Power Surge On The USB Port
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If you are having a hard time connecting your USB device to windows 10, instead of the normal way it works, your screen is showing a pop up that says “Power Surge on Hub Port – Unknown USB Device needs more power than the port can supply.” If you further expand it, you could see more details. This is not good, it signifies something wrong and can be frustrating.

First, let’s look at the reason why this happens. In normal circumstances, the USB devices have a limit to the amount of power they can draw from the USB port of a computer system, which is a maximum of 500 milliamps on each connection. However, something might go wrong and the USB draws more power than is required, that is when this error message pops up, and the connection is aborted. When this happens you cant be able to have access to the data the USB device contains.

What could cause this problem? Is it a problem with my computer USB ports or is the USB device faulty? The problem could be as a result of any of these. You don’t need to bother much because this is a common problem and there are ways to fix it easily.

Fix Power Surge On The USB Port In Windows 10

Power Surge On The USB Port
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Solution 1: Run the Hardware Troubleshooter

Hardware Troubleshooter is a service that is already within a computer system, that helps to identify and fix hardware issues. This should always be the first thing to do when there is a hardware issue with your computer. Follow the following steps below to troubleshoot.

Step1- On your computer keyboard, click on Windows + R buttons together, and then  and type “Control Panel” in the search bar and press OK

Step 2 –  Select Troubleshooting from the control panel menu

Step 3 – On the left panel, select View all

Step 4– Select Hardware and Devices

This is the stage the Troubleshooter starts its work. It will scan through the hardware in search of errors, and when it comes across any, it fixes it immediately.  At this point, you need to sit back and wait for the process to complete as this can time, especially when there are lots of issues to be resolved. At some point, you might also be asked to restart your system to complete the fixing, please do so without any hesitation by selecting  ‘Apply This Fix’ and click Ok.

Solution 2: Update all your USB controller drivers

Outdated USB Controller Drivers could cause this problem. You can get the latest version of the drivers on your computer manufacturers website. Make sure you get the one that is compatible with the version of Windows you are using.

Solution 3: Reinstall the USB Drivers

Bad USB controller drivers could cause this error. Reinstalling the drivers could fix it. The hardware and software communicate with the operating system through an interface, reinstalling the USB drivers will refresh the interface. Report shows that this method has helped a lot of users fix this error. This is how to do it

Step 1 – First, remove your USB device from your Windows 10 computer

Step 2 – Click the  Windows + X keys together and select Device Manager from the menu

Step 3 – A list of various devices will show. From the list look for Universal Serial Bus Controllers and expand it by double-clicking on it.

Step 4 – Right-click on USB Root Hub and select Uninstall device

The USB driver has been successfully uninstalled. Now restart your computer, and it will automatically reinstall all the USB drivers that were uninstalled. Check if the issue has been resolved.

Solution 4: Examine the individual Hardware

If after trying the above methods and the issue still persists, then its time to take a good look at all the connected devices. Check for any case of short-circuiting.

In solution 3 you reinstalled the drivers. Now in solution 4, what you are required to do is to start plugin the devices one by one to identify the actual one that is prompting the error message. If you are able to identify a particular device that is the culprit, then take it and plug it to the backport of your computer, the backport has more power. You could aswell plug it to a different computer. If the error still persists, then it confirms that hardware is bad.