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kohls.com Activate – Kohl’s is one of the biggest department store chains in the country with almost 1200 stores spread throughout the country. It offers a broad selection of products including Active & Wellness, Home, Bed & Bath, Furniture, Toys, Clothing, Accessories, and more.

Kohl’s offers its customers an exclusive Kohl’s Charge Card in addition to the usual payment methods like debit cards, credit cards, and digital wallets.

You can activate your new card by signing in or registering on the My Kohl’s Card website. Your card cannot be activated through a mobile device. You can, however, present your photo ID and Kohl’s card at your next purchase or call 800-954-0244.

Cardholders can activate their cards as soon as 24 hours after they have requested them, but you should not attempt to activate your card until you have received it in the mail.

The Kohl’s card may only be used to pay for merchandise at Kohl’s and can be activated online at kohls.com/activate.

Follow the instructions below to activate your Kohl’s Card.

It is possible to activate your Kohl’s Card in several ways, but you must first have an account with Kohl’s.

These instructions will help you create a Kohl’s account if you don’t already have one.

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Easy Steps to Create a Kohl’s Account

kohls.com Activate

1. Go to the Kohl’s sign-up page on your phone or computer.

2. Please type the 12-digit number from your credit card and click Continue.

3. In the provided fields, please enter your first name, last name, email address, and password.

4. Click the CREATE ACCOUNT button after selecting the additional options.

5. Kohl’s will set up your account immediately.

Steps to activate Kohl’s Credit Card via kohl.com?

Depending on which credit card you used, you might be aware of the need to activate the card after receiving it in the mail. Likewise, Kohl Cards must also be activated before they can be used to make purchases.

The following methods can be used to activate the Credit Card:

  • Card activation online.
  • Activating your Kohl Credit Card in-store.
  • Activate your card by contacting customer service.

Easy guide to Activate your card online

Now that you have received the card, you must activate it online.

1. Begin by logging into your Kohl’s account.

2. Assign the account to primary status

3. Next, sign into your account from your computer.

4. Avoid activating credit cards using mobile devices.

5. Tap Account Summary after you have signed in.

6. You will be asked if you have the card to activate. You will be able to see the question and the button on your computer screen if the new card is used for activation.

7. Press the button and follow the instructions on the screen to activate.

8. Activating the credit card does not require you to wait for the next day to use it.

9. After activation of your new card, your old card will be activated directly.

Note: Mobile app users cannot activate the cards on their phones.

Activating your Kohl Credit Card in-store

Besides the above methods, there is another way to activate your charge card – visiting a store.

1. Make a purchase at your local Kohl’s store.

2. When paying, be sure to use your Kohl’s credit card.

3. When you use the Card to make a payment, it will be activated.

Contact customer service to activate your card

If the above two options do not activate the card in a timely manner, then contact our customer service department for assistance.

1. You can reach them at -855+564-5748 or 800-954-0244 .

2. To activate your credit card, you must log into Credit.Kohls.com.

3. You will need to wait for the representative to pick up your call and ask them to activate your card.

kohls.com Activate Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is my Kohl’s Card redeemable for shopping once it has been activated?

Ans. As soon as your Kohl’s Card has been activated successfully, you will be able to make purchases at any Kohl’s store or through the Kohl’s website.

Q. Does my Kohl’s charge account allow me to activate other cards?

You can easily activate all your cards on the account if you are the primary owner or an authorized user. This can only be done by primary owners or authorized users.

Q. After I activate my new Kohl’s Card, can I still use my old card?

Ans. Activating your new card does not deactivate your old one. You can call to have it deactivated. Additionally, make sure you cut up the old card and throw it away.

Q. I forgot my Kohl’s account password. What should I do?

To recover your Kohl’s account password or username, follow these steps:

1. Open the Kohls.com/activate website in your web browser.

2. Under the Login field, click Forgot password.

3. Click Continue after entering your username in the provided field. For those who have forgotten their username, click Forgot Username.

4. You will now receive an email with a link to reset your password.

5. The email will provide you with instructions on how to reset your password.

6. Your Kohl’s card can then be activated using your new password.