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Rabb.it is a well-known application that is used to stream both movies and music online. It supports lots of platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, and also has both the Desktop and mobile version. Lately, streaming on Rabb.it has become so stressful and tiring, due to the loading issues it is currently facing. We don’t know if it is a server related problem or owing to the fact that the rate of visits to Rabb.it has increased tremendously, and this and more have added to the reasons for the loading issues the site has been experiencing.

Nevertheless, no one wants to spend hours trying to load just one page, and in the process also consuming lots and lots of data, hence we bring to you some of the other Rabb.it alternatives you can consider. So without wasting further time, let’s go through them, in no particular order.

1) Rave

Rabb.it Alternatives

The key focus of Rave is to make sure they create an avenue where people can actually gather together to enjoy the media they cherish. They make sure that streaming videos and getting together with friends and family online never fades away. The biggest challenge Rabb.it has is the sluggish nature of its mobile application. However, with Rave, the reverse is the case.

Rave has a mobile app for Android and iOS, with an added feature where you can be able to do an audio chat with your friends while watching the movie.

Rave is very simple to use. If you are a beginner, you might want to read the complete guide here. First, when you are done with the registration, then you can then be able to create and host your own room, then you can now stream movies from different movie sites. You can also be able to share content or upload your personal videos

Rave allows you to open the NetFlix or YouTube playlist right within the Rave app, so you don’t necessarily need to visit these apps separately to open them.

Rave supports a whole lot of other platforms such as Oculus Rift, Google Daydream, Gear VR

2) Watch2Gether

rabb.it alternatives

Watch2Gether has been around for a while. With their headquarters located in Germany. With the sole aim of keeping its stream of users entertained through video streaming and live chat. No registration required. All you need to do is to first create a temporary room, upload the video, and then copy share the URL with the friends that you want to join you.

They have an inbuilt feature called chatterbox, that enables you to be able to chat with friends while watching a movie.

They also have an added feature that distinguishes it from every other. That is the ability to shop online from sites such as Amazon whilst watching videos on YouTube, LiveLeak, or Vimeo.

Watch2Gether does not discriminate, it can work with all the operating systems, be it Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, or Android.

3) Caracal Club

sites similar to rabb.it

This is currently one of the best alternatives to Rabb.it available in the stores. Very easy to access. With Caracal you do not need to share your screen, it is compatible with every website. First, you will need to create a public or private room, and then the host, through the remote can reach whosoever you want.

It does not have the audio and video chat feature, but it does have the text chat feature installed. The interface is similar to that of Rabbit, so the former Rabbit will not find it hard to get used to.

4) Netflix Party

The official Netflix site does not have the feature that will enable you to share or sync videos with your friends online. Nevertheless, Google Chrome has an extension called Netflix Party, which lets you sync your Netflix videos with your friends. The only condition required is that all your friends that are streaming with you must download the Netflix Party extension.

The begin streaming, you will need to play the video on the official Netflix site. At the top right-hand corner of your screen, you will notice that the Netflix Party extension has turned red. Click on it to copy the URL, and then you can share the URL with your friends. Everyone participating in the streaming must have a Netflix account

5) BlaTube

Bla Tube is the only alternative that gives you to do a video chat with your friends without first registering, it’s absolutely free. It supports more web browsers than Rabb.it.

The process of streaming is very easy, just a few clicks and you are good to go.

6) SimulChat

SimulChat is a worthy option when it comes to sharing amazing video content with friends and family. Headquarters located in South Africa, Simulchat comes with lots of amazing features, such as File sharing and Video calling features.

Its privacy settings are also top-notch. The chat room is highly secured and can be created easily.

7) Skype

rabb.it alternatives

Skype is not just for text, audio, or visual chat only. You can also watch movies and even share it with someone on skype. First, you will have to set up a conference call, stream the movie on your device, and then share your screen with other parties.

Skype is a good option, but it always encounters challenges when you try it with  Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube. Also, the party that started the movie has a monopoly with most of the control, such as the playback control.

With Skype, you can share both Offline and Online Videos.

It also supports  Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android platforms.

8) @chillTv

What makes @chilltv unique is that it gives that kind of experience you get in a virtual theater. You select a seat in the theater room, the audio and audio is then automatically adjusted by the website to give you the best experience with respect to your choice of seat.

To invite your friends, you will have to share the URL in the browser, its very easy.

The VR experience is one reason why you need to give this site a try. Audio chat is also available. Amazingly, you also can reserve the whole theater for yourself alone, so you can have a blissful moment with your friends alone uninterrupted.

9) LetsGaze

rabb.it alternatives

One major reason why LetsGaze is a good alternative to Rabbit is the availability of lots of amazing features, with LetsGaze, you will never miss Rabb.it. You can be able to view each other, talk to each other as if they are right there with you. You can be able to sync, Play, pause, seek, watch the same moments/scenes at the same time. If you have your own video files, you can as well watch them.

10) WaveLength FM

With WaveLength FM, you can be able to stream videos from social media sites without paying a dime. You can also be able to share videos with other parties as you are watching. A chat room has also been made available for you to be able to interact with your pals.

However, you will need to register and create an account in order to have access to these features.

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11) MyCircle.TV

It was started in 2011 and is currently based in England. Just like a few others, you are nor required to register or signup before you can be able to enjoy loads of amazing features and videos, that means its absolutely free of charge. There is also an avenue for you to bring in your existing chat conversations. You can also create a special chat room just your small circle of friends alone.

12) Together Tube

Together Tube has features that are very close to what Rabb.it has. For beginners, there is no limit to the number of links you can share with your friends, meaning that you can watch as much movies as you want.

It has a cool inbuilt chat and a synchronized multimedia player. It also has powerful moderation tools and a voting system. The voting system has been installed and enabled in every room, with this feature, all the users reserve the right to vote and add any video of their choice. Any video that has the highest votes will be the next to be played. Sound like so much fun!