Twitch Channel Points
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As a streamer or a viewer on Twitch, this is an amazing feature that Twitch just released, it is called Twitch Channel Points. This is a new feature that will benefit both affiliates and partners.

Channels actually make. the community more interesting and engaging. In this guide, we have carefully drafted everything you need to know about this new program, and lots of the other things this feature can help you to achieve.

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What Are Twitch Channel Points?

Twitch Channel Points can be seen as prize money that streamers use to reward their viewers. But in this case, it’s not actual money, rather it comes in the form of points.

These points are provided by Twitch to streamers who are partners or affiliates on the twitch platform. These points can then be used by streamers to rewards their individual viewers according to how much time they have spent participating in the stream. It’s not a one time gesture, individual continue to get points as long as they keep participating. These points are reserved for subscribers.

How Channel Points Work On Twitch

Twitch Channel Points
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There are two major ways to illustrate this. We will explain it first from the category of streamers and then from the category of viewers.

To kick start, the streamer needs to customize the channel points or you can call it rewards. Channel points are a way to woo viewers to engage in your stream, so your channel points must be enticing enough to make viewers spend much time on your stream.

On the other hand, viewers hustle for rewards or channel points. Channels points are the rewards you get as a viewer for watching a stream. There are several other ways to win points and we are going to discuss that in the next section below.

The moment a streamer subscription is accepted by Twitch, either as a partner or affiliate status, then it’s time to start designing the channel points they want to reward their viewers with. It’s now left for the viewer to decide which channels points appeal to him or her the most and then start getting them by engaging more on the particular streams that offer the points.

How A Streamer Can Set-up Channel Points

The process starts from the Creator Dashboard where you have to first login or sign up.

Go to the Enable Channel Points button and switch it on if it is switched off.

Start the customization of the program. You can name your points. You can also use a upload unique icon to use and differentiate each one of them. You might want to use beautiful icons that will give your community a beautiful look.

All the icons representing the various channel points will be shown just below the Twitch chat window.

You can also scroll over to the Manage Rewards section and do some customizing

How Viewers Can Get Channel Points

Twitch as a platform has already structured ways that viewers can get channel points either as a non-subscriber or a subscriber. So whether you are a subscriber or not, you will still earn points, but as a subscriber, you earn points faster than a non-subscriber. Here is a list of different ways a viewer can earn points on Twitch

1. Watching as a non-subscriber gets you 10 points for 5 minutes of live watch time

2. Active-Watching as a non-subscriber gets you 50 points for 10 minutes of live watch time

3. Viewers get 250 points for participating in a Raid

4. Follow a channel and get 300 points

5. Viewers are rewarded with points for watching consecutive streams. From a minimum of 2 consecutive streams which will earn you 300 points, you can earn up to 450 points when you watch 5+ streams consecutively.

6. For your first Cheer on the channel per 30 days, you earn 350 channel points. Anonymous cheering does not count

7.  As a viewer, gifting your first subscription in 30 days can earn you 500 channel points

The kind of Rewards Viewers Can Get

Twitch Channel Points

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Twitch has provided default reward options Streamers can use. It’s optional like I said, you can choose to use them or can try to be creative. By being creative I mean you can create your own unique rewards you feel your viewers will like. Nevertheless here are some of the default channel point options that Twitch has provided:

  • Unlock a random sub emote
  • Choose an emote to unlock
  • Highlight a message in chat
  • Send a message in sub-only mode
  • Modify an emote

Twitch Channel Points Ideas For 2021

  • Request a video
  • Request a song
  • Block a user
  • Unblock a user
  • Decide your next game
  • Unlock VIP
  • Waste an Ultimate
  • Choose the color of lights or screen background
  • Follow on Twitter/Instagram
  • Stop live stream
  • Choose streamers Twitter banner
  • Vip Status for day
  • Displace a viewer
  • Off a team microphone for one game

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Is it the same as loyalty points?

The first thing you must know is that Twitch channel points are solely for Twitch only. Both are points you are rewarded with for watching a channel, but they don’t work together. There are a few other features you get with channel points but not with loyalty points, and vice-versa.