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Hulu is a video streaming service, and amongst the many of such services out online, Hulu is one of the best, and also well known. It’s not a surprise why Hulu is rated amongst the best because it offers amazing features with assorted contents and videos that suit the different category of viewers.

The fact that Hulu is one of the best does not mean that it does not have some challenges just like every other online service. One of does challenges is the inability of users to stream online videos, which at that point defeats the purpose for which the service was created. When this happens it is usually followed by a message that reads “Hulu Playback Failure“, and this error message will keep popping up each time the user tries to play or stream video on Hulu until the issue is fixed.

Each time the error message pops up, there is always another error message that follows up which reads  “The server key used to start playback has expired. Please try restarting the application”.

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What Causes Hulu Playback Failure Error

This error is caused as a result of a disconnection between the app on the users’ device and the Hulu servers, and the Hulu server could not provide streaming of video.

Hulu Playback Failure could happen as a result of a problem from either the user or Hulu itself. This means that when you encounter this problem, you need to first check your end to make sure everything is in order. You need to check things like your home network, device or software, and if everything is ok at your end, then it could be a problem with Hulu. Below are some of the measures you can take on your before contacting Hulu:

Hulu Playback Failure
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1. Do a Speed Test of your Internet to Know if it is Fast Enough For Streaming:

There is every possibility that Hulu will not be able to play with very slow internet speed. Normal Hulu videos require at least 3.0Mbps to play, while that of Live TV requires 8.0Mbps. So you need to be sure that your internet connection is fast enough.

2. Clear the Cache: 

The service requires enough space in the memory to be able to perform well. Clearing the Hulu Cache will create space in the memory and that will make the service to run smoothly. Below is how to clear the Hulu cache:

If you are using an Android or iOS device.

a. Go to settings

b. Click on Application

c. Click on manage Application

d. Now select Hulu and open it

e. Click on Clear Cache

If you are using iPhone or iPad

a. Go to the Hulu App and click on Menu

b. Open Settings

c. Click on Clear Temporary Files

3. Avoid Connecting Too Many Devices

Minimize the number of devices you connected to your network. When too many devices are using the same wifi connection, it tends to slow the speed of the network. Also, check to make sure no one is secretly connecting to your network.

4. Update Your Hulu App

Using an outdated version of the Hulu app to stream videos can be a very big challenge. You might want to consider getting an updated version of it.

5. Restart the Hulu Service

When you don’t open your Hulu app the right way, that could lead to Hulu Playback failure. So restarting the Hulu service, and if this does not work, then restart your device and other networking instruments, this will take it back to the default setting, hence it will now perform normally.

6. Consider Streaming the Video in Low-Quality Mode

You can try this method especially when you are having a low-quality network. Though you might not enjoy streaming on a low-quality mode, when you are constantly getting error pop up on your screen, you might have to consider that option. When you have a poor network connection, it’s always a struggle to stream high-quality videos, but when you switch to the low-quality mode it becomes easier for the App to connect.

7. Shutdown All Background Tabs

Hulu app requires enough RAM Space to be able to run smoothly, so you need to make sure there are no other application or service running on the background and taking up the limited Ram Space. We recommend clearing the RAM.

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In conclusion, the above fixes will certainly deal with any issue that might want to ruin your entertainment and help you get your groove on.