wifi doesn't have a valid ip configuration
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How to Fix WiFi Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration

These days, for most people, the various uses of internet services, whether for vital work or social or recreational activities, has made access to the internet utterly invaluable. Consequently, getting internet connection issues can be quite frustrating. Fortunately, most of these issues can be solved easily without involving expert technicians or having a lot of technical know-how. Below is a detailed guide on how to fix “WiFi doesn’t have a valid ip configuration”

What Causes this Error?

Typically, you were using the internet then you got that dreaded “Limited Connection” warning triangle. Then you tried running the default Windows networking troubleshooter to solve the issue. However, Windows couldn’t fix your problem automatically and instead returned the result that your WiFi’s IP configuration is invalid. Here are some of the leading causes of this wifi doesn’t have a valid ip configuration error:

• Incorrect WiFi network settings
• Faulty WiFi drivers
• Third party apps are interfering with the connection
• An antivirus program could be affecting the connectivity among other causes

There are numerous reasons why Windows was unable to fix your internet connection issues, which means you have to resolve the problem manually. Luckily, you might not have to use all the following methods. Just start at the top of this list and gradually go down till you resolve your WiFi connection problem.

wifi doesn't have a valid ip configuration
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Reset Your Router

Most WiFi issues can be fixed with a simple router reset.

Here’s How To Do It:

• Turn off your WiFi on your computer
• Next, unplug the router from the power and then wait for five minutes before you turn it on again
• Once you turn the router on, you can also turn on WiFi on your device to reconnect to the network.

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Reset the Network Adapter

The invalid IP configuration could also arise due to the TCP/IP protocol layers working against one another. A quick adapter reset should solve this issue

• Open Windows Settings and click “Network & Settings.”
• Next click on “Change adapter options.”
• Finally, select your WiFi connection and click “Disable this network device” from the menu
• Wait for 30 seconds and enable the connection again to reconnect the internet

Reset the IP Address

If the network adapter reset didn’t resolve your connection problem, you could try resetting the computer’s IP address.

• Click Start, and type “CMD” to open the command prompt app
• In the CMD app, type the following command “ipconfig /release” to get rid of the current IP addresses
• Next, type “ipconfig /renew” to get a new IP address and finally get back online

Flush the DNS Cache

The following method will help you to clear out the DNS cache and remove corrupt files that may be causing your WiFi connection limitations.

• Open the command prompt window as described above
• Next, type and enter this command “ipconfig /flushdns.”
• Finally, type the “ipconfig /renew” command and try to access the internet

Uninstall the Drivers For Your Wireless Adapter

This method involves uninstalling your current drivers and then reinstalling the updated version to solve the invalid IP configuration issue:

• Press “Windows” and “X” keys simultaneously
• Select “Device Manager” from the start menu that pops up
• Next, expand the “Network adapters” tab and select your WiFi network adapter
• Right-click and select “Uninstall device.”
• Now reboot your computer and Windows will detect that there is a missing network driver and will replace it automatically with a better copy

Third-Party App interference
Some third-party apps that you install on your computer could also behind you’re your WiFi issues. For instance, the Bonjour Service app which is bundled with software like iTunes can often cause some internet connectivity issues. You can block it from accessing the Windows 10 Firewall.

• Click Start and type “Control Panel.”
• Select “System and Security” and then click “Windows Firewall.”
• Click the “Allowed apps” button and deselect Bonjour Service from accessing the firewall

Likewise, you can also uninstall the anti-virus software to check if it will help to solve the connectivity error. If it does, then you must consider using an alternative antivirus product.


One of the solutions listed above should help you to resolve your WiFi connectivity problem if you were getting that error of invalid IP configuration or wifi doesn’t have a valid ip configuration error