chizuru mizuhara

The female lead in Kanojo, Okarishimasu is Chizuru Mizuhara, sometimes known as Chizuru Ichinose. It is noteworthy that Chizuru’s right side is barbed with bangs that hang to his waist. His hair is waist-length and chestnut brown. It has taken Chizuru for quite some time to overcome her clinginess, according to Sayuri Ichinose.

Because of her popularity and the popularity of this anime, I decided to learn more about her. I searched the Internet for interesting information and found what I could!

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1. She is not the same person as her rental persona

chizuru mizuhara
Chizuru Mizuhara

Her true self is different from the one she presents in the rental app, where she gets high ratings thanks to her kind and composed act. Despite appearances, Chizuru is sharp, calculative, and cheeky.

2. The meaning of Chizuru’s name

chizuru mizuhara
Chizuru means thousands and cranes

Chizuru means thousands and cranes. In an ancient Japanese legend, a person would be blessed with a wish if they folded one thousand origami cranes, for example recovering from illness. I think this may have something to do with her grandma’s illness.

3. She dreams of becoming an actress

chizuru mizuhara

The discovery of Sayuri’s old DVD greatly inspires Chizuru Mizuhara to become an actress. After the event, she reveals that she joined the rental girlfriend business in order to gain experience in role-playing and to improve her acting.

4. At his junior high school, Chizuru Mizuhara was very lawless

chizuru mizuhara

In junior high, she often fought with boys. In contrast, her grandpa encouraged her to believe in herself and become someone who helps others. When Chizuru found Sayuri’s old DVDs, she became more focused on becoming an actress

5. Chizuru Mizuhara used to be clingy and cries all the time

chizuru mizuhara

Her grandmother, Sayuri Ichinose, described her as a very clingy crybaby. Over the years, she got out of that habit.

6. Her birth year was 1998

chizuru mizuhara

April 19, 1998, is Chizuru Mizuhara’s birthdate. Twenty-three years old, she bears the zodiac sign of Aries.

7. The look that defines her

 chizuru mizuhara

Her beauty is unmatched. Her chestnut-brown hair matches her brown eyes, which are also long (waist-length). Her bangs hang on the right side of her head when she is in her rental character. She also wears dark glasses, has braided pigtails, and has a nerdy appearance in her student persona.

8. Chizuru Mizuhara is known as a rental girlfriend

 chizuru mizuhara

Japan has a practice of renting out girlfriends. In exchange for payment, she poses as their girlfriend, holding their hands and acting love-struck to deliver a full girlfriend experience. She is rented through an app.

As stated in the introduction, Chizuru Mizuhara is really her alias for protection. Anyone who decides to rent a girlfriend for a few hours is usually someone who has never been in a serious relationship or is too busy to establish a real relationship.

9. Her eyesight is impaired

 chizuru mizuhara
Her eyesight is impaired

When she posed as a diligent student, you may have noticed that she was wearing glasses. Her rental persona depicts her without contact lenses, but worry not, she wears them.

10. Currently, she is in college

 chizuru mizuhara

Chizuru Mizuhara is a student, majoring in Literature at Nerima University.