.

In fact, Tokaku falls for Haru instead of killing her. From this point forward, Tokaku is determined to save Haru.

An action romance with an assassin character vowing to protect his or her love interest from harm is the best kind. Don’t miss out on this yuri anime!

Sakura Trick 

The two best friends of Haru Takayama and Yuu Sonoda make up yet another lovely yuri from 2014. Nevertheless, they are experiencing many unwanted changes in their new school lives. Haru and Yuu share an intimate kiss in their classroom after spending some time together.

The entire dynamic between them changes the moment they meet. School and slice-of-life yuri anime with a heartwarming message is a Yuri anime worth watching because of the goofs and uplifting moments.


Yuri anime series Inko consists of three episodes. An OVA version was released in July 2005. A lower rating was given due to the violence.

The plot revolves around the perverse manager of a hamburger shop. who cruelly exploited his female employees. There was also brutal treatment for the main characters РAyaka and Lena. As a result, they became romantically involved. The relationship continues until the sports manager catches them, and punishes them severely.

Several shocking events occur in the story and end with a very shocking twist.


A Yuri Manga is used to create G-Taste, and the OVA was released in December 1999.

In the middle of a busy office, this 7 episode of anime is a good watch if you want pure entertainment. it was around the time when this genre became profitable. A lot of realism comes from the absence of a supernatural element, and that is why it got a higher rating.

This anime series featured the humiliating and cruel treatment of the female characters. A Taste of Honey and Heat Wave were the two initial episodes of the anime that were criticized for their graphic and inhuman scenes.

Ogenki Clinic

Comedy Yuri anime Genki Clinic was released in 1991. Throughout the three episodes, the viewer is treated to humorous events. This has all the hallmarks of Hentai. There’s no better fantasy show than this one if you’re looking for a ride.

The main characters in it are Dr. Okeguri and Nurse Ruko. In their hospital, patients from all walks of life are treated. Special therapies are available that are graphic. Staff was trained to provide terminally ill patients with care similar to what a hospital does.

Konohana Kitan

She is a cheerful and cheerful fox girl who is recently hired by Konohanatei, a hot springs resort located in a beautiful and vibrant spirit village. The excitement she feels when she begins working there usually gets her into trouble.

Despite a lot to learn, Yuzu is slowly learning more about the world of spirits as the others at the inn teach her how to cope with her new position.

In Konohana Kitan, you won’t be overwhelmed by a complicated plot because it’s a slice-of-life with fantasy elements. This is exactly what you see: fox girls enjoying themselves with each other and working at a hot spring.