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Welcome to in-stat.com, a consumer tech lifestyle website covering consumer tech, web tools, gaming, home & lifestyle product reviews. Here’ you’ll find a collection of the best computer and web products, mobile, consumer electronics, hardware and lots more.

We showcase incisive buying guides on some of the coolest new products across the web, including best new products from top internet events, web conferences & more. We occasionally cover startups, business or industry stories depending on the strength of their products


We never take money for reviews. Nothing that has a star rating here has been paid for. We have a strict policy that never allows “pay to play” for editorial coverage. What this means is that our editorial recommendations and reviews are never paid for by brands.

We sometimes take trips and hospitality to attend shows, internet events, conferences and exhibitions and see products. We always mention this within our coverage when we write about them here

You can support our work by simply reading about the products we have recommended and buying them through the links on our product recommendation/review pages.

Advertising and Amazon Links

From time to time we may link to Amazon.com to help you find where you can easily buy hardware gadgets or computer products we recommend.

We do receive a small commission for any sales made from these links. These commissions, plus any fees from ads that are displayed on the site, support the running of the site