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epixnow.com/activate – Easy Steps To Activate Epix Now On Any Device

The Epix Now app can be activated on your smart device by visiting epixnow.com/activate/, entering the activation code, and selecting your TV provider. There are several smart digital media players that can access EPIX Now streaming, such as Roku, Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, and others, such as TIVO, Chromecast, and PS4 and PS5. If you wish to complete the EPIX Now activation process, however, you must have the EPIX NOW app installed on your device. By logging in with your active service provider, you can also explore the URL – epix.com/devices to activate any device.

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epixnow.com/activate – Easy Steps to Activate Epix Now

Epix Now is an exciting streaming service that offers a wide range of content, right from original TV shows to blockbuster movies. In addition, it provides easy access to four live channels: Epix Hits, Epix Drive-in, Epix, and Epix 2. However, you need to activate Epix Now on your device before you can stream these channels. Epix Now can be activated on many devices such as Roku, Apple TV, FireTV, Firestick, Chromecast, and more by following the steps below.

Easy Steps To Activate Epix Now On Roku

Currently, Roku is the most popular streaming service in the US. Following these steps below will help you activate Epix Now on Roku:

1. Open the “Channel Store” by clicking your “Roku Home” button.

2. On your Roku’s channel store, tap the “Add channel” button to add Epix Now.

3. Open Epix Now once it has been installed.

4. Sign in using your channel’s unique activation code by clicking the sign-in button.

5. Activate your product by scanning the barcode with a smartphone or computer or by going to epixnow.com/activate.

6. Your device activation code will be asked for on the screen.

7. You can access Epix Now on Roku by entering the code and clicking Submit.

How Do I Stream Epix On My Roku TV?

The Roku Channel, AT&T TV NOW, Apple TV Channels, Sling TV, and YouTube TV allow users to watch Epix via their cable TV or subscription service. Simply, download the EPIX NOW app from within the app store on the pre-installed Roku device to get immediate access.

How much does Epix cost on Roku?

Another question many users asked is, “How much does Epix cost on Roku?”. Some also ask if Epix is free on Roku. For a limited time, Roku is offering 30 days of free streaming premium content, which means you can access popular streaming channels like Hulu, Epix, Showtime, Hallmark, USA TV Network, and A&E Crime for free. You can keep watching Epix on Roku for free after the trial period ends with a paid subscription plan.

Easy Steps To Activate Epix On Fire TV STICK?

As soon as you choose to install EPIX NOW on your Firestick/Fire TV, you will receive an activation code to enable Epix Now on your Amazon Fire TV. Activate the channel by clicking on the Activate button. The following steps will enable epix.com on devices such as the Firestick:

1. Visit epixnow.com/activate/ in your web browser.

2. On your Fire TV, install the Epix app and enter the channel activation code you received from your Firestick device.

3. Sign in to the Epix app simply by choosing your cable provider.

Is EPIX available on Firestick for free?

Wondering if Epix is available on Fire Stick for free? It is good to know that Amazon Fire TV users can have easy access to EPIX. The free Fire TV app can be downloaded, but it might require Amazon Prime membership to watch content.

Easy Steps To Activate Epix On Tivo

The following steps will walk you through activating the EPIX app:

  • Select the “Video on Demand” option from the TiVo Home screen.
  • Activate EPIX from Epix.com/activate by selecting Apps > EPIX from the left-hand menu.
  • Set up a new EPIX account or link your TiVo box to your account according to the instructions.
  • Get the Epix activation code from your TV provider, then sign in with your TIVO to finish the process.

Easy Guide To Activate Epix On Apple TV

1. Your Apple TV device must have the Epix app installed.

2. The activation code will be emailed to you once it is installed.

3. In order to activate your license, copy the activation code and visit epixnow.com/activate.

4. Log in to your account and choose your TV provider.

epixnow.com/activate Easy Guide To Activate Epix Now on your Xbox Console


Are you under the impression that Xbox is just a gaming console? Then you haven’t seen the versatility of Xbox. With Epix Now, you can activate your Xbox by visiting epixnow.com/activate/.

1. Go to your home screen and then click “Store” to install Epix Now on your Xbox.

2. Click on “Browse Apps.”

3. Epix can be downloaded and installed by searching for it in the search icon.

4. You can activate the Epix app by clicking on the app on your home screen.

5. Browse the available films or shows. A code will be provided to you for activation.

6. At epix.com/activate, you simply need to choose your cable TV provider.

7. Login with your cable TV provider to access the site. Once you select your device, a unique code is displayed.

8. Xbox One must be selected in the above field.

9. You will need to enter the code at your terminal in order to activate the channel.

Popular FAQ about Activating Epix Channels

Are you still confused about Epix activation? We’ve answered all your questions here.

Q. Where can I get EPIX?

Well, to view EPIX, you need to subscribe via one of these cable providers: Comcast Xfinity, DIRECTV (Return DirecTV equipment), Cox, DISH, Spectrum, Verizon FIOS, etc. Epix is also available through streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video Channels, AT&T TV NOW, Apple TV Channels, Sling TV, and YouTube TV.

Download the EPIX NOW app from your favorite app store, if you do not have a cable provider or streaming channel subscription, to get access to EPIX NOW instantly. Subscribers pay $5.99/month for EPIX NOW.

Q. Do Amazon Prime members get free access to Epix?

Epix is not available on Amazon Prime Video for free, you have to pay $5.99/month. There is, however, a 7-day free trial that you can take advantage of, and afterward, you’ll need to subscribe monthly or yearly.

With Spectrum, does Epix come free?

There is good news for Spectrum subscribers, as Epix is free with Spectrum, so there are no extra charges to pay.

Call the Epix customer service line now

Here is Epix’s contact information for the time being. You can resolve your problems and troubles in the shortest amount of time with the help of the following information.

Call 855-830-7071 for more information.

www.epixnow.com is the official website.