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DBD Patch Note – PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox One are now able to download Dead by Daylight update 5.5.2. This latest update brings several tweaks, changes, and improvements to the gameplay, according to the official DBD update 5.5.2 patch notes. Additionally, Dead by Daylight patch 5.5.2 also changes various aspects of stability for the game as a whole.

It was previously announced that there would be a big update which would add a new Killer (The Artist), a new Survivor (Jonah Vasquez), plus many other things.

There have been a number of issues with the game since the last patch. Several of these issues will be addressed in today’s patch 5.5.2. Find out more below.

New Updates in DBD patch notes 5.5.2 – February 9, 2022

1. The Boil Over has been changed to give 33% of the current wiggle progress when falling from great heights (was a flat 25% increase).

The reason for this change mentioned above is that it prevents abuse of Boil Over in specific map areas where there is no choice but for the killer to jump from a height. The change is still useful especially for longer walks and access to basements. Even with an insta-drop at over 75% wiggle progress, it still results in a wiggle drop.

2. Added new Daily Ritual: “Rite of The Executioner” that requires sending two Survivors to the cages of atonement (was four).

What is corrected in DBD Update?

After updating to patch 5.5.1, some players encountered a Grade Reset. This has been a major issue.

With the latest DBD Patch Notes, we corrected an issue where all players were erroneously able to unlock the Wraiths Withering Vine cosmetic.

Hillbilly’s Fable Acres Delivery torso cosmetics would clip into the camera when hooked up to a Survivor due to an issue that has been resolved.

The HUD score alerts have been corrected so that they do not lose their formatting when using the Large Text option.

Players with at least one game played but no pips at the end of the season did not receive any rewards.

This issue was fixed by removing the missing recovery animation for the Nemesis’ tentacle strike when it was in close proximity to the asset.

The latest DBD Patch Notes resolved an issue which prevented the Nurse from lunging after a blink if the attack input was pressed before the blink had completed.

With the latest DBD Patch Notes, we fixed a problem that caused the Nurse to blink less often and cover less distance on the second blink.

The Nurse did not enter fatigue when the grab validation failed after blinking after the Nurse entered fatigue when the grab validation failed.

A bug that caused the Nurse’s hand not to close properly when charging a chain blink was fixed.

We fixed an issue where the Nurse was able to blink out of bounds in the Springwood maps past the exit threshold.

This has been fixed to prevent the Nurse from blinking out of bounds in the Backwater Swamp maps past the exit threshold.

This was fixed to prevent Survivors from jumping on rocks near the Ferry Boat using ‘Dead Hard’.

The Game map was incorrectly showing Jonah’s tablet on the floor of the Vat room due to a bug.

The white glow from Scourge Hook perks wasn’t appearing on hooks in the Eyrie of Crows map due to a bug.

We have fixed an issue where a small part of the Entity stretches when a Survivor is sacrificed.

Fixed an issue where adding a friend to the Friends List resulted in the exit prompt becoming unresponsive.

There may have been an issue where the game became stuck when joining an almost full survivor lobby (only on PS4/PS5)