Go to to get started with Dish Anywhere. Enter your email address and create a password for your account to log in or to create a brand new report. Click the “Activate Device” button after entering the activation number shown on the screen.

Subscribers can choose from a wide variety of channels offered by DISH Anywhere, including the most popular channels such as Startz and TNT. All users have access to the service for free. Stream the content on your mobile device or computer with the DISH Anywhere app, or watch on your Smart TV with the DISH Anywhere app.

In this article, you will learn how to unlock DISH Anywhere hours of free video streaming content online by utilizing

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Steps to Activate DISH Anywhere in Using

The following steps will walk you through the process of streaming sports, breaking news, or DVR records on DISH Anywhere.

Activate on Apple TV

1. Make sure you have an internet connection for your Apple TV.

2. Ensure that your Apple account is logged in.

3. Find the DISH Anywhere app on your Apple TV by using the search feature in the App Store.

4. Download and install the DISH Anywhere app once you have found it.

5. Start the DISH Anywhere app once it has been installed, and sign in to your Dish account afterward. Your TV will now display an activation code. Write it down.

6. Input the code in the prompted field on your computer or mobile web browser by going to

7. To complete the activation process, click the Activate button and follow the on-screen instructions (if applicable).

9. Your favorite DISH Anywhere channels will become available after successful activation.

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Follow these steps so that Dish Anywhere can be activated on a new PS4:

1. To activate dish Anywhere on a new PS4, follow the steps below:

2. Access the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 4 accessories

3. Enter “Dish Anywhere” in the search field to locate it.

4. It can be opened after installation.

5. Dish Anywhere will open when you open the app.

6. Click the Dishanywhere/activate Login link

7. Your TV’s service providers will provide you with login credentials.

Activate on Amazon Fire TV Stick

1. You should first connect Amazon Fire TV Stick to a power source.

2. The Amazon Fire TV Stick should now be connected to your TV via HDMI. To select the HDMI input on your TV, turn it on and click the TV Input or Source button.

3. After pairing your remote, you will need to connect your Fire TV Stick to the internet and register your device. Follow the instructions on the screen.

4. Your Fire TV Stick will now be able to access the DISH Anywhere app. You can do so by searching for the DISH Anywhere app with the Alexa Voice Remote, then clicking Get.

5. You can also use the Home screen to search for “DISH Anywhere”.Choose the DISH Anywhere app from the search result and click Get.

6. The Get button will prompt you for your Amazon Video pin if you have one.

7. Click on the I Accept button after reading the End User License Agreement.

8. There is now an activation code displayed on your TV screen for DISH Anywhere.

9. Open your web browser on your computer or mobile phone and go to

10. Fill out your DISH login information and click “Log In”.

11. Once the activation code has been entered, press the Activate Device button.

12. A confirmation message will appear when you press the Activate Device button: your Fire TV Stick has been activated with DISH Anywhere. – Activate On Android TV

Activating the Android TV service begins with the download of the application. Go to the Android TV’s Home page, and then scroll down to Apps:

1. Click on the Google Play Store icon to open the application.

2. Find games and apps by searching or browsing the web. There is also an option to type in DISH Anywhere in the search box.

3. Once you have located the application, you will have the option to install it.

4. After you have installed the app, open it.

5. On the screen of your TV, you will see an activation code.

6. To activate your dishanywhere service, go to from a computer or smart device connected to the internet.

7. You will need to enter your username and password for

8. The activation number is required to be entered

9. Activate the device by selecting ACTIVATE DEVICE.

10. The DISH Anywhere platform should allow you to stream all movies, TV shows, and other videos through the use of your valid credentials. – Activate on Xbox One

Watching satellite TV from DISH Network requires no switching of input sources if you own an Xbox One or PS4. If you would rather watch DISH TV from your gaming console, you can connect your console to a DISH receiver or use third-party apps to stream the premium content.

1. Using an HDMI cable, connect your TV to the Xbox one.

2. You will need to use a separate HDMI cable to connect your Xbox One to your DISH receiver.

3. Secondly, launch your Xbox One console, select the Live TV Setup icon from the Entertainment hub, and follow the onscreen instructions.

4. Select the Set up your cable box or satellite box option after answering the questions. A search for HDMI connections will begin automatically on your Xbox.

5. Press the Next button to use your DISH receiver’s channel lineup to populate Xbox One Guide.

6. Alternatively, select “you experience poor video quality or a black screen when watching TV with Xbox One.” Once Live TV appears, click Next.

7. Click Next after entering your postal code. Press the Next button once you have selected DISH.

8. You can enter DISH in the provided box if you don’t see DISH in the drop-down menu when you select Antenna from the drop-down menu. Your Xbox should then be connected automatically. Nevertheless, if it does not work, follow the on-screen instructions.

9. You’ll see a message that says “Your cable or satellite box has been set up” on your Xbox screen as soon as it gets connected to the DISH receiver. Click Next to control the startup settings.

10. DISH TV content will appear in your Favorite applications when you select the DISH option from the Home menu.

Activate on Roku Streaming Player

1. Make sure that your Roku streaming player is connected to your television and is working properly.

2. To continue, you’ll need to be logged into your Roku account.

3. Your Roku account home screen will appear after pressing the Home button on your Roku remote.

4. Select the Streaming Channels option from the Roku Home screen.

5. A list of channels will appear on the next screen. If you choose the Search Channels option, you can search for the app by using the search option or browse the list for the DISH Anywhere channel app.

6. Press Add channel from the preview page of the app. Complete the installation by entering the PIN.

7. You can now return to your Roku device’s Home screen once the app has been installed. At the bottom of the list, you will find DISH Anywhere.

8. If prompted, log into your DISH account and open the channel. An activation code will now appear on your screen.

9. Use your computer or mobile web browser to access the web page and enter the activation code.

10. Activate DISH Anywhere on your Roku device by pressing the Activate button.

Activate on Phone

1. Ensure you are logged into your DISH Anywhere account before following the next step.

2. On the right-hand side, click the cast icon.

3. After selecting a Chromecast device, click the next button.

4. The application displays “Connected” after setup.

5. From the DISH Anywhere app, choose the program you want to cast.

6. The “Stop Casting” option is available whenever you select the cast icon.

Activate on Tablet

1. Before moving on, make sure you’re signed in to your DISH Anywhere account.

2. After that, click the Cast icon that can be found near the upper-right corner of the screen.

3. Select the Chromecast device to cast the screen to from the given options. Once your setup is complete, you will see “Connected”.

4. Press Watch after selecting the program you’d like to cast.

5. Select the mini controller to turn closed captioning on or off, pause or play the video, skip forward or backward, and mute the audio.

6. asting can be stopped by selecting the cast icon and selecting “Stop Casting”.

The following steps will help you activate the DISH Anywhere channel for devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Android, Smartphones, Xbox and Apple TV using