Watching movies can never go out of vogue, but our favorite platforms where we get these movies especially for free might differ. Entertainment makes the world go round, and watching movies is a great way to relax and catch fun, nevertheless, most times, work schedules will not allow us to catch-up on our favorite movies, not to talk about visiting cinema halls.

What about downloading your favorite movies in the comfort of your home without stepping out? Yes, that sounds amazing, right? But a lot of people don’t know where to go and access these movies for free. Solarmovies is a sure bet. However, it seems a lot of people are having difficulty accessing solarmovie. Common questions we get are if solarmovies is down, and is it legal? In case you are having doubts about this site, there are still good alternatives to it that will certainly give you the same value if not more.

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What is Solarmovies

Slolarmovies is a free streaming site, where you can watch Movies, TV Shows, and Videos online without paying anything. It can boast of having a collection of the latest and blockbuster movies. Unlike many other sites, it does not restrict any country from having access to it. It is not just limited to movies, it also offers TV shows and different kinds of series.

You can count on solarmovies to give you all genres of movies , whatever your kind of movie is, such as action, horror, drama comedy, Romance, Musical etc you can find it on the site.

The site is well structured and very easy to navigate. Finding the movie of your choice is not difficult because they have been well categorized, all you need to do is click on the category of movie you want to watch and the whole movie under that particular category will show. Also, you can use the search button to make your search faster.

What Happened To Solarmovie

However, recently, a lot has been going wrong with the site. It appears that some ISP’s has blocked it, hence can’t be accessed by some people. The reason is not far-fetched for the fact that they have been accused of piracy a few times. Some users have argued that solarmovie does not in any way host or distribute movies, that all they do is place the link that will redirect you to the sites where you can find the movies you want.

Nevertheless, the issue of piracy is not something that can easily be waved off, once you are accused, it’s like getting yourself in the spotlight.

Easiest Way To Download Movies From Solarmovie

Alternatives To Solarmovies


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Movie4K just acts like a middle man that serves as a channel from where you can get to the place you can find the movie you want to watch. It is a pool of not just movies but also TV series’ included. It is s database of movies and TV series. The majority of these movies are user-contributed.

However, you do not need to worry much about the authenticity of these users or the quality of the contents that they contribute cos they are well-scrutinized to make sure the sources are genuine and that those contents are of good quality. The contributors are also made to pass through a registration process.  Also, you don’t stream on the site, rather it redirects you to the original platform where you will stream. Most of the audience comes from European countries more especially Germany.

Basic Features

  • Here are some of the amazing features it offers:
  •  Registration is not compulsory
  •  Both old and latest movies are available
  •  The movies are well categorized for easy navigation and make it easier to get to the movies you want.
  •  A little description is found besides each movie
  •  With a very good network, it is very easy to access.


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CineBloom is a little bit different from other websites in this category. On the site, you will find loads of Hollywood movies and TV series. On the site also you will find links that will redirect you to OpenLoad and Streamango videos, TV series, and TV shows.

Their user experience is good, and the site is also free, you don’t have to pay anything to stream.


  • With the search bar, it is very easy to navigate to the movie of your choice.
  • The homepage is constantly updated with the latest releases.


Bmovies is another site that has features very similar to that of solarmovies. Registration is not needed. Movies are well-categorized using country, genre, Top IMDB, and Alphabetically.


  •  You can use the search bar to get to the location of the movies faster.
  • The movies are well categorized on the homepage
  • Multiple streaming servers are available


This particular one is top on the list of the best alternatives for Solarmovies. Both streaming and downloading are free of charge. Did I forget to mention that the videos are all in HD format?


  • Streaming and downloading is free of charge
  • The movies are all in HD format
  • Features the best of your web series


It is one of the best streaming sites. Contains loads of well-known movies and TV series.  Can be accessed with any device, from any location. Users are allowed to comment and rate movies.


  • The site is user friendly
  • Users are free to download
  • Different Torrent qualities of each video is made available for the user to choose
  • The search box is available
  • You might experience a few pop-ups here and there. Any free ad-blocker can solve this problem.


For this, you are required to pay, but it is a very good alternative to Solarmovie. Offers a video-on-demand service for American subscribers.

With a starting price of  $5.99 per month and a starting price of  $5.99 per month for live TV, you will certainly get nothing but the best.


  • Cartoon stations are available for children and adult anime for adults
  • It features award-winning series, movies as well as documentaries
  • Good for a family
  • Both old and latest shows are available


Tubi is free of charge, with a bunch of amazing TV shows and movies. You can stream with any device from any location. The only issue it has is that you will encounter pop-up ads once in a while during streaming, but that can easily be fixed with any free ad-blocker.


  • Free pass to watch shows without signup
  • Playback and favorite watch list is available
  • The streaming quality is very high.
  • Ability switch between devices


Enjoy for free a whole lot of interesting movies and TV shows. Popular with users who like to watch movies online. Records hundreds and thousands of visitors on a monthly basis.


  • Free of charge. No registration fee attached
  • The homepage is updated on a regular basis with the latest movies
  • Well categorized for easy navigation
  • The search bar is available


Also a free streaming platform. The site is very simple and easy to navigate. On the right side, you will find the movie menu that helps you to easily locate movies either by year of release, country, or language. The homepage displays the most recent featured movies. It is well categorized, and the search box is also available. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and Android.


  • You can select the movie of your choice directly from the category.
  • There is also a second search box that can enable you get fast to your by typing the Title, name of the actor, or name name of director.