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Important Notice

We do not in any way support the contents found on PimpAndHost. But apparently many people are still searching for it online, and getting error messages in return, so we felt we could pass some information that can help.

What is PimpAndHost?

Pimpandhost is an image and video sharing website. Sharing images online is now a trend, and people are always looking out for platforms to share photos. The improvement of technology has led to the development of social media and other kinds of image or photo-sharing platforms, which PimpAndHost is one of such platforms.

Most of the contents on PimpAndHost are adult contents, so the site might not be suitable for all audience. On this platform, users are permitted to create accounts so that they can have access to upload and share high-quality images and videos with other users on the platform.

Pimpandhost boosts of amazing features, which makes it stand out. Here are some of these features:

1. Users are allowed to create an album, which helps to keep the images they upload well organized and well categorized. This aids the audience to navigate the website easily.

2. PimpAndHost has no trace of any kind of malicious programs unlike most risque image hosting sites. As a matter of fact, according to Google Safe Browsing reports, the site has been rated safe.

3. The quick upload feature was created for users who do not have an account with PimpAndHost. However, to enjoy all the amazing features the site offers, you will need to create an account

4. Another feature that distinguishes Pimpandhost is the image editing feature known as pimping. With this feature, a user can still edit an image after uploading it.

5. It allows uploading of different formats of images such as BMP, JPG, GIF, and BMP. With a size limit of up to 5 MBs free of charge, that is fair enough.

8. The site also permits sharing of GIFs, and also the animation and conversion of various scenes and acts into GIF images. This, in particular, contributed so much in making the site to be well known, because of the massive use of GIFs globally.

Pimpandhost.com is free of charge. you do not have to pay anything to share or view images, except the charge by your local network provider. Unlike many other adult-contents websites. Webcam services are also available, where one can upload live-action images and save them for future use. The site also has unlimited bandwidth, which means it has a high rate of data transfer.

Is The Site Still Available and How Do I Access It?

Google is one place you can find almost anything you ask for. Most times when you ask people about something, they will refer you to Google, because they know for sure Google will always have an answer. Now, what happens when even google cant give you an answer to a question, that is the place most people have found themselves searching for Pimpandhost website. Lots of people have been searching for the website on google and still can’t find it. From the look of things, it’s obvious that Google has deindexed the site, probably because of the adult contents. Recently few other search engines have followed suit, search engines like Bing seem to have also deindexed the site also.

However, recently we found out that one could still access the site in Google and Bing search engines, just type PimpAndHost with .com at the end (pimpandhost.com) and it will take you to the landing page from where you can upload images from your device. You will see where you can signup and login too.

How To Upload Images on Pimpandhost

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You will need to first create an account so you can be able to edit and delete anything you upload. That does not mean that without creating an account you cant upload, you will but you cant edit or delete it.

Now to create an account, follow the steps below:

1. Type https://pimpandhost.com into your browser, this will bring you to the homepage.

2. Click on the “Sign in” icon located at the top-right corner of the homepage

3. Submit your  email and the new password into the dialog box provided

4. Now you can start uploading photos, GIFs, etc