2020 will probably go down as the Netflix year. Thanks to the global pandemic, we all have to stay at home with more time on our hands to catch up with our favourite TV shows.

Netflix is a streaming service that allows its subscribers to catch up on a variety of award-winning Tvshows, movies, documentaries, and more via their internet-connected devices. 

However, some users have complained about experiencing Netflix Site error which negatively impacts the user experience. The error which is usually popped up on the screen as –

Netflix site error

we were unable to process your request. Please go to Netflix home page by clicking the button below.

can be as a result of several reasons. In this article, we list some hacks that you could try to get your Netflix account up again and ready for you to chill with.

Sometimes, this error can result because Netflix server cannot access your account information. If you try all the hacks listed below and nothing works for you, this could probably be the case and in that scenario, the only solution will be to wait for at least 24 – 48 hours before trying Netflix again.

but before you arrive at that conclusion, here are a couple of things you could try –

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Check your Network Connection –

If you are on a public network, verify that the network supports sites streaming. You can also restart your network by turning it first off then on before trying Netflix again. Check that you have a strong internet speed that meets Netflix’s recommended bare minimum of 0.5Mbps.

Refresh your browser –

Quit your browser and then relaunch. Check that your browser is supported by Netflix and if it isn’t, use an alternative browser before trying Netflix again.


Netflix is supported on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera. Microsoft Edge on Windows 10, Internet Explorer on Windows 7,8 and 8.1, and Safari on Mac OSX.

Clear the Netflix cookies from your web browser by navigating to Doing this will sign you out of your account and you will have to sign back in.

Sign in from another device – 

Check if you can sign in to Netflix from another device that is using the same network as urs. If you are already signed in on that device, you might need to sign out and then sign back in. If you see an Error message telling you that you are unable to connect to the Netflix service, you have to try streaming again at a later date.

Disable your unblocker, proxy or VPN software-

Sometimes, Netflix blocks users that connect via proxies, VPNs and unblockers. Disable any of the software as this might be the case.

Restart your computer-

If all this still does not work, before you resign to waiting for 24 hours or contacting Netflix support, you can shut down your computer completely and then restart again. Try signing in to Netflix again.

Common Netflix errors and how to fix them

Apart from the Netflix site error, other Netflix errors could pose a threat to your experience.

Netflix has encountered an error. Retrying in X seconds (NW2-5) –

Netflix errors especially those with error code starting with ‘NW’, is likely to be pointing at a connectivity problem. E.g – NW-2-5, NW-1-19, NW-3-6, and so if you see such an error code with it’s accompanying message, check your connection.

Couldn’t connect to Netflix. Please try again or restart your home network and streaming device( UI-800-3) –

This error usually means that there is a problem with Netflix data on your device and the solution would be to clear your cache. If that does not work, you might need to uninstall and reinstall Netflix on your device.


Whoops, something went wrong… Unexpected error. Please reload the page and try again(S7111-1101) –

This error is usually displayed on your safari browsers for macOSX systems when there is a problem with Netflix cookies stored on the device.

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To fix this, you might have to manually remove the Netflix data from your device using the following steps –

  1. Open your Safari browser
  2. Click on the menu at the upper left corner of the browser
  3. Navigate to Preferences > Privacy > Cookies and Website data
  4. Search for Netflix
  5. Click on Remove
  6. Select Remove Now
  7. Quit Safari and then try Netflix again.