The Logitech mouse is a wireless lightweight mouse built to conform perfectly into your hands. Sculptured to perfection, the Logitech mouse tries to set a new standard from what you are used to.

Most users of the Logitech mouse however often complain about issues with the scroll, especially on Google Chrome. This article attempts to help you troubleshoot this issue and as a bonus, helps answers some of the frequently asked questions about the Logitech mouse.

If your Logitech mouse is not scrolling on Chrome, there are a few hacks that seem to work most of the time that you could try first

1. Restart your Chrome browser

2. Disable smooth scrolling extension in settings

3. Reboot your computer

4. Disable smooth scrolling in Chrome or all applications in Logitech.

5. Set Logitech options to default if you have not customized your mouse.

6. Check that your mouse is connected

P.S: disabling smooth scrolling on Chrome might make your Chrome browser seem laggy and this isn’t usually a good experience. 

If you have tried all these usual hacks and your mouse still isn’t scrolling, you can work through the steps I have listed below with me and hopefully fix this issue permanently.

1. On your search bar, type in task manager to bring up your system’s search manager

2. Navigate to the processes tab

3. find every image name starting with ‘Logi’

4. Terminate ‘LogioptionsMgr’

5. Restart your Logitech options and go back to Chrome to check that the issue is fixed.


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Frequently asked questions 

How do I connect my Logitech wireless mouse to my pc?

There are two ways you can do this depending on what the mouse supports. You can connect with your device using the receiver that is included with the mouse (Logitech Unifying). Otherwise, if it is a Bluetooth mouse, you can make the connection using the computer’s settings.


Most of the adjustable buttons on the Logitech mouse are on the flat surface and the picture above labels the buttons properly.

To get started, flip the on/off switch to turn the mouse on and then select a channel by clicking on the Easy switch button. When you have done this, click on the connect button. Clicking on the connect button will cause the Easy switch button to begin to blink rapidly as the mouse is ready to pair with a device

Using a receiver 

If you are connecting to a device using the unifying receiver, plug this into a USB port and this should cause the channel number light from blinking and remain steady for five seconds.

P.S: If the channel light is still blinking after this albeit slowly, it means it was unable to complete the connection with the device.

Using Bluetooth

On Mac OS X 

If you want to pair the mouse on a Mac OS X device using Bluetooth, once the mouse starts to blink rapidly, on you Mac, 

1. Open up your system preferences

2. Select Bluetooth

3. From the list of devices, select your mouse and click on pair

4. Follow the onscreen instructions that will be displayed on your screen to complete the pairing. 

5. Once paired, the channel number remains steady for five seconds

On Windows 

To connect your mouse with your Windows device,

1. Navigate to Settings

2. Click PC and Devices

3. Select Bluetooth

4. On the list of devices, select the name of your mouse and click pair

5. Follow the instructions displayed on your screen to complete pairing 

6. When the channel number light remains steady for five seconds, your devices have been successfully paired.

How many devices can I connect to using my mouse?

With the Logitech mouse, you can connect to up to three devices all you have to do is to go through the process above only selecting an open connection channel using the Easy switch button.

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Is Logitech mouse compatible with my device? 

If your device is 

  1. MacBook Air (starting mid-2011)
  2. Mac mini (starting late 2011)
  3. MacBook Pro (starting mid-2012)
  4. iMac (starting early 2013)
  5. Microsoft Windows (7, 8, or later)
  6. A computer supporting Bluetooth 4.0 or later

If you are still unsure of the compatibility of your device with your mouse, you can check ou the  Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Mouse support page to verify.