vizio tv won't turn on

Eventually, each Vizio TV runs into this same issue of not turning on. Numerous Vizio TV owners have reported experiencing this issue – some have said it’s been ongoing for years! Vizio TVs that won’t turn on can be quickly fixed with an easy fix.

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Easy steps to fix Vizio TV won’t turn on

You need to reset your Vizio TV if it will not turn on. Turn off your TV and wait 60 seconds before plugging it back in. Plug your Vizio TV back in after the 60 seconds have elapsed. You should be able to power it on again after this soft reset!

Disconnect the Vizio TV from the wall

You can most commonly turn your Vizio TV back on by disconnecting it from the wall socket.

Here, the most important thing is to wait for at least 60 seconds. It is important to wait the full 60 seconds. Don’t plug it back in until it’s been at least a minute.

To turn off your Vizio TV, find and hold the power button for 30 seconds while it is unplugged. Keep your hand on the power button on your TV, not your remote! (A power button is probably located on the back right of the TV).

The TV will then be able to undergo a soft reset, allowing residual power to be leaked out of the device. Be sure to do this rather than simply turning on and off the remote!

You should be able to power it up again after 60 seconds if you plug it back in.

About 80% of the time, this fix will work, but the remaining 20% may prove challenging. Here are some fixes to try if you’re still having trouble turning your Vizio TV back on.

Take the batteries out of the Vizio remote

Try taking out the batteries on your remote if unplugging and replugging your TV did not work. Ensure that both batteries have been removed completely from the remote.

Press the power button for 15 seconds with the batteries out. Make sure you hold it for a full 15 seconds! Don’t just do it for 5 seconds! Make sure it’s complete 15 seconds.

When the full 15 seconds have expired, replace the batteries in the remote control and try to turn on the television. It should work again.

In the event that either of the two steps above resolves your Vizio TV power problems but you still experience the issue a few days or weeks later, you can try factory resetting your television for a more permanent solution.

Reset the Vizio TV to factory settings

vizio tv won't turn on

I hope that I was able to temporarily power the TV by unplugging it or removing the remote batteries and clicking the Menu button.

Click on the “System” option in the menu.

You’ll find “Reset & Admin” and “Reset TV to Factory Defaults” afterwards. You might have to enter a code sometimes before you can reset the Vizio TV. The standard code is 0000.

In essence, this will set your Vizio TV back to its original settings from the day you bought it.

Resetting a Vizio TV without the remote

The Vizio TV can still be factory reset if you are unable to access its remote for whatever reason.

This can be done by finding the power button on your TV. You may find this button on the right or left side of your device, or at the bottom if you have a particular model.

Activate the TV by simultaneously pressing and holding the volume down and source buttons. The TV will tell you to hold down the input button after a few seconds.

At least 10 seconds should be spent holding down the input button.

The TV will be turned off, rebooted, and factory reset. It may take a minute or two for the reboot and reset to occur.

I’ve included some additional steps worth trying before deciding to call it quits, just in case you haven’t fixed your power issues at this point.

Reseat the Vizio TV’s power cord from the back

You can also try unplugging the power cord from the back of the TV to fix your power issue.

Then plug it back in after leaving it unplugged for 60 seconds or so.

Ensure that the connection is snug after plugging it back in! This should not be loose at all – a tight connection ensures that the TV gets consistent power.

Using the TV power button, not the remote, power on the TV after plugging the power cord back in!

I hope you are able to see the TV working again.

Make sure the input source is correct

An incorrect input source may prevent your Vizio TV from turning on. To get your TV to work properly, you must select the correct input source.

Check that the number of HDMI ports on your TV source/input matches the number on your streaming device, DVD player, or cable box. The TV would be set to “HDMI 2”, as shown below.

vizio tv wont turn on


There are two ways to select the correct input source:

Procedure 1: The remote control can be used to enable input source

1. Switch on your TV

2. Select the source from the remote control

3. Select the input you want

Procedure 2: Changing the input source without a remote control

1. Put on your TV

2. On the bottom or side of the TV, locate the MENU button

3. Navigate to the source option by pressing the volume button

4. To select an input source, press the menu button

Tip: On some TVs, you can select your preferred input source by using the source button on the back or side

Switch to a different outlet

It is unlikely that the cause is the power outlet, but if the problem still persists, I would suggest trying plugging your Vizio TV into another outlet.

It’s common for outlets to have a short or blown fuse without us knowing.

It is also possible to use another smaller appliance in the same outlet as your TV if you don’t want to lug your TV around.

You know that particular outlet is working if the device is on, so that’s not the issue.

That’s likely not the cause, but it’s worth a shot to eliminate it as a suspect as soon as possible.

Changing the power supply

You can try removing the power supply and sending your Vizio TV in for repairs if nothing has worked so far.

Be sure to check the standby light on your TV before you do this. If it is, your power supply board is working, so you need to skip this step.

Your power board is likely defective or dead if you have no power and no standby light.An electrical surge could easily cause this problem.

There are some Vizio TVs that are known to have faulty or weak power supplies, but the good news is that they cost about *65 to repair (if you want to take the time to remove them yourself).

Getting the casing off and the power supply off will take some time because you’ll have to remove every screw on the back of the TV.

The risk here is that it might not be what’s causing your problems! Here’s what you need to do if you’re still game:

View the warranty for Vizio TVs

If your Vizio TV simply won’t turn on, you should check to see if you have an active warranty.

Once they’ve determined whether the problem is covered by the warranty and you’ve described the issue to them, they’ll either repair or replace your TV.

If you’re covered by your warranty, they’ll even come to your home. Give it a try!

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Final thoughts

It can be difficult to get Vizio TVs to work at full power.

To troubleshoot your Vizio TV, do these things in this order:

Wait 60 seconds after removing your television from the wall

Hold the power button for 15 seconds after removing the batteries from your remote

With or without the remote, factory reset your TV

Your TV’s power cord must be reseated

Ensure the correct input source is selected on your TV

Change the power outlet where your TV is plugged in

Replace the power board on the TV

Check warranty information for Vizio TVs

Check your warranty to make sure it is still valid if none of these fixes work. Otherwise, you are stuck buying a new TV.