There used to be a website in the United States called Backpage ( which allowed free posting of classified advertisements. Originally launched in 2004, it provided a variety of classified ads, covering real estate, jobs, buy/sell/trade, adult services, escort ads, etc.

In the early part of 2018, the US government shut down the backpage website over sex trafficking allegations in its adult section & the SESTA/FOSTA legislation. As a result, backpage website users no longer had the option of posting free classified ads on the most popular classifieds website. Backpage users were forced to look for alternative websites to promote their services and businesses on the web.

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Best Free Alternatives to Backpage in 2022

In truth, users have the option of posting their free classified ads on several backpage alternatives. Although there are a number of websites that are similar to backpage websites or are alternatives to backpage websites, there are only a handful of backpage replacement websites that have proven to be successful in delivering success to advertisement posters. Examples of sites that are similar to Backpage classifieds would be:


Located in the UK, this website has more than 750,000 listings and is the UK’s most popular free classified site similar to Backpage.

You will be able to find everything they are looking for when you browse listings in Sports, Leisure, Property, Food & Drinks, Health, Beauty, and Services.

You can use this free classifieds site to find out what services are available in and around the United Kingdom.

UKclassifieds is the most popular platform for launching startups and launching entrepreneurs’ businesses due to its high number of users. They have well-organized pages that are easy to read.

There are quite a few strict policies that UK classifieds adopt. This guarantees that only real buyers or sellers will be found there. Ad posting policies such as this help prevent fake ads and illegal adult classifieds from appearing.

Make sure however that your social media handles to match your credentials when you register on this website. This algorithm might flag a user if there are any mismatches, suggesting they are frauds or scammers.

Facebook Marketplace

As a classified site, Facebook does provide many of its users with more convenience and security in buying and selling stuff than Craigslist. Users may choose to participate in Facebook Marketplace or Facebook Buy and Sell Groups. An individual can sell something on Facebook by posting a photo of the item, a short description, the price, and a status update with the item.

The user then asks his friends to do the same by sharing the post with the people they know. Even if a handful of people share the post, the post will be exposed to as many people as possible. The reason for this is that a considerable number of people are far more comfortable dealing with friends or, worse still, friends of friends, than strangers, on Facebook when selling than on Craigslist.

It has been documented that botched Craigslist transactions have resulted in cases of robbery and violence. You should use a social media website to sell items in order to provide an extra layer of security and peace of mind not available on most online classified sites. is a comprehensive job-search site that lists a variety of jobs, from freelance to full-time, a great alternative to Craiglist’s job listings. There is an app that allows you to search for jobs using your phone or laptop, as well as a site for posting your resume and being matched with potential employers. As part of its job search tools, Indeed provides reviews of companies, an online career guide, as well as a salary tracker.

Since Craiglist discontinued its personal ads in 2018, you were at risk of meeting a potentially risky date or future partner due to a lack of vetting. As online dating became the norm, especially among millennials, the number of dating apps has swelled in the last decade, from Bumble to Tinder (owned by Match Group).

As one of the top dating apps of 2021, is available for $44 per month, according to PC Magazine. Other dating apps are not as expensive as Nonetheless, if you’re looking more for a long-term relationship than just a quick date, its positive user ratings may be worth it.


For posting personal ads, Locanto is an excellent alternative to Backpage. Founded in NY in 2006, Locanto is an alternative to Backpage.

To post ads and check out various location-based services on the go, you can either access the website using your browser or download Locanto’s app from the Android and iOS app stores.

With Locanto, you simply need to select a location and all the services will be delivered from there.

There are many categories where you can post free ads, including real estate, services, community, automobiles, pets, and properties.

There is a 60-day expiration date after which the ads are removed from the website.

Your ad’s views can be tracked using its mini analytics tool.

You can also link to your website from Locanto by using HTML hyperlinks. A good classified website that also offers social media sharing options and regularly posts informative blogs.

It’s also possible to pay an additional fee to ‘feature’ the listing on this website so that it reaches the widest audience possible.

The Locanto alternative would be perfect for those looking for a trustworthy Backpage alternative without the scandal.

YesBackpage Classifieds

YesBackpage was developed to replace the most popular classified website, YesBackpage quickly became popular among the backpage community as a replacement for backpage.

As NoBackpage classifieds has become the leading backpage replacement website, thousands of backpage users have started posting free ads. By allowing backpage users to post free classified ads in multiple categories and cities, YesBackpage Classifieds brought back the community of the original backpage website.


It is possible to rent, buy, or sell a home on Zillow, as well as find a mortgage lender, real estate agent, or interior decorator, as well as tools and tips to assist you. You can use Zillow’s browsing feature to locate multiple properties in your target town, city, or state based on prices, lots sizes, and other settings.

There are some listings on Zillow that offer a virtual 3D tour, and you can find an agent to show you the house. In addition to the tools you need and expert advice you need for such a serious business transaction, this alternative to house hunting on Craigslist offers a level of professionalism and tools. Zillow is also a virtual paradise for house hunters due to the sheer number of houses, townhouses, and condominiums available on the website.


Aiming to create an environment where people could find everything they were looking for in a new place, the community was founded in 2000 by two friends. It was the first online classifieds platform to be launched in the UK — a place for people to connect in small ways and help one another.

A leading UK online classifieds website, Gumtree serves communities throughout the United Kingdom, helping people find local and affordable goods and services. From new parents trading cribs and nursery equipment to bike enthusiasts, Gumtree provides a platform for people to connect around a life stage, need, a hobby, interest, or passion.


A popular alternative to Backpage, Oodle has become popular in San Mateo, California.¬† The “Personals” section of the site plays a similar role to a dating site, explaining its popularity.

In addition to Women Seeking Men and Men Seeking Women, there’s also Casual Encounters, Dating, etc., so users can mingle.By specifying their ads, users get matched with relevant ads.

However, unlike Backpage, the platform strictly prohibits classified ads relating to escort activities. Don’t think of Oodle’s dating services as an alternative to Craigslist.

It is always active on the site due to its loyal and long-standing user base. The site is therefore an ideal place for you to sell your products or services and connect with new people.

The website management at Oodle, however, is ethical rather than Backpage, which tracks possible illegal activity. The screening algorithm is quite effective in detecting fake profiles.

In addition, since Oodle is integrated with USA Today, your ads will appear on the newspaper’s site, thus reaching a wider audience.

Final thoughts

As mentioned above, Backpage alternatives is not intended for adult ads and you should not use it for the same as it may immediately suspend your account. Craigslist personals aren’t compatible with the above Backpage classified alternatives.

Here you can post free personal ads, job postings, advertisements, and divert traffic to your website using Backpage’s alternative website.

The ad posting sites have banned all ads related to sex, escorts, and adult dating services since the legal proceedings on Backpage.

Therefore, you should choose an alternative Backpage website based on your location.

FAQs On Backpage Alternatives

Q. Can anyone recommend a good replacement for Backpage in the United Kingdom?

ANS. If you are in the UK, then UKclassifieds is your best alternative to Backpage.

Q. Is it possible to find and post classified ads and local business and job postings with these Backpage alternatives?

Ans. It is possible to post free ads as well as benefit from the services offered in a given location.

Q. Are these Backpage alternative websites a good way for me to meet new people and date?

Ans. You can meet people with similar interests by using Oodle’s dating section. Although, it is not a substitute for Craigslist personals.

Q. Were our classified ads able to perform well based on the statistics we have gathered?

Ans. Monitoring and analyzing your ads is possible. The number of people who clicked on your ad and the frequency with which they made purchases can even be viewed here.

Furthermore, these Backpage alternatives enable you to pinpoint the areas where your ads perform the best.

Q. What are the best alternatives to Backpage for free classified ads?

Ans. Free quality ads can be posted on Backpage classified sites such as ClassifiedAds, Oodle, and Locante.

Nonetheless, they aren’t a substitute for Craigslist personals.

Q. Does posting an ad require a phone number?

Ans. The advertisements that you post may or may not include your phone number, depending on what type of business you own and what services you offer.

The phone number can be hidden from any users who are not legitimate candidates by redirecting them to your website and asking them to subscribe or sign up to your website so they can view your phone number.

Using this method, you will be able to protect your number from being misused.

Q. What are the steps for posting classified ads?

Choosing the geographical area where you want your ad to appear is the first step in posting your ad.

Thus, when you post ads for services jobs in Costa Rica, Nigeria or South Africa, you will only be able to reach locals from that region.