– First launch of Rocket League. You can sign into your Epic Games account by selecting the Sign-in button. You need to enter the code that is provided at

Epic Games Accounts are required to play Rocket League cross-platform. First, you need to sign up for an Epic Games Account or create one if you don’t already have one.

What are the benefits of playing video games?

In my opinion, this is a very interesting question. In addition to being an endless source of entertainment, gaming provides us with a variety of choices.

  • Stress can be relieved very easily with them. After a hard day’s work, they help one relax.
  • Brain development can be aided by video games. By improving reflexes and thinking skills, they can enhance learning.
  • Video games provide an opportunity to build community relations and socialize with like-minded individuals.

Overdoing anything, however, is harmful. Therefore, excessive video game spending should be avoided.

Simple Guide to Activate Rocket League via

Rocket League needs to be activated before you can play. Rocket League can be played in multiple ways including PlayStation, Epic Games account, Xbox, Streaming, etc. In order to play Rocket League, you will have to link the platform with Rocket League. It’s quite easy to do. The activation website is these steps to activate Rocket League with an Epic Games account.

  • Rocket League must be launched for the first time on your system.
  • The sign-in option can be found there. Epic games users will need to sign in. I would suggest you open an Epic account if you don’t already have one. You can do so by clicking on the Create button.
  • Your next step is to visit, which is the activation website. Search for the website in any web browser.
  • You will find an option to enter the activation code on the website. Complete the remaining steps.
  • Go to if does not work.
  • Setting the Primary Performance is the next step. You use this to track your progress across all platforms. There are three types of Rocket Pass Progress: XP Level, Competitive Rank, and Rocket Pass Progress. To maximize your progress, choose the platform that has the highest competitive ranking.

A First Look at Rocket League

Choose the Primary Progress to continue playing across all platforms. Follow these steps:

  • You will see a list of options after linking the accounts. Choose yes if you are already working with the Primary Platform.
  • You may, however, tap No if you aren’t. From here, you can choose different primary platforms. Rocket League’s primary platform can be selected at
  • After choosing your progress and confirming it, you can start playing.

You can link your platform to your Epic Games account by following the steps below:

  1. First time launching Rocket League.
  2. Log in with your Epic Games Account by clicking the Sign-in button.
  3. You can create a new Epic Games Account without a name, email, or password by selecting the Create button.
  4. Enter the provided code at
  5. You can link your Epic Games Account to your Steam account by visiting the Epic Games Account Portal

As soon as you log in, you will be prompted to choose a Primary Platform. For all of your connected platforms, your Primary Platform will be your source of progression (Rocket Pass Progress, Competitive Rank, and XP Level). Select the platform where you have made the most progress in Rocket Pass, and where you have the highest Competitive Rank.

It is not possible to transfer the credit balances and Esports Token balances between platforms. After selecting your Primary Platform, all other connected platforms will display your Competitive Rank, Rocket Pass progress, and XP level.

  • If the platform on which you’re currently working is your primary platform, then select Yes
  • You can select No, I have another if you prefer a different platform as your primary platform
  • If you want to choose Rocket League as your primary platform, go to
  • Congratulations! We have verified your primary platform

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Guide to play on split-screen with a friend

Rocket League can be played online or offline with a friend. You will still need a split-screen if you are using the same system. Let’s see how to set up a split-screen so you can keep playing.

  • Launch Rocket League on your PlayStation once it is on and turns it on.
  • Your main controller can also be used for this.
  • Press the PlayStation button on your second controller.
  • Using the second controller, you have the option of selecting any of the following.
  • Create a PlayStation account to get started.
  • Use your existing PlayStation account to sign in and play.
  • Play without a PlayStation account with Quick Play.
  • Reach the Rocket League Main page by selecting one of the above three options.
  • Using the second controller, select the settings option.
  • In the party lobby, the 2nd player will be visible and the 1st player will be able to select a playlist for both players to listen to.
  • Rocket League can now be played on a split-screen.