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Knowing how to connect to Wi-Fi by QR Code can be a good solution when we are receiving visits at home. After all, at some point, that question always happens: — what is the Wi-Fi password? With that in mind, most smartphones nowadays have a native feature that allows you to generate a Wifi QR Code to automatically connect new devices, without even having to enter a password.

This feature is usually in Wi-Fi settings and settings. But, if it is not available on your cell phone, there is a “universal” trick to create a QR Code with your Wi-Fi password. So you can even print the wifi QR code and keep it on the wall so people can connect. In this article, see how to do it!

How to connect any Wi-Fi network by QR Code

1. Access the QR Code Generator website ( Web );

2. Then enter the name of your network;

3. Just below, also type the password of your Wi-Fi network;

4. Then just check the WPA/WPA2 option and click on “Create QR Code”;

5. Once this is done, your Wi-Fi QR Code will have been successfully generated;

6. To save it as an image (JPG) just register for the free service.

How to Share Wi-Fi Password on Android

On Android smartphones, it is possible to generate a Wi-Fi QR Code directly from the settings. This feature is available for devices running Android 11 or higher. However, it is worth remembering that access to this function may vary slightly between different versions of Android (Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola, among others). You can take advantage of it as follows:

1. Access “Settings”;

2. Select the “Connections” category;

3. Tap “Wi-Fi”;

4. Then tap the “Gear” icon under your Wi-Fi network;

5. Once that’s done, just tap on “QR Code”;

6. At last, an instantaneous Wifi QR Code will be generated for you.

How to Share Wi-Fi Password on iOS

On iOS smartphones, it is also possible to share the Wi-Fi connection between Apple devices. But unfortunately without generating a wifi QR Code. In this case, Wi-Fi sharing is performed automatically when a device with your number saved in contacts tries to connect to your network. Such automation is available starting with iOS 15 for iPhones, iPods, and iPadOS and starting with macOS High Sierra. See how it works:

1. Keep your device unlocked and connected to Wi-Fi;

2. Then select the Wi-Fi network on the device you want to connect;

3. Then a pop-up will appear on your already-connected Apple device;

4. Then just tap “Share” to connect it to Wi-Fi.

With these tips sharing your Wi-Fi with visitors can be much more practical, as many smartphones read wifi QR Code natively through the cell phone camera. In addition, there are also applications that can help you read Wifi QR Code, if this function is not present on any device. Did you like these tips? Share this article with your friends!