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The Fios Quantum Gateway is a Verizon router that allows consumers to distribute and transmit digital data and entertainment to connected devices at home or in the office. It is a robust and versatile router that supports fast networking through Ethernet cables or wirelessly through Wi-Fi. Also, this Verizon router is user-friendly and you can quickly set up your home network within a few minutes. The following is a detailed explanation of how to change the Wi-Fi password to address any connection-related problems.

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Importance of Changing the Wi-Fi Password

The majority of Wi-Fi users at home are still using the default administrator password and network names. Also, many consumers even use the default Wi-Fi password and don’t understand the importance of changing that detail. However, it is very critical to do all these things to secure your router and your connection to the internet. That is because hackers often use default router passwords to redirect your online traffic to their malicious websites, while some can even draft your devices into their botnet armies.

If you want to ensure that your network will not be hijacked by anyone, it is critical to change the wi-fi password. Although your Fios Quantum router has a limited signal range, it likely extends outside your house and can even reach the neighbors or the street. A curious invader can easily access your unsecured network and use your connection for illegal or shady purposes. They could also introduce malware and viruses in your network, which will affect all devices and computers currently connected to it within your home.

How to Change the Wi-Fi Password


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You must change your WiFi password to secure your internet connection when you install the Fios Quantum Gateway from Verizon. Ensure you use a more secure password that is harder for anyone to figure out. After applying the changes, ensure to reconnect all your Wi-Fi devices using the new network details.

Verizon offers a range of tools that you can use to change the SSID (Wi-Fi name) and WEP/WPA2 Key (password) credentials. Here are the main ways you can change your password:

• My Fios mobile app
• My Verizon
• Router log in

Change the Wi-Fi Password through My Fios Mobile App

The My Fios application is a good solution to use for those who want a seamless, straightforward method of changing the Wi-Fi password on either a Fios Advanced or Fios Quantum router. Also, remember that the new password will be the same on both your 5GHz and 2.4GHz networks.

Here’s how to do it:

• First, you’ll need to download the My Fios application from either the Android or iOS app stores
• Click Internet
• Under the My Networks sections, select the network you want to change
• Click Edit to fill in the new credentials

Changing the Password via My Verizon

The next option is to log into your Verizon account to change the password of your Fios Quantum router. You’ll need a Verizon account to use this particular option. Also, note that if you must enable the W-Fi Access first to be able to manage that network and make any changes. Here’s how to make the change:

• Log into your Verizon account
• Under Services, select the Internet option
• Under the My Network area, select the network you want to Manage
• Fill in the new password
• Click Save Changes

Change the Wi-Fi Password Manually

The final and probably, least intuitive method for most people is logging into the router. However, it is a pretty easy process if you follow the right procedure. Ensure you are first connected to your Fios network either through Wi-Fi or LAN before you follow these steps listed here below:

• Once you have connected to your Fios network open a browser
• Enter the following IP address:
• It will open the myfiosgateway login where you will need to fill in the router’s username and password
• You can reset the router to default settings if you forgot the password
• You will find the default router admin details located on a sticker on the router and also in the user guide.
• Once you have entered the right credentials, you’ll log into the router
• Finally, you can follow your user guide or the onscreen instructions to edit your Wi-Fi password.

How do I log into my Verizon wireless router?

  1. Connect to your Verizon FiOS network using either a wired or wifi connection.
  2. Once you open your browser, go to which serves as the gateway to your router and a login screen will show immediately.
  3. Enter your username and password

What is the default password for Verizon router?

The default password for your Verizon router can be found written on the bottom or back of your router. The default user name for the Verizon MI424WR router is “admin,”

Note: For security reasons, your router default password might have been changed to the serial number of your router