PIS 2023

The Programa de Integração Social (PIS) is a social program implemented by the Brazilian government to provide financial assistance to low-income workers. PIS payments are made on a monthly basis, and it is important to know the payment schedule to ensure that you receive your payment on time. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to check the PIS 2023 payment schedule for April.

On the 17th, salary allowances for the Social Integration Program (PIS) and the Public Servant Asset Training Program (PASEP) for the base year of 2021 will be deposited. The third batch of payments comprises workers born in the months of May and June or who have the registration number ending in 2 or 3.

Deposits refer to professionals who worked with a formal contract in 2021 for at least 30 days. Among the prerequisites are: having a work card for at least five years; having received monthly remuneration of up to two minimum wages during the base year; be registered in the Annual Social Information List (RAIS).

Professionals who act as domestic servants are not entitled to the benefit; rural and urban workers employed by individuals; workers employed by individuals equivalent to legal entities. Check out how to consult the benefit below;

How to consult the PIS and Pasep allowance

It is possible to consult the PIS and Pasep allowance through the Emprega Brasil Portal, where the worker has the option of registering on the portal or logging in through Gov.br. Then, just select “Salary Allowance” to find out whether or not you are entitled to the benefit. Another way to check the status of the allowance is through the Digital Work Card application, available for Android and iOS devices .

PIS/Pasep 2023 Calendar

Data from the Ministry of Labor and Employment reveal that around 22.9 million people will benefit from the right to PIS/Pasep — totaling more than R$ 22 billion. The first batches will be released between February 15th and July 17th, check out the table:

PIS pasep
Birth month Payday end of registration Payday
January February February 15th number 0 February 15th
March April March, 15 Number 1 March, 15
May June April 17th Number 2 and 3 April 17th
July August 15th May Number 4 and 5 15th May
September October 15th of June Number 6 and 7 15th of June
November December July 17th Number 8 and 9 July 17th

The established value is R$ 109 per month worked, R$ 109 being the minimum that a person can receive and R$ 1,302, the maximum. Check the table of values ​​for time worked, below;

  • 1 month worked – BRL 109.00;
  • 2 months worked – BRL 217.00;
  • 3 months worked – BRL 326.00;
  • 4 months worked – BRL 434.00;
  • 5 months worked – BRL 543.00;
  • 6 months worked – BRL 651.00;
  • 7 months worked – BRL 760.00;
  • 8 months worked – BRL 868.00;
  • 9 months worked – BRL 977.00;
  • 10 months worked – BRL 1,085.00;
  • 11 months worked – BRL 1,194.00;
  • 12 months worked – BRL 1,302.00.

It is worth noting that PIS is deposited exclusively by Caixa Econômica Federal and Pasep by Banco do Brasil.