How to Change Tick Speed in Minecraft
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The way most online video games are built, they need a program loop to function well. This feature controls and determines how often the event triggers get updated and activated. In the case of liquid blocks, it controls the rate at which the fluid flows. The program works with something called Ticks. Ticks in this context,  mean one cycle of the game’s algorithm, and Minecraft has a particular rate the tick is expected to run. In a situation where you want to change the tick speed, here How to Change Tick Speed in Minecraft.

The program loop of Minecraft goes at the speed of 20 ticks/second. When you want to change the tick speed, you follow this command  “/gamerule randomTickSpeed <|your tick number|>” after enabling the cheats. For example, “/gamerule randomTickSpeed 80”. This will put your tick on an auto mode where it will change every 4 seconds. An alternative way to do this is to do the changing via your game settings.

Whenever your tick rate gets higher, it will affect the pace at which your game update, it slows down the updating process. Adjusting your tick rate to 7200 makes it update once per hour, but if you set the rate at 20, it will update once each second. However, the frequent update causes the game to be sluggish, but will on the other hand make the plants grow faster. But why is it so important to change the Tick speed? Let’s discuss the reason.

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Default Tick Speed in Minecraft

How to Change Tick Speed in Minecraft
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In simple terms, Tick Speed is the rate at which the game state is been updated by the server. By default, the speed at which the game state in Minecraft is updated is 20 ticks per second. For more understanding, it means that one update or tick happens every 0.05 seconds. The basic unit with which this update is calculated is Tick. If you want to know the tick speed with which your game is running, just press ALT + F3 in the game, it will show you the ticks per second right there on your screen.

Default Random Tick Speed in Minecraft

This random Tick Speed is a feature that can affect some random things in Minecraft. Random things such as the rate at which the plant grows, the rate at which the leaf decays, and the rate at which the fire spreads. In the Java Edition of this game, the Random Tick Speed has three as the default setting. While in Bedrock Edition, the default setting is one.

The random tick speed is a very sensitive feature, so you might want to be careful while dealing with it, any slight mistake can ruin the whole game. Here is how it functions:

Like we said earlier, the default setting of the random tick speed is three. Any slight increase, let’s say you increase it to 21, what will happen is that the rate at which the plant grows, the leaf decays, the fire spreads, etc, will automatically increase seven-folds.