How To Cancel Peacock

We will show you how to cancel peacock subscription on any of your devices if you at any point in time do not wish to continue with the subscription to Peacock’s streaming service. Canceling your subscription to Peacock is easy.

You can also choose to downgrade to a lower subscription tier or to the free plan if you are on the Premium or Premium Plus plans.

You can still watch our free content on Peacock if you cancel (or downgrade) your Peacock Premium or Peacock Premium Plus plan

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What You Need To Do To Cancel Peacock Premium

What are the options for canceling Peacock Premium or downgrading Peacock Premium Plus? The subscription can be canceled at any time. In order to cancel Peacock, you must follow the same procedure you used for activating it. Using the table of contents, you can skip to what you need if you know which provider you used when you subscribed to Peacock:

How to cancel Peacock through direct subscription (

Subscription cancellation for Direct Peacock

Those who signed up on can cancel their subscription by following the steps below:

1. You will need to login to your account.

2. Navigate to Plans & Payments.

3. Click on the Change Plan button.

4. When your current billing cycle ends, check out Peacock Free for plan switching options.

5. A confirmation message will appear on the screen and you will receive a confirmation email (the email may take a few hours to arrive).

Canceling a Peacock subscription from the Google Play Store

How To Cancel Peacock

You must cancel your subscription through Google Play if you signed up for Peacock through Google Play. To do so, follow these steps:

Using an Android device:

1. Launch the Google Play Store

2. Click on the menu button (three horizontal lines on the left)

3. Select a subscription plan

4. Select Cancel from the list after finding the Peacock app.

Using a computer:

1. Visit

2. Choose Subscriptions from the location menu.

3. Navigate to Peacock and select Cancel.

We recommend reaching out to Google Play Support at or 855-836-3987 if you experience problems canceling your Peacock subscription through Google. The Google Play store also has a helpful article on how to cancel Peacock.

Cancelling Peacock Subscription Via Apple

Here’s how to cancel your Peacock subscription if you subscribed through Apple’s services (Apple TV, iPhone, iPad):

Using an iPhone or iPad

1. Launch the App Store.

2. Go to the upper right corner and select your profile.

3. Choose Peacock from the Subscriptions menu.

4. You can cancel your subscription by selecting Cancel Subscription.

5. Complete the cancellation process by following the directions

Using an Apple TV:

1. Log in to Apple TV and open Settings.

2. Choose Accounts from the Users & Accounts menu.

3. Next, choose Subscriptions.

4. Click Cancel Subscription next to Peacock.

Using a Computer or Mac:

1. iTunes should be open on your computer.

2. Navigate to Account, then click View My Account, and key in your password.

3. To the right of Subscriptions, select Manage.

4. Click Cancel Subscription and select Peacock.

5. Click Done.

Alternatively, you can turn off auto-renewal by choosing ‘turn off auto-renewal.’ This will end your subscription at the end of the current billing cycle. Visit Apple’s support site for more information about managing your subscription through iTunes.

Steps To Cancel Your Peacock Subscription On Roku

The following steps will guide you through terminating your Peacock subscription if you signed up through Roku:

Using the Roku player:

1. Using Roku home, find the Peacock app and highlight it.

2. Tap on Options (*) to open the menu.

3. In the options menu, click Manage Subscriptions.

4. You can now cancel your subscription.

Using a Computer:

1. Go to to sign into your Roku account.

2. Click Manage Subscriptions.

3. Choose Peacock.

4. Then click Unsubscribe.

Roku Support can be contacted at or 816-272-8106.

Amazon Peacock Cancellation Guide

On the Amazon website, Amazon Appstore, or the Kindle Fire Tablet, you can deactivate auto-renewal to cancel your Peacock subscription.

Using the Amazon website

1. Visit Amazon at

2. The ‘Your Account’ menu can be found on the upper right-hand side.

3. Then, click the ‘Your Android Apps and Devices’ link at the bottom of the menu that appears when you mouse over ‘Your Account’. If you are not logged in already, you will need to use your credentials.

4. Select ‘Your Subscriptions’ on the left-hand side of the page ‘Your Apps and Devices.

5. Click on the ‘Cancel Subscription’ button next to your Peacock subscription.

Using the Fire Tablets:

1. After tapping ‘Apps’, tap ‘Store’.

2. Select ‘Subscriptions’ from the menu.

3. Click ‘Cancel Subscription’ after selecting your Peacock subscription.

Using the Amazon Appstore:

1. Tap the Subscriptions option from the menu.

2. Click ‘Cancel Subscription’ on your Peacock subscription.

Easy Way To Cancel Peacock Subscription Through Xfinity 

On the main page of Peacock Premium, you can cancel your subscription if you added it to your Xfinity subscription. Choose Manage My Subscription from the menu.

While watching a program from your subscription, you can also select My Subscription by pressing the Info button on your remote. There is an option to Unsubscribe if you’re already subscribed.